“How can the son-in-law of our Great Zhou be easily attacked by you?”

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His cold words made everyone’s hearts sink, and Ruyang was so excited that his eyes turned sour.

At that moment, she almost thought that she was going to lose her Brother Lin Fei.

She forced Ji Wushang back with a palm, and the two sides retreated.
The expressions of Ji Wushang and the others became somewhat ugly.

“Damn it! We were so close.
If we had an extra second, we would have been able to kill Lin Fei.”

Ji Wuxia persuaded, “Brother, don’t panic.
My master said that this is normal.
An existence like Lin Fei will definitely have someone protecting him in the moment of danger.
If he could be easily killed, he would not have been worth our effort.”

What was the difference between this and cheating?

When one meditated during cultivation, one would completely block out one’s six senses and converge one’s heart.
Such a situation was equivalent to exposing one’s neck and waiting for an enemy to hack oneself with a saber.

In the end, without moving at all, unrelated people came to help out one after another.
They just could not kill him!

At this moment, Ruyang had already retreated to the Third Prince’s side.
She first looked at Lin Fei worriedly.
After seeing that Lin Fei was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief and thanked the Third Prince.

“Third Brother, thanks for coming.
If you hadn’t come, Brother Lin Fei definitely wouldn’t have survived.”

The Third Prince snorted.

“Don’t worry, no one can touch the members of our Imperial Family.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swept his gaze coldly at Ji Wushang and said,

“Ji Wushang, what is the meaning of this? Do you know what a sin it is to attack the emperor’s son-in-law?”

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“Why didn’t you speak up when Lin Fei humiliated my sister? Today, Lin Fei will die.
Even the heavens can’t stop me!”

Before the Third Prince could speak, a rather dignified voice slowly sounded from the sky.
Then, everyone saw the crown prince in a four-clawed python robe slowly descend with his hands behind his back.

Beside him were the other princes.

“You’re just a mere imperial palace heir, but you still dare to be so arrogant.
Do you really think the Imperial Family is just a decoration?”

Yun Lige and the others’ expressions began to turn solemn.

“Master is indeed right.
We have to stop talking nonsense and quickly kill a hot shot like Lin Fei.
We just missed the opportunity.
Now that the Imperial Family is here, we probably can’t kill him anymore.”

The people who came were not only the members of the Imperial Family.
Their servants had also followed them here.
These servants had all lived for nearly a hundred years and were also extraordinary experts.

Yun Lige even began to wonder if he should escape.

After all, his master had said that they should run if they could not win.

However, at this moment, several auras quickly gathered from all directions.

“Your Highness, don’t you think it’s too degrading for the dignified Great Zhou Imperial Family to lower their status to protect an outsider?”

The crown prince and the others looked at the people that just arrived and could not help but narrow their eyes.

The Fifth Prince immediately went forward and berated,

“Ji Qingshan, Ji Fanghua… Could it be that you guys want to rebel?”

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“Don’t exaggerate.
What rebellion? We only wanted to kill Lin Fei.
Did we touch Princess Ruyang? Crown Prince, you and your siblings insisted on joining in the fun.
How can we be blamed for that?”

“I think you guys are really tired of living! If I don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t know what’s good for you!”

The Third Prince took a step forward and was about to attack when Lin Fei’s voice suddenly sounded from under the tree behind him.

“Third Brother, since they’re here for me, I’ll satisfy them.
Why make a big fuss?”

Everyone was stunned and turned around.
Just as Lin Fei opened his eyes, two bolts of lightning flickered incessantly, shocking everyone.

What was even more shocking was that his aura kept rising until it actually reached the third level of the Soul Refinement Realm.

“Good brat, your cultivation has increased again!”

The Third Prince could not help but exclaim.
As for Lin Fei, the corner of his mouth curled up into a proud smile.

“I was lucky to obtain an ancient inheritance.”

Everyone present felt somewhat sour.

This was no ordinary luck.
After all, how precious was an ancient inheritance?

It might even be a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

It could be said that only four or five people who had entered the Ancient Forbidden Area this time would be able to obtain an ancient inheritance.
This was still an overestimate.

And Lin Fei just happened to be one of those people.
How lucky was that?

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After a simple conversation, Lin Fei immediately placed his hands behind his back and slowly stepped forward.
He arrived at the front and swept his gaze over everyone, his eyes calm.

“I thought it was someone else.
It turns out that it’s the people that were all defeated by me in the past.”

As soon as he said this, a dense smell of gunpowder immediately rose in the air.

Ji Qingshan, Ji Fanghua, and the others had all been humiliated by Lin Fei before.
At this moment, a dense killing intent in their eyes.

Lin Fei glanced at them disdainfully and did not take them seriously.

“Since we’re going to fight, let’s fight openly! There’s no nobility in sneak attacks!”

After a pause, he continued,

“Forget it, I don’t think you guys dare to fight me alone.
In that case… you can attack together.
I, Lin Fei, will play with you guys.”

The expressions of the Third Prince and the others changed drastically.

“How can he beat so many people alone?”

“That’s right! Although he’s already at the third level of the Soul Refinement Realm, Ji Wushang and the others are also emitting the aura of the Soul Refinement Realm at this moment.
Does he want to die?”

Princess Ruyang pursed her lips and smiled.

“Third Brother, Fifth Brother, you don’t have to worry.
Since Brother Lin Fei said so, he must have sufficient means.
He never does anything he’s not confident in.
Since he said so, he will definitely be able to defeat the other party!”

The Fifth Prince said with a solemn expression,

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“Ruyang, why do you trust him so much?”

“Based on… my intuition!”

Ruyang said this firmly, making the few princes’ hearts surge.

How powerful was Lin Fei to make their sister dare to speak like this?

On the other hand, everyone on Ji Wuxia’s side smiled in disdain.

“This brat, what arrogance.
He actually wants to fight all of us alone?”

“That’s right.
If we attack together, he won’t be able to handle it at all.”

Yun Lige could not help but frown.
He suddenly felt that this scene was somewhat familiar.

Back then, when Xiao Bei challenged him, it was also like this.
Everyone praised him and did not believe Xiao Bei.
In the end, Xiao Bei defeated him and even destroyed the entire Yun family.

Now, seeing that Ji Qingshan and the others were underestimating Lin Fei like this, it made him feel a dense sense of danger.

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