“No, we’re not rebelling.
Stop talking nonsense.”

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King Zining immediately retorted.

The Third Prince questioned again.

“You still dare to say no? Your son Ji Wushang and your daughter Ji Wuxia have hidden their cultivation.
What is the meaning of this?”

“What has their hiding of their cultivation got to do with my Purple Peace Imperial Palace? I don’t know either!”

As soon as he said this, King Zining immediately snorted.
The pressure of a King Realm expert surged, directly suppressing the Third Prince’s chest.
The other party’s throat turned sweet and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Ji Tianfeng, watch your tone.
In the end, I’m still your uncle.
You’re just a junior.
Don’t think that just because you’re a prince of the Imperial Family, you don’t have to take me seriously.”

The Third Prince wanted to say something, but the crown prince had already pulled him behind him.

“That’s enough, Third Brother.
Don’t be rude.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward and placed his hand behind his back.

“Uncle Zining, forget about Ji Wushang and the others hiding their cultivation for the time being.
Now, in the name of the Great Zhou Crown Prince, I order the kings to quickly enter the Ancient Forbidden Area to pursue Lin Fei.”

A series of question marks appeared in his head.

“Lin Fei is already dead, how can we pursue him?”

The crown prince’s expression changed drastically.
King Zining pointed at the Heaven Ranking on the Void Gate behind everyone.

“Here, look, Lin Fei is already dead.
He just died not long ago before you guys came out.”

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Everyone turned around and their pupils immediately constricted, especially Ruyang.
Her eyes rolled back and she almost fainted.

The crown prince clenched his fists.

“Damn it, someone got to him first.
Immediately send people to search.
If he’s alive, I want to see him.
If he’s dead, I want to see his corpse!”

King Zining said angrily, “The Ancient Forbidden Area is independent and has a vast land.
Who are we supposed to investigate?”

“Damn it! Will we never be able to find the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in Lin Fei’s hand?”

As soon as he said this, everyone was shocked.

“Martial Monarch Realm weapon! A Martial Monarch Realm weapon!”

“Heavens, a Martial Monarch Realm weapon has actually appeared in the Ancient Forbidden Area!”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes could not help but turn red and become restless.

At this moment, the old man guarding the Ancient Forbidden Area coughed.

With a light cough, the hearts of all the experts present could not help but thump, and their minds instantly became much clearer.

There was an Emperor Realm expert guarding this place!

With him around, who would dare to make a scene?

Everyone swallowed and slowly sat back down.

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Then, the Emperor Realm expert continued, “The trial of the Ancient Forbidden Area has ended here.
I have already activated the teleportation mechanism on everyone’s tokens.
They will all be coming out.
Sect masters, take them back.”

After this faint sentence, the air began to distort.
Then, white lights lit up.
Everyone who entered the Ancient Forbidden Area was teleported out.

The Emperor Realm expert then entered the Ancient Forbidden Area on his own and conveniently sealed it.

At this moment, no one other than him could enter the Ancient Forbidden Area again, and no one could sense the situation in the Ancient Forbidden Area.

The various sect masters outside were furious.
However, in the face of the Imperial Family’s power, who could do anything?

After all, they did not have any Emperor Realm experts.

At this moment, Ruyang’s eyes were scarlet red like blood.
She had placed all the blame for Lin Fei’s death on Ji Wushang and the others.

“Ji Wushang! If not for you, my Lin Fei wouldn’t have died.
I want you to pay with your blood!”

Ji Wushang and the others sneered.

“What does that have to do with us? We didn’t kill them.
Did you see us kill them? Idiots!”

Ruyang roared and was about to attack when he was stopped by the crown prince.

“Ruyang, step back.
I’ll handle it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swept his gaze coldly and said,

“Ji Wushang, you guys deliberately targeted Lin Fei, causing Lin Fei to go missing and the Martial Monarch Realm weapon to be lost.
You even went against the Imperial Palace and publicly disturbed the peace of the Imperial Family.
Now, as the Great Zhou Crown Prince, I announce that from today onwards, all of you are to be imprisoned and not to come out for 50 years.”

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The crown prince was not a fool.
Just based on what Ji Wushang and the others had done, it was simply impossible for them to be executed.
They had not violated any overly serious bottom line.

Moreover, King Zining and the other elders would not agree.

He decided to imprison Ji Wushang and the others in the Heaven Prison and torture them with array formations.
In 50 years, even if they did not die, their cultivation would not be greatly hindered.
50 years was also enough for the cultivation gap between the descendants of the Imperial Family and the descendants of the imperial palaces to widen.

At that time, Ji Wushang and the others would also be completely crippled.
They wouldn’t even need to care at all.

When Ruyang heard this outcome, she immediately resisted.

“Brother, I don’t want to.
I have to kill them and avenge my Brother Lin Fei.”

The crown prince swung his hand and slapped Ruyang fiercely in the face again.

This idiot was really stupid to the extreme.

Was she capable of killing Ji Wushang?

If locking them in the Heaven Prison could give them enough time, then that was what they needed to do.

Unfortunately, his well-planned schemes would not go as planned.

After all, Lu Xiaoran had already set up this plan a long time ago to prevent today’s matter.
Lu Xiaoran was not going to let the other party do as he wished.

King Zining and the other kings immediately shouted angrily,

“Ji Tianming, don’t think too highly of yourself.
In front of all these kings, you actually want to publicly send the descendants of the various great imperial palaces into the Heaven Prison.
Do you not take us seriously?”

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As soon as he finished speaking, the crown prince sneered.

“What? Ji Wushang and the others have violated the Imperial Family’s laws.
Uncle Wang, are you trying to be biased? In that case, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

The people from the various large sects did not leave.
They had just been dissatisfied with the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
At this moment, when they saw the Great Zhou Imperial Family being unreasonable and fighting with the imperial palaces, they decided to stay and watch.

Soon, Ji Tianming directly shattered a golden token in his hand.

The token shattered, transforming into a golden aura that spread in the air.

A heart palpitating pressure slowly spread, forming a golden figure with a monstrous aura.

As soon as this figure appeared, the expressions of everyone present instantly changed, and they felt extremely pressured.

Many young figures could not endure this aura and directly knelt on the spot.

Even King Zining and the others had solemn expressions when facing this extremely dignified figure.

The golden figure swept his gaze indifferently over King Zining and the others, immediately making everyone’s hearts beat faster.

“Zining, Tianyun, you guys are a little too much.”

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