After fighting for dozens of breaths, the ground within a radius of dozens of kilometers collapsed, creating an abyss.

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Ji Wuxia and Lin Fei’s combat strength did not weaken at all.

What was even more terrifying was that Ji Wuxia was still suppressing Lin Fei.

Lin Fei was so depressed that he almost vomited blood.

He cultivated a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
However, Ji Wuxia also cultivated a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

He had a movement technique.
However, Ji Wuxia also had a movement technique.

He had the combat experience Martial Monarch Yue Ying had taught him.
However, Ji Wuxia’s combat experience did not seem to be inferior to his at all.
In fact, her combat experience might even be superior.

In fact, after eating the Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill refined from the soul of Martial Monarch Yue Ying, Ji Wuxia already had a portion of Yue Ying’s combat techniques.
Her combat experience was definitely stronger than Lin Fei’s.

Unlike Ji Wuxia, Lin Fei had used a secret technique to increase his strength to the third level of the Void Reversion Realm.
On the other hand, Ji Wuxia did not rely on any secret techniques and was an authentic fifth level Void Reversion Realm expert.

Unless Lin Fei used his trump card, Ji Wuxia was only inferior to Lin Fei in terms of luck.

He had the guidance of Emperor Yue Ying and countless opportunities to reach his current level in such a short period of time.

Why was Ji Wuxia able to fight him to a draw?

The more Lin Fei fought, the angrier and more aggrieved he became.
His eyes were about to turn bloodshot.

“Back then, in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, I could defeat you.
Now, I can still defeat you! Ji Wuxia, you can’t defeat me!”

With a furious shout, Lin Fei decided to reveal more of his methods.
He took out a high-grade Saint Realm sword from his storage bag.

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He had obtained it from an ancient tomb.

As soon as the Saint Weapon appeared, Lin Fei’s aura suddenly exploded.

The pupils of the Imperial Family members below could not help but shrink.

“Is that a Saint Weapon?”

It had to be known that Saint Weapons were extremely rare.

Among the various imperial palaces, only the kings and the old kings had some Saint Weapons.

In the Imperial Family, only the elders had Saint Weapons.

Even among the various descendants of the Imperial Family present, only the crown prince, the Third Prince, and the Fifth Prince had Saint Weapons.

The entire Great Zhou Imperial Family only had a hundred Saint Weapons in total.

Now, everyone had realized that Lin Fei also had one.
It even seemed that the quality was not low.

How could they not be shocked?

It was even to the extent that some princes could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva and reveal covetous expressions.

In the crowd, only Ruyang did not reveal a covetous expression.
There was only endless yearning.

“My Brother Lin Fei is indeed the strongest.
He even has a Saint Weapon.
This time, Ji Wuxia will definitely die!”

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In the sky, Lin Fei held his Saint Weapon and slashed down with hatred.

As the Saint Weapon fell, the sword beam was like the splendor of the moon.
It slashed apart the spirit energy of the world and swept through everything.
With an invincible force of a million kilograms, it directly pressed down on Ji Wuxia’s head.

Everyone only saw a white light approach Ji Wuxia’s body.
In the next moment, a light exploded, blinding everyone.

Accompanied by a shocking explosion that was even more intense than before, astral energy fluctuations spread out and swept over the scene.
Everyone who had already retreated dozens of kilometers away had no choice but to retreat again.

The corners of Lin Fei’s mouth curled up.

It was over.
It was all over.

The might of a Saint Weapon could split mountains and rivers.
Without a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, who could suppress it?

No matter how powerful Ji Wuxia was, she would still die in front of this move.
Even the heavens could not save her!

Before the light dissipated, Lin Fei’s pupils suddenly constricted.

He had seen a scene he had never imagined in his life.

Ji Wuxia actually used a single arm to block his sword beam.

Perhaps because he had absorbed too much of Yue Ying’s inheritance, Lin Fei had also learned to curse.
However, it was obvious that he had not absorbed enough.
He was not as knowledgeable as Yue Ying and only knew simple curse words.

In his shock, Ji Wuxia drew a Saint Weapon with her right hand and slashed out.
The sword beam was even stronger than Lin Fei’s previous attack.

With an extremely fast speed, Lin Fei did not even have the time to react before the other party severed his arm.

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Blood surged out.
Lin Fei immediately used spirit energy to stop the wound and quickly retreated.

Everyone below was shocked.

No one had expected Lin Fei to lose to Ji Wuxia despite having an absolute advantage!

What was even more shocking was that Ji Wuxia actually had more than one Saint Weapon!

The crown prince clenched his fists tightly, his eyes revealing dense killing intent.

The fact that the descendant of an imperial palace had surpassed the princes of the Imperial Family made him feel especially uneasy.

Ruyang was also extremely anxious.

“Brother, Brother Lin Fei can’t hold on anymore.
Let’s go and help him!”

“Nonsense, this is the battle between the two of them! If we get involved, how can the few imperial palaces let the matter rest? If a huge battle really breaks out and the descendants of the Imperial Family end up dying, can you bear the responsibility?”

The crown prince was not afraid of Ji Wushang and the others.
However, he was not stupid.
It was best for him to not get involved in such a battle.

If the Imperial Family joined the fight, the imperial palaces would also do the same.
At that time, they would be furious.
If one or two direct descendants of the Imperial Family ended up dying for Lin Fei, that would be a huge loss.

However, Ruyang was clearly blinded by love and did not care at all.

“I don’t care.
I want to save my Brother Lin Fei.”

Unfortunately, before she could fly, a huge force suddenly attacked from the left.

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The crown prince swung his hand and slapped Ruyang directly to the ground, causing half his face to swell.

Then, he threw a glance.
After that, the Fourth Prince and the Sixth Prince trapped her from both sides.

“How dare you disobey my order.
Are you courting death?”

“Wuwuwu… if my Brother Lin Fei dies, I won’t live either!”

At this moment, in the sky, Ji Wuxia had also used the advantage of having just severed Lin Fei’s arm to unleash a comprehensive suppression.
She pursued and attacked fiercely, beating Lin Fei until he ran like a rat.

Lin Fei, who was at a disadvantage, was no longer as arrogant as before.
He was like a defeated rooster, hiding and fighting.

After losing an arm, his combat strength was greatly reduced.
He was also forced by Ji Wuxia to the point of having no way out.

More and more sword injuries appeared on his body.
The speed of his cultivation technique’s recovery was already unable to match Ji Wuxia’s attack speed.

He also saw that Ruyang below had already been controlled by the crown prince and the others.
It was impossible for him to rely on others to save him.

At this moment, Ji Wuxia secretly used the Mountain Overturning Mark and smashed fiercely into Lin Fei’s shoulder blade from behind.

A crisp sound sounded, and Lin Fei’s shoulder blade was directly shattered.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and felt like all the bones in his body were about to fall apart.

At this moment, he was extremely weak.
His speed, strength, and everything else had decreased to an unprecedented point.

Ji Wuxia’s sword also became bigger and bigger in his pupils!

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