Lin Fei’s eyes darkened.
Before he could see what was happening around him, he felt as if he had fallen into another space.

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Immediately after, an extremely powerful radiance appeared in front of him.

It was beautiful, spectacular, and filled with the aura of death.

“Primordial Chaos Emperor Fist, Phoenix Cry Nine Heavens, World Destruction, Sword Sweep Eight Desolates, Eight Lightning Heavenly Dipper, Essence Soul Explosion…”

“Gautama Divine Palm, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, Nine Solitary Sword, Dark North Divine Art, One Yang Finger, Two Yang Finger, Three Yang Finger, Four Yang Finger, Five Yang Finger, Numerous Yang Finger…”

“Steamed Lamb Palm, Ultimate Cucumber Slap, Garlic Slap, Roasted Chicken Palm, Chicken Tender Finger…”

Countless terrifyingly powerful moves were unleashed in an overwhelming manner, not giving Lin Fei any chance to react.

In fact, it was also impossible for him to react.

There were too many moves.
Moreover, these were not moves Ji Wushang and the others could unleash.
Every move here already surpassed an existence above the Emperor Realm.

The spatial power had even been messed up.
At this moment, it was impossible for Lin Fei to use any teleportation technique.

Moreover, Lin Fei had already used the teleportation technique once.
He could only use that technique once a day.
He no longer had the chance to use it again.

Therefore, Lin Fei could only watch as these attacks bombarded him.

His body reacted instinctively and he directly took out his Martial Monarch Realm weapon to resist.

Unfortunately, his Martial Monarch Realm weapon was directly sent flying when it encountered the other party’s first move.

What was even more pitiful was that his body was unable to withstand the remaining attacks at all.
His entire body was torn apart on the spot and turned to ashes.

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However, the strength contained in this attack was too powerful.
It even included the ability of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon to destroy the soul.

Lin Fei felt that his soul was like a small boat in the sea and could capsize at any moment.

It was an extremely despairing feeling.

“No! I can’t die! I definitely can’t die! I still have many things to do.
My master is still waiting for me, and my mother is still waiting for me.
I still have to become a Martial Monarch Realm expert! How can I die here? I can’t accept this!”

In the moment of danger, Lin Fei condensed all his soul power and used the final move of the Shadow Moon Emperor Art that contained the ultimate profundity of an assassin.
It was also a move that he could only use once in his entire life—a fatal move!

After using this move, all of Lin Fei’s strength would dissipate, and 99% of his soul power would also be destroyed.

However, he could protect the last trace of his soul and not be attacked for a short period of time.
He could also activate spatial teleportation.

Back then, his master, Martial Monarch Yue Ying, had relied on this move to retain a wisp of her soul.

In an instant, Lin Fei felt as if he had reached his weakest point.
However, he would not be completely destroyed by the surrounding attacks and turn to ashes.

All the attacks focused and exploded.

Even though Lin Fei had already locked onto his last soul fragment and would not be attacked for the time being, he could not help but feel fear.

The attack was too terrifying!

Not to mention him, even his master would probably be unable to dodge these attacks, right?

He did not leave.
He had to see who this guy was.

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When the light from the explosion disappeared and the shattered space condensed again, Lin Fei finally saw the other party’s identity.

He immediately widened his eyes and exclaimed.

Although he had already vaguely guessed it, when he really confirmed that it was Lu Xiaoran, he still could not help but feel shocked.

It turned out that Lu Xiaoran was behind all of this.
It turned out that his cultivation was already so powerful.

No wonder.
No wonder he had lost.

Even his master might not be able to beat Ji Wuxia’s master, so how could he not lose?

“He actually has such a cheat.
How shameless.”

His Trinity True Eyes instantly analyzed that Lin Fei had exhausted all his strength and soul power to protect his last trace of soul power.

In this way, he could avoid those violent attacks just now.

Otherwise, he would have long been killed by that set of moves.

After confirming Lu Xiaoran’s identity, Lin Fei took a deep breath and said with a cold expression,

“Lu, I didn’t expect you to hide your cultivation so well.
I admit defeat this time!”

However, don’t be too smug.
I, Lin Fei, swear that I will return one day to take revenge on you!

Also, my master will definitely not let you off after finding out that you killed me.

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I hope you can resist my master’s anger.
Don’t die before my master kills you.

Because… I want to kill you with my own hands! Hahahaha… Teleport! ”

Lin Fei roared and used the spatial teleportation technique of the Shadow Moon Emperor Art, prepared to leave this place and find a place to hide forever.
Then, he would hide his cultivation like Lu Xiaoran and develop ignobly.

After he matured, he would come and find Lu Xiaoran again to challenge him and kill him completely to take revenge!

A second later, his body remained in place.

He shouted again, but the surrounding environment still did not change.

“Teleport! Teleport! Teleport…”

The unbelievable Lin Fei shouted three more times.

However, it was still useless.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran look at him from afar, Lin Fei’s soul trembled as if he had thought of something!

Spatial Monarch Realm weapons were separate from the rest of the world.
They were not connected to the outside world and were not bound by the spatial laws on the continent!

This was also why he felt like he had entered another world.

This was also why he couldn’t teleport away.

At this moment, a hundred million curses surged in his heart.

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This guy actually had a spatial Martial Monarch Realm weapon? Was he even human?

Lin Fei was already heaven-defying enough and abnormal enough.
His luck was enough to suppress the current world.

However, compared to Lu Xiaoran, why did he suddenly feel like he was a supporting character?

Seeing Li Xiaoran’s killing intent spread, he immediately shouted,

“Wait, you can’t kill me.
My master is a Martial Monarch Realm expert! If you kill me, she definitely won’t let you off.
She’ll definitely shatter your corpse into ten thousand pieces…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lin Fei suddenly stopped and completely collapsed.

Wasn’t the dual saber Martial Monarch Realm weapon… Master’s weapon?

Why would it appear in Lu Xiaoran’s hands?

Could it be… could it be…

Before he could figure it out, Lu Xiaoran directly slashed out two saber lights.
Lin Fei’s immune state had already passed.
Now that he was only left with a remnant soul, how could he resist?

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