The saber beam fell, completely announcing Lin Fei’s death.

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From now on, he would forever be a memory in the minds of others.

Wang Cai also flew out of Lu Xiaoran’s body and swallowed Lin Fei’s golden power of luck.

At the same time, several notifications sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s ear.

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot.
You’re rewarded with a high-grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill, the Martial Monarch Realm Arrival Pill x3.”

The Martial Monarch Arrival Realm Pill was refined with the blood essence, bone marrow, and soul of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
After consuming it, one could unleash a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation within a minute.

“Congratulations, Master, for killing a hot shot.
You’re rewarded with a top-grade God Realm cultivation technique, Supreme Profound Dipper.”

The Supreme Profound Dipper could disturb the spatial power in the surroundings, making it impossible for any existence to hide or use spatial cultivation techniques or array formations.
If one’s cultivation was stronger than the other party, they could temporarily immobilize the other party.
The length of time depended on one’s cultivation.
The lowest cultivation level required for this cultivation technique was the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

“Congratulations, Master, for killing a hot shot.
Your current cultivation has increased by two levels to the ninth level of the Emperor Realm.”

“Congratulations on killing the hot shot, Master.
You’re rewarded with ten random Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Kunlun Sword x1, top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Fire Dragon Purgatory Lock x1, top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Black Tortoise True Armor x1…”

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot.
You’re rewarded with the top-grade God Realm cultivation technique, the Great Dao Reincarnation.”

The Great Dao Reincarnation could disturb the surrounding time power and cause time to accelerate and slow down.
When cultivated to the limit, it could cause time to regress and the length of its effects depended on one’s cultivation.
The lowest cultivation level required for this cultivation technique was the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

The series of notifications made Lu Xiaoran narrow his eyes.

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Wang Cai’s products were indeed top-notch.

With so many good things, even if the hot shots were stronger, what was there to be afraid of?

However, what was annoying was that why did those two God Realm cultivation techniques come with cultivation requirements?

He still had to wait until he reached the Martial Monarch Realm before he could cultivate them?

“Wang Cai, can you remove the restriction of these two God Realm cultivation techniques and let me cultivate them directly?”

As Wang Cai swallowed Lin Fei’s power of luck, he wagged his tail and said,

“I’m afraid that won’t do, Master.
A God Realm cultivation technique is a cultivation technique that only mortals can cultivate after they break through to God Realm.
Master currently still has a mortal body, and your meridians are too weak to cultivate a God Realm cultivation technique.
Only after reaching the Martial Monarch Realm will you be able to cultivate the cultivation technique without injuring yourself.

“However, if it’s an organ like the Trinity True Eyes, you can directly refine and fuse it.

“Then is there any way for me to work around this? I saw that you gave me a few Martial Monarch Realm pills that can allow me to become a Martial Monarch Realm expert in a short period of time.”

“Yes, but it will only give you a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation for three minutes.
With just three minutes, will Master really be satisfied? Will you really be able to control yourself?”

In the end, he could only give up on this idea.

After all, no matter how good the item was, he still had to live to enjoy it, right?

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The burden of a God Realm cultivation technique was too huge.
Even if he barely learned it, he estimated that with his Emperor Realm cultivation, it would still be insufficient for him to use it.
Otherwise, even if he used it, he would still quickly exhaust the spirit energy in his body as if his body was being hollowed out.

At this moment, Wang Cai had already swallowed Lin Fei’s luck and entered Lu Xiaoran’s body.

“Master, I’m going to go through another upgrade.”

Finally, he had perfectly killed another hot shot.
Lu Xiaoran also needed to rest.

These days, he had been tense every day.
He did not sleep well, ate poorly, and was even going bald.

He would definitely have to clean up the mess later.

That idiot Ruyang would probably still be very troubling.
He still needed to go and push Ji Wushang and the others onto the world stage.

At the same time, a shocking roar suddenly sounded from the Nalan Family in the ancient forest in the center of the continent!

“Who is it? Who is it? Who killed my son!”

Hearing this voice, many people from the Nalan family could not help but frown.

“This voice, is it Nalan Ruyu? What’s she doing this time?”

As the center of the continent, the place with the most abundant spirit energy, the Eternal Forest contained countless top-notch families that had been passed down from ancient times.

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The Nalan family was also one of them.

In the ancient times, they had also cultivated to the Martial Monarch Realm.

Therefore, the Nalan Family was rather respectable in the Eternal Forest.

However, a less respectable woman had appeared in this dignified Nalan family.

She was once a genius girl in the family and had also been entrusted with high hopes by the Nalan family.

Unfortunately, she was extremely rebellious.
She had actually gone to a small place called the Great Zhou and found a low-level man from a small family to marry and even gave birth to a little bastard!

This matter had once become a laughing stock in the Eternal Forest.
For the sake of the dignity of the family, the Nalan family had no choice but to capture her and lock her in the family’s forbidden area.

Now that they heard Nalan Hongyu’s voice again, everyone had somewhat displeased expressions.

However, at this moment, a violent explosion suddenly sounded from the forbidden area.

With this violent explosion, countless Nalan family disciples began to scream.

Clearly, Nalan Hongyu had rushed out of the forbidden area.

For a moment, several family elders used their movement techniques to step forward.
Nalan Hongyu’s figure also entered their sight.

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She was dressed in red makeup that was fiery, enchanting, warm, unrestrained, and filled with dangerous information.

On her slender arm were two chains thicker than her arm!

“Nalan Hongyu, you’re too arrogant.
Who gave you the guts to be so arrogant?”

Before she arrived, Nalan Hongyu threw a punch.
An invincible force directly forced the elders back.
Then, her figure turned into a red light and suddenly shot into the sky, disappearing into the clouds.

The elders of the Nalan Family felt their blood surge, and their expressions were filled with shock.

“How is this possible? Hongyu… she’s actually a Supreme Realm expert?”

Ignoring her family, Nalan Hongyu went straight to the southernmost tip of the Eternal Forest.
It was said to be the most mysterious cliff in the entire continent.

“Elder Tianji, get the hell out here! You said that my son’s luck is clearly rare in the world and at the peak of perfection.
Why was he still killed?”

On the Hopeless Cliff, there was an extremely dark cave that seemed very lonely.
It looked like a mouth that was about to devour everything.

At this moment, a mocking voice slowly sounded from the black hole.

“Fairy Hongyu, I’ve long warned you that you can’t defy the heavens.
You were the one who insisted on creating a hot shot.
For this, you didn’t hesitate to go to the Great Zhou Lin family and get married to an ordinary person.
You gave birth to Lin Fei and even helped him find the inheritance of the number one assassin in the ancient times, a ring that contained the remnant soul of Martial Monarch Yue Ying!

Unfortunately, man proposes but god disposes.
Even though you used the forbidden secret of the Heaven Secrets Pavilion to give birth to a hot shot, your son is still not the true chosen one! When he encounters the true chosen one… he will still be unable to escape death! ”

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