Fei was killed by your master, right? Other than your master, I really can’t think of anyone else who would kill him!”

“In addition, if nothing unexpected happened, Lin Fei’s Martial Monarch Realm weapon would probably also fall into his hands, right?

“Originally, I wouldn’t have thought of him.
However, a few days ago, when I was dealing with Elder Netherworld, I was puzzled as to who the guy with the Martial Monarch Realm weapon was.

“It was only when I saw your and your brother’s cultivation become so powerful that I vaguely guessed something.

“Moreover, when they went to the Ancient Forbidden Area, your two senior brothers and junior brothers had worn different clothes than your master.
However, they had also hidden their identities from others.

“Originally, with just the information that I had, I did not dare to completely infer that it was your master.

“However, your master had miscalculated.

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“That is, the fourth disciple he took in is Li Changsheng!”

Ji Wuxia was somewhat surprised.

“Father knows my junior brother?”

King Zining was at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

“What do you think your father is? I’m a king of the Great Zhou after all.
Do you think that I wouldn’t even know about an outstanding genius like Li Changsheng? Isn’t that too ridiculous?”

Li Changsheng had already been crippled and placed in the Imperial City to beg for life.

“Your master was even able to make such a useless beggar like him useful again.
Moreover, his cultivation increased rapidly in a short month.
I’m afraid even the gods will be ashamed of themselves after witnessing your master’s methods.”

Ji Wuxia took a deep breath and cupped her hands.

“Father, please keep this matter a secret.
If news of this leaks, my master will definitely silence you.
If Father… can’t handle it, the Great Zhou… won’t be able to protect Father.”

Hearing this, King Zining’s body trembled, and a storm surged in his heart.

Ji Wuxia definitely did not know the background of the Imperial Family.
However, Ji Wuxia still had a concept of how powerful the Imperial Family was.

However, if she said that despite knowing, it would mean that her master, Lu Xiaoran, was much stronger than King Zining imagined.

After taking a deep breath, King Zining suppressed the shock in his heart and continued, “Don’t worry.
Although I’m a King of the Great Zhou, I’m also your and Wushang’s father.
I won’t do anything harmful to you.
This time, Elder Patriarch has confirmed the competition for the throne.
I believe your master has also made plans, right?”

Ji Wuxia nodded.
There was no need for her to hide this.

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“My master means to let Brother inherit the throne.
He should be able to help Brother increase his strength again.”

King Zining’s expression was somewhat worried.

“Is your master’s method of increasing his cultivation proper?”

After a pause, he seemed to feel that his meaning was not comprehensive enough.

“What I mean is, will it cause any damage to your foundation, making it difficult for you to advance in the future?”

Ji Wuxia smiled and said,

“Don’t worry, Father.
My master never harms his own people.
His intentions of helping Brother increase his strength is definitely pure.
There’s no harm at all.”

“That’s good.
However, although your master is powerful, you still can’t be careless.
If he kills Lin Fei, he will definitely cause a disaster.
It might even cost you all your lives.”

Ji Wuxia was suddenly shocked.

“What do you mean, Father?”

King Zining leaned back in his chair and exhaled deeply, his eyes sinking into nostalgia.

“It’s a long story.
If I have to tell you, I can only tell you that it was a mistake I made when I was young.”

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