“Do you think I’ll lie to you? Moreover, if I’m not wrong, this is a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm formation.”

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Ling Xinyue’s words made You Lan’s mind suddenly tremble, and her small head felt dizzy.

Martial Monarch Realm formation!

This ridiculous guy had actually set up a Martial Monarch Realm formation in his small house!

It had to be known that in the entire Great Zhou, other than the Great Zhou Imperial City and the Demon Sect’s hall, there was no Martial Monarch Realm formation anywhere else.

Moreover, the Martial Monarch Realm formation in the Demon Sect Hall was the worst kind of low-grade Martial Monarch Realm formation.

However, there was actually a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm formation here!

It had to be known that this was a small house!

Although Lu Xiaoran was not here, their words fell into his ears, making him unable to help but smile.

If he was not willing to make sacrifices, he would not be able to trick them.

He would first trick them into continuing to attack Fang Aotian.
Then, he would hide behind and control everything.
When the time was right, he would then destroy Fang Aotian in one go.

Actually, he originally did not want to rack his brains like this.
However, he was unable to figure out Fang Aotian’s situation.
Moreover, Fang Aotian was too powerful and was much stronger than Xiao Bei and Lin Fei.

After all, the other party could easily take out Saint Realm weapons.
He was definitely not simple.

If he attacked rashly, he would very likely suffer heavy losses or even die because he did not know the other party’s background.

Wasn’t it better to be alive?

In order to live well, he had to spend more time thinking about how he could use all the resources he had.

It was really a pity not to use a good puppet like Ling Xinyue.

Thinking of this, he took off his shirt and coughed lightly.
He picked up the Void Shattering Hammer and began to forge his weapon.

Previously, he had made a huge fortune in the Ancient Forbidden Area.

With the fur, bones, blood essence, scales, and demon crystals of so many high-level demon beasts, he could use them to create a batch of weapons.

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Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s movement outside, the two of them immediately crawled out and secretly looked out the window.

The moment they saw Lu Xiaoran’s broad, firm, and muscular back, their eyes immediately became somewhat unnatural.

Ling Xinyue was still fine.
After all, she was the Demon Venerable.
Her cultivation was extremely deep, and her mental state was also extremely deep.

As for You Lan, her face directly turned red and her heart pounded.
She was somewhat unable to control herself.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran had already set up the materials.
Then, he raised the Void Shattering Hammer in his hand and began to forge his weapon.

The moment the Void Shattering Hammer was raised, the two of them were instantly petrified on the spot.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran use the hammer to hit again and again, You Lan was dumbfounded on the spot.

“Demon Venerable… Demon Venerable, that’s a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, right?”

Although Ling Xinyue did not want to admit it, she had no choice but to nod.

“It’s a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
It’s indeed a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

“He’s using a Martial Monarch Realm weapon as a hammer to forge a weapon?”

You Lan felt that her worldview had completely collapsed and was at a loss for words.

However, this was not the most devastating because the two of them discovered that the weapons and armor Lu Xiaoran made were almost all top-notch and peerless.

For example, the leather armor made with the skin of a Creation Realm expert and demon crystals should have been a Heaven Realm armor.
In fact, some blacksmiths who were not skilled enough might only be able to forge an Earth Realm armor with these materials.

However, in Lu Xiaoran’s hands, the armor would become the best among all the other armor of the same level.

It would be more acceptable if Lu Xiaoran could only do this once.
However, this was not the case.
As long as the armor was forged by him, they were all the strongest and best!

How powerful was his forging technique?

What was even more shocking and speechless was that Lu Xiaoran could create one in less than ten breaths.

At this moment, be it You Lan or Ling Xinyue, they both felt as if they were in a dream.

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At this moment, be it You Lan or Ling Xinyue, they both felt as if they were in a dream.

It had to be known that even an extremely good blacksmith would need to spend a lot of time forging weapons.
Some blacksmiths would even spend months or even years forging extremely top-grade weapons or armor.

Take the current most famous blacksmith in the Great Zhou Empire, Du Wushuang, for example.
It would probably take him 17 days to forge a Saint Weapon.
Moreover, he was even the record holder of the Great Zhou Empire.

These were all information that could be easily obtained in the Great Zhou.
It was rather accurate.

However, for Lu Xiaoran, no matter what he forged, it would basically be completed in less than 60 breaths.

If they had not seen this scene with their own eyes, the two of them would definitely not believe it.

The two of them even suspected that it would probably take less than two hours for Lu Xiaoran to forge a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

The two of them stayed at the window for almost two hours.
It was as if they felt that they could not stand the blow.
At this moment, Ling Xinyue finally spoke.

“Ah? Where should we go?”

You Lan was puzzled.
Ling Xinyue took a deep breath and said,

“He now thinks that I’m his daughter, so he should have removed the array formation and allowed me to go in.”

