“Everyone needs to dream.
Otherwise, how are we different from salted fish?”

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“Well, even if you do make it in the end, you’ll still be a fish.”

Li Daoran replied mercilessly.
Of course, Lu Xiaoran did not care.
He had originally hidden his cultivation and had no intention to compete with others.

In fact, he had only been pretending to work hard.

Lin Jie glared at Li Daoran angrily.

“Stop talking nonsense here.
Xiaoran is sincere in pursuing martial arts.
On the other hand, you’re always sloppy and neglectful.”

Li Daoran immediately raised his hands in defeat.

“Fine, fine, fine.
I shouldn’t have spoken ill of Xiaoran in front of you.”

Lin Jie shook her head and turned to Lu Xiaoran.

“Xiaoran, don’t listen to Daoran’s nonsense.
As martial artists, we should still focus on cultivation and work hard to pursue the Great Dao.”

“By the way, do you know why the sect suddenly gathered us?”

“Who knows? However, we’re only Spirit Realm trash.
Even if something big happens, what does it have to do with us?”

As he spoke, a tall and refined middle-aged figure slowly walked out from behind the hall.

The tall man was dressed in a white robe and wore a gold jade crown on his head, he had an extraordinary aura.

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The voices in the hall slowly disappeared like a tide with his appearance.

“The sect master is here.
Stop talking.”

Li Daoran pulled the corner of Lu Xiaoran’s shirt.
He and Lin Jie immediately stood up.

Everyone behaved as if they were children in kindergarten.

The Heaven Demon Sect Sect Master swept his gaze below and nodded in satisfaction.

Among the 200 elders, the weakest among them was a late-stage Master Realm expert.
This was an impressive faction no matter where it was in the Great Zhou Empire!

These elders also symbolized the strength of the Heaven Demon Sect!

“Elders, the reason why I gathered all of you here today is actually because of what happened two months ago.
As everyone knows, an extremely shocking matter happened to my Heaven Demon Sect two months ago.
A peerless expert caused the heavenly might.”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned when he heard this.
Wasn’t that when he was setting up the Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation?

The Sect Master continued, “That matter even alarmed our Heaven Demon Sect’s Grand Elder.
However, after that, we still haven’t found out which senior expert triggered the heavenly might.”

“However, while investigating, the Grand Elder discovered something.
That is, the sect’s defensive array has been in disrepair for many years.
This is why someone came to our Heaven Demon Sect but was not discovered.”

“Therefore, under the orders of the Grand Elder, we have to choose an elder who is good at array formations to set up and repair the sect’s defensive array.”

“Elders, are any of you willing to volunteer?”

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Unfortunately, everyone was not too enthusiastic.

This was also very normal.

First of all, doing this thing was a waste of time.
It was like going to a construction site to carry bricks.
Not only was it tiring, but they also couldn’t earn much money.
They might as well lie on their peaks and sleep.

Secondly, this was the order of the Grand Elder.
If things went wrong, they would be scolded or even severely punished!

After all, the small amount of spirit stones that was offered as payment for the job was simply not worth it.

The Sect Master could not help but frown slightly and say, “There are so many elders in my Heaven Demon Sect.
Is there not a single person who is willing to contribute to the sect?”

The elders could not take it lying down.

Some of the more prestigious elders stood up and said, “There aren’t many people in our sect who understand array formations.
There’s only the few of you.
Stop hiding and step forward.”

With this said, there was no other way.
About ten people stepped forward.

Among them were Li Daoran and Lu Xiaoran.

Li Daoran was famous for being a talkative master in the sect.
Since he had nothing to do, he liked to wander around and talk to people.
Therefore, he had sought out a few seniors and elders and got them to teach him how to set up array formations.

There was no need to mention Lu Xiaoran.
As a robust genius, he had to learn how to set up array formations on his own.
After all, these things were not costly and provided a lot of benefits.

Therefore, the two of them could only step forward.

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The Sect Master looked at everyone and asked the older elders,

“Elder Wang, Elder Tie, the two of you are considered to be at the top of the line in the sect.
I wonder if the two of you are willing to take on this important mission?”

Elder Wang coughed lightly and said, “Sect Master, something happened to my cultivation recently.
I’m currently resting and resting and it’s not appropriate for me to use spirit energy.
Therefore, I’m afraid I can’t repair the array formation.”

Elder Tie’s gaze was deep, and his expression was solemn and solemn.

“Sect Master, I’ve recently vaguely touched the threshold of the Soul Refinement Realm and am about to focus on breaking through.
Therefore, I can’t do my best for the sect this time.”

The sect master raised his eyebrows slightly.
Although he knew that these two elders might be lying, there was nothing he could do.

The other party was already an established elder of the sect.
Although his cultivation was low, he still had to call him senior brother when he saw him.

If the sect was in danger, he could punish the other party in the name of the sect’s righteousness.

However, repairing the array formation was not a big deal.
If he forced them to do it, they would lose the support of the others.

He then looked at the few elders behind him and received similar answers as Elder Wang and Elder Tie.

What was even more ridiculous was that an elder actually said that he was going to the Reliance Sect next door for a blind date.

The sect leader was so furious that he almost jumped up and cursed.

“Could it be that no one in the entire Heaven Demon Sect can repair the sect’s array formation?”

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Seeing that the sect master was somewhat furious, an elder hurriedly said, “Sect Master, actually, we’re already old.
Although we can still do well if we do it, shouldn’t we let the younger generation use this chance to improve their skills? I think this is a good opportunity for us to take the opportunity to nurture the array formation level of the juniors.”

Lu Xiaoran’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately had a bad feeling.

Indeed, in the next moment, the elder pointed at Li Daoran and Lu Xiaoran.

“Daoran and Xiaoran are both among the younger generation elders of the sect.
Their talent is rather good.
If we let the two of them do it, they can also be trained and can work for the sect for a longer time in the future.
They can even inherit the essence of the sect’s array formation.
What do you think, Sect Master?”

“That’s a good idea.
I’ll let Daoran and Xiaoran handle this.”

The sect master’s eyes lit up as if he had found his target.

The other elders were mostly of the same generation as him, but not Li Daoran and Lu Xiaoran.
Thus, he did not have to worry.

These two were both from the same generation as their martial nephews.
The two of them did not dare to say anything when he reprimanded them casually.
Otherwise, the two of them would suffer greatly if he accused them of disrespecting their seniors.

Li Daoran was somewhat dumbfounded and pitiful.
He was just an idle big shot.
How could he repair array formations?

With his low-level skills, he would definitely be scolded.

Just as he opened his mouth, he saw the sect master’s eyes filled with killing intent glare over.
He was so frightened that his neck shrank, and a chill ran down his spine.

He swallowed the words he was about to say.

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