t, he was only at the fifth level of the Void Reversion Realm now.
For him to release a Shattering Void Realm attack, how satisfying was that?

At this moment, the cultivators in the small city also vaguely discovered the abnormality in the sky.

After all, the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear was too dazzling.
In the sky, it was like another small sun.

“Why are there two small suns in the sky?”

“That’s right.
Why are there two small suns?”

Just as everyone stopped to look, the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear in the sky suddenly fell and tore through the sky in an unstoppable manner.

At this moment, only this dazzling golden light was left in the world!

It was like a sharp sword in the sky as it slashed down, directly landing on the small city below.

By the time everyone reacted, it was already too late.

The sword beam struck the ground fiercely.
In an instant, the light swallowed everything and quickly spread.
The shock wave also quickly swept in all directions at a 360-degree angle.

Because the speed was too fast, the moment the shock wave came into contact with the buildings, the buildings were directly shattered.
Then, it quickly rubbed against the buildings, and the intense heat burned everything into molecular-level dust.

The entire ground trembled violently.
From afar, the entire small city was already enveloped in light.
This move had directly destroyed a small city.

A moment later, the air outside the small city distorted, and two cultivators suddenly appeared.
They gasped and began to gasp violently.

“Heavens, which big shot just destroyed the entire city with a single move? It’s too terrifying.”

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“Fortunately, the two of us used the Blood Ignition Art to perform a short distance spatial jump.
Otherwise, we would definitely be ascending to the heavens now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two of them suddenly felt a huge pressure attack from above.

The two of their expressions changed drastically.
They were about to use the Blood Burning Art to escape again, but it was already too late.

With a phoenix cry, the two of them immediately turned to dust, not leaving a single speck.

Letting out a shaky breath, Ji Wuxia slowly put away her Saint Weapon and rushed towards the small city.

When she arrived, Yun Lige was looking at a huge rock on the ground.

There was a huge ‘Lin’ word engraved on this rock.
It looked like an ordinary rock, but under the intense explosion just now, the entire city had been turned to ashes.
This rock was still intact.

“Junior Sister, come and take a look.
What’s going on with this rock? It seems to be something from the Lin family.”

Ji Wuxia swept her gaze over and could not help but be somewhat surprised.

“This rock is used by the Lin family to test the talent of their disciples.
As long as it’s someone from the Lin family, they can use this rock to test their talent.
If the other party is not from the Lin family, it wouldn’t work.
I didn’t expect this stone to be quite powerful.
It’s actually able to resist the attack of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

Yun Lige circled the rock and took a deep breath.
He took out his Martial Monarch Realm weapon and pierced it at a close range.

He did not expect to be able to easily pierce through the rock and crack it.

“This rock is so strange.
It’s immune to spirit energy attacks, but it can easily shatter when facing a weapon that doesn’t use spirit energy.
Looks like the material is special.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flipped his wrist and the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear immediately shattered the huge rock.

The moment he shattered the rock, a lightning bolt as thick as a bucket suddenly fell from the sky and struck the rock on the ground.

Immediately after, the rock fragment turned into dark red blood water and rose into the sky.

The two of them were silent for a while before Ji Wuxia said, “That should be a message transmission, right? Moreover, from the looks of it, it seems to be from sending a message to another world, the Divine World!”

As soon as he finished speaking, with a plop, Yun Lige knelt in front of Ji Wuxia, his eyes misty.

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“Junior Sister, save me.
If Master finds out about this, he’ll definitely kill me.

What Lu Xiaoran hated the most was to let the enemy escape, leaking information.

Every time he killed an enemy, he would be prepared and definitely not allow anyone to find out.

Even if everyone that knew were all dead, they would not know that it was Lu Xiaoran who did it.

However, Yun Lige had let something unknown escape.

What was even more terrifying was that this thing still led directly to the Divine World.

If he attracted a powerful enemy from the Divine World, it would definitely be unimaginable.

If his master learned of this, he would probably lose his life.

Ji Wuxia was silent for a moment.

“That’s not good, right? You’ve made such a huge mistake.
If I don’t tell Master, if Master finds out, I’m afraid even I won’t be able to escape responsibility, right?”

“Then… can you at least tell Master when he’s happy? In that case, I would at least have a chance to live.”

“No, what if Master takes his anger out on me?”

“If I don’t tell Master that you know, it will be fine.
I’ll tell him that I’m the only one who knows.
If you don’t know, this has nothing to do with you.”

“That won’t do either.
After all, Master is the person I respect the most.
I can’t hide this from Master.”

“I’ll let you play with my spear.”

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