As she spoke, Ling Xinyue arrived outside, and Lu Xiaoran finally stopped.

Fortunately, these two fellows had come out.
His forging strength was too powerful and his forging speed was fast.
By now, the materials in the Mountain and River State Painting were almost used up.
At this moment, he felt that his forging strength seemed to have increased by a lot.

Just as he was thinking about why the two of them had not moved, the two of them came out.

“You two are out.
Have you chosen your rooms?”

“Not yet, but I want to go down the mountain first.”

“Go down the mountain? It’s chaotic at the foot of the mountain now.
What are you going down the mountain for?”

Lu Xiaoran pretended to be shocked.
Ling Xinyue had naturally thought of an excuse long ago.

“Actually, I hid something at the foot of the mountain and didn’t bring it up.
I wanted to go down the mountain to find it.”

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“I see.
Then do you want me to go with you? If you encounter any danger, I can take care of you.”

Ling Xinyue immediately waved her hand.
If Lu Xiaoran learned that she was actually the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable and not his biological daughter, wouldn’t he skin her alive?

In her current state, she was extremely afraid of Lu Xiaoran.
This unknown big shot casually made her feel as if he was a tall mountain.
She looked up at him until her neck hurt.

“Alright, but you have to come back early.
I’ve just made some weapons and armor.
Take them to protect yourself in case you encounter any danger.”

Ling Xinyue looked at the small mountain-like weapons in front of her and could not help but swallow hard.

Although these were not Martial Monarch Realm weapons, they were at least top-grade Heaven Realm weapons and protective items.
There were even many top-grade Saint Realm weapons.
Even as a Demon Venerable, she could not help but feel envious.

After all, she only had a low-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Moreover, it had been destroyed by Fang Aotian when he detonated his Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Now, even a Saint Weapon was very tempting to her.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand and said very coolly,

“Take it.
Who asked you to be my daughter? What’s mine is yours.
Even if I don’t give it to you now, I’ll pass it to you sooner or later.
After all, I still hope you can support me in my old age.”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows.

Although she was somewhat embarrassed, Ling Xinyue could not help but call the other party “father”.

Moreover, she inexplicably felt that this feeling was not bad.

As a Demon Venerable who killed without batting an eye, she had grown up in the Demon Sect and had never felt the warmth of family.
In order to survive and become stronger, she could only constantly work hard and kill to stand at the peak.

However, now, for the first time in her life, she felt the warmth of this world.

Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction.

Although he was acting, he still secretly felt somewhat annoyed that he had given Ling Xinyue something.

He could only let the other party call him father to comfort the imbalance in his heart.

Ling Xinyue chose a Saint Weapon sword and a Saint Weapon Armor.
Then, she reluctantly retracted her gaze.

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She really wanted to take all of them.
With so many good things to arm her subordinates, she would definitely be able to fight the disciples of the Ancient Ape Tribe.

How could Lu Xiaoran not tell what she was thinking?

In fact, these things were originally prepared for her to deal with the Ancient Ape Tribe.

However, he could not say it so bluntly.
If he did, it would not be an act.
Ling Xinyue was not stupid and would definitely discover that something was wrong.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran would never give things away to others for free.
He was naturally unwilling to give these away as well.

Lu Xiaoran thought of a plan.

He just happened to be lacking spirit stones to set up the array formation.
The Demon Sect definitely had a lot of spirit stones.
If he exchanged for the spirit stones of the Demon Sect, he would not lose at all and might even profit a little.

It could also increase the combat strength of the Demon Sect and allow them to resist the Ancient Ape Tribe.
It was perfect.

Thinking of this, he continued, “By the way, daughter, it’s been a long time since I left the mountain.
I’ve already been in seclusion for decades and don’t have many friends at the foot of the mountain.
You’re experienced and knowledgeable with the situation at the foot of the mountain, so you must have many acquaintances, right? Can you help me sell these weapons and armor?”

Ling Xinyue’s eyes lit up.

“You wish to sell these weapons and armor?”

“Of course.
It’s not like I can eat it.
What’s the point of keeping them? Isn’t it a waste if I just keep it here?”

“Then… how about selling it to my friend?”

Ling Xinyue almost wanted to ask the other party to sell to herself.
Fortunately, her thoughts were quick, allowing her to react instantly and not expose her lie.

Lu Xiaoran said doubtfully, “Aren’t you a disciple of a small sect? Can your friend afford such good weapons?”

Ling Xinyue was stunned.
She was surprised to find out that her newfound father was not gullible at all.

“Cough cough, it’s like this.
My friend actually runs an auction.
It’s the kind of auction that has multiple branches in the entire Great Zhou.
The customer base is very broad.
I can give it to him in bulk and then let him sell it.”

“That’s a good idea, but the price…”

Lu Xiaoran looked at Ling Xinyue with a faint smile, as if he was looking at a milk cow with a lot of milk!

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