Chapter 141 Taking Advantage of the Situation?

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In the beginning, Elder Netherworld thought that this golden flame came from the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

However, when he saw that the Great Zhou Imperial Family troops were also unable to resist this golden flame, he finally understood that this flame did not belong to the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
Although he did not know where this flame came from, Elder Netherworld was even more smug.
He relied on the strength of this flame to unleash his might!

At this moment, he had already killed a King Realm expert and the Great Zhou Imperial Family troops still had three King Realm experts left.
Among the three remaining, two of them had lost an arm and one of them had lost a leg.

The two Emperor Realm experts also had their fingers severed.

At this moment, the expressions of the experts of the Imperial Family were all solemn to the extreme.

If not for the golden flames, they would have long taken down Elder Netherworld.

Unfortunately, with the strange flame, they were unable to approach at all.
Otherwise, once they were infected by the flames, unless they severed the souls at the fire location, the golden flames would directly kill them.

“Everyone, be careful.
Don’t be angered by him.
That flame is indeed strange.
It’s easy to be infected by it at close range.
Everyone, pay attention to spread out and attack from afar to consume his strength.”

“Other than that, bring all your defensive equipment.
That flame won’t be able to instantly penetrate defensive equipment above the Heaven Realm.
If it’s defensive equipment below the Heaven Realm, it won’t be able to resist and will be instantly burned through.”

King Zining gritted his teeth and said, “Imperial Uncles, the children of our imperial palaces are still fighting down there.
There are too many evil cultivators.
They are not their match.
Once they are infected by the evil aura, it will be troublesome.”

The two Emperor Realm experts frowned.

“Zining, the priority now is to deal with Elder Netherworld.
If we don’t kill him today, he will definitely be a huge threat to our Great Zhou in the future.
As for Wushang and the others, since they have the bloodline of the Great Zhou Imperial Family, they have to be prepared to sacrifice for the Great Zhou Empire! We have to think of the big picture.”

King Zining’s remaining fist clenched tightly, and his nails even embedded into his palm.
The other two kings also did not feel good.

The people below were all their biological children.
No one wanted to see them die.

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However, his two uncles were right.
Elder Netherworld was indeed a huge threat to the Imperial Family.

Two Emperor Realm experts and four King Realm experts had joined forces but they still did not have the slightest advantage.
Instead, one of them had already been killed, and the rest were all injured.

This accomplishment was enough to make the Great Zhou fearful.

If they did not kill him today, the Demon Sect would make a comeback in the future.
At that time, the price the Imperial Family would have to pay would be even greater!

Thinking of this, the few of them increased the speed of the spirit energy in their bodies and their auras kept rising.

“Everyone, speed up.
No matter what, we have to kill Elder Netherworld before Wushang and the others can’t hold on anymore.”

Elder Netherworld licked his lips slightly as a bloodthirsty red light flashed past the corner of his eyes.

He wanted these people to panic.

The more they wanted to attack him, the more easily they would be targeted by him.
He would seize the opportunity to release the Netherworld Sacred Flame.

The blood essence of the King Realm expert he had just killed had already been absorbed by him through his Heaven Devouring Demon Art.
At this moment, his cultivation had already recovered to the second level of the Emperor Realm!

If he could devour the blood essence of these people, not only would he be able to recover to the sixth level of the Emperor Realm, but he might even be able to advance another step.

a mo

After panting for a moment, the battle erupted again.
Lightning flashed in the sky, and they collided before erupting… causing a horrifying phenomenon of the heavens and the earth.

Below, Ji Wushang and the others were clearly unable to hold on anymore.

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There were too many evil cultivators.
There were a total of two thousand evil cultivators.
Compared to their one hundred people, the ratio was shockingly 20 to 1.

Not only that, but the other party also absorbed the blood essence of the other evil cultivators to strengthen themselves.
Moreover, as long as they stayed in the Demon Sect’s Evil Demon Formation, their strength would also increase, and Ji Wushang and the others would be weakened.

With the superimposition of these factors, the situation was too unfavorable for Ji Wushang and the others.
They were suppressed and were unable to break out of the encirclement.

What was even more terrifying was that the goal of these evil cultivators was not to kill them, but to trap them and infect them with the evil aura.

At that time, the greed, bloodthirst, and various other negative emotions that were in them would rapidly swell and occupy their minds, turning them into subordinates of the Demon Sect.

“Everyone… I can’t hold on anymore! I’ll leave first! I have the bloodline of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
Even if I die, I won’t be a lackey of the Demon Sect!”


With a dull sound that pierced through the body, a prince from an imperial palace committed suicide.

At the last moment, when he felt that he could not control his rationality, he resolutely chose to die to protect his dignity as a member of the Imperial Family.
“Long live the Great Zhou Empire!”


After shouting, another imperial palace prince chose to commit suicide.

Since he was unable to save himself, he could only commit suicide.

The bloodline of the Imperial Family had its own dignity.
They would definitely not allow themselves to be trampled on by the demon


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Seeing that they were commit suicide, the evil cultivators’ originally smug expressions instantly turned cold.

“Quick, release more evil aura and speed up the infection.
Otherwise, they will all commit suicide.”

Infecting a batch of Imperial Family members would not only allow them to gain genius cultivators with royal blood.

Most importantly, it could make the Great Zhou lose face.

To these cultivators who had been imprisoned by the Great Zhou for countless years, what could be more satisfying than that?

In the array formation, Ji Wushang was also about to collapse.

His mind was in chaos.
The evil aura entered his body and crazily invaded his soul, wanting to occupy his spirit.

He felt that part of his body was already unable to listen to his commands.

However, at this moment, a golden light suddenly shot out from the space between Ji Wushang’s brows.
It was as if it was a sharp sword that pierced through the darkness, directly splitting the black evil aura surrounding him alive.

It was the mental mark Lu Xiaoran had placed on Ji Wushang.

This mental mark protected Ji Wushang’s last trace of consciousness, preventing the evil aura from completely devouring his intelligence.

The evil cultivators’ eyes immediately became resentful.

“This brat actually hid such a move!”

“Focus your attention and focus all the evil aura on this brat.
Let’s infect him first.”

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As evil cultivators, their negative thoughts would be instantly magnified.
This also included jealousy.

They had all been infected by Elder Netherworld.
On what basis could Ji Wushang resist?

Therefore, they had to destroy this mental mark.
No matter what, they had to infect Ji Wushang and drag him into the sect to become a member of them.


At this moment, a beam of light shot over from the direction of the Imperial City.
It was even faster than lightning.


It was countless times stronger than the golden light between Ji Wushang’s brows.

That golden light only slashed away the evil aura in front of Ji Wushang.

This golden light slashed away the evil aura that filled the entire mountain!

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