Chapter 140 You Joked With Me First

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Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.
Was Elder Netherworld that powerful?

On the Imperial Family’s side, there were two Emperor Realm experts and a few King Realm experts.
Yet, the other party had the advantage?

Both sides had Emperor Realm experts.
Could the other party be this powerful?

However… after thinking about it carefully, it seemed unlikely.

Elder Netherworld was already so old.
He probably didn’t have much strength.
It was also impossible for Lady Luck to take care of him.

That was because Elder Netherworld had deliberately suppressed his cultivation.
His actual cultivation was a little higher.
This was why he was able to reverse the situation in battle.

This world was really too dangerous.

That guy was even better at hiding his cultivation than Lu Xiaoran was.

“Senior, I’m very worried about my father.
I want to go to the front line.”

Ji Wuxin said with a worried expression.

Lu Xiaoran was stunned before nodding.

This child was not bad.
Although he was not smart, he was at least filial.

“I don’t really approve of you going over.
After all, your cultivation is too weak.
It would be very dangerous for you to go.”

Ji Wuxin smiled faintly and said, “I knew that Senior would say that.
Therefore, I want Senior to accompany me.
Of course, it’s not only the two of us.
I also found some experts from the Imperial Palace.
Moreover, I’ll give Senior some compensation and definitely not treat you poorly.”

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Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying,

“How much are you going to pay me?”

“Um… how about 100,000 low-grade spirit stones? Because I have to pay for a lot of people, I can offer too many spirit stones.”

Lu Xiaoran fell silent again.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that Ji Wuxin was hiding his intelligence.

A hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones was only a thousand high-grade spirit stones after the conversation.
Instead of talking about a thousand high-grade spirit stones, he actually said that a hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones just to make the numbers sound exaggerated.
If he wasn’t paying attention, he would have been fooled.

“Wuxin, this is not a matter of money.
The main problem is that my cultivation level is really too low.
If I go, I’ll just die.”

“Senior, you’re too good at joking.”

With that said, Ji Wuxin looked around and saw that no one was around, so he whispered, “Senior, I know that you’re hiding your cultivation.
My junior sister’s cultivation level is at the Mountain Sea Realm.
No matter how weak you are, you should still be at the Soul Refinement Realm.
You’re much stronger than me.”

Lu Xiaoran stared fixedly at him.

“You’re right.
Seeing that you’re so good to me, I probably shouldn’t even take your money.
I should accompany you there for free.
At the same time, I should also bring my disciples along.
Then, I can help you hire a large group of Imperial City experts to escort you to your father.”

Ji Wuxin’s eyes widened.

“Senior, are you joking with me?”

“You were the one who joked with me first!”

A thousand spirit stones and you want someone to die with you? You sure are shameless.

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Ji Wuxin frowned and said, “Senior, I really want to save my father.
I don’t have much money on me.
If I had more, I would definitely give you more.”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“It’s really not about money.
Your cultivation level is too weak.
You’ll only be courting death if you go.
If you get caught by others, your father will also be distracted.
Therefore, it’s best for you to wait in the Imperial Palace without worry.”

“Then… fine.”

Ji Wuxin was somewhat unwilling to accept it.
However, since Lu Xiaoran was unwilling to go, there was nothing he could do.

After he left, Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown again.

“This Elder Netherworld seems to be quite extraordinary and is relatively difficult to deal with.
If that’s the case, Ji Wushang might be in danger.
It wasn’t easy for me to help him advance to the fourth level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
Moreover, I even gave him a Martial Monarch Blood Pill.
Won’t it be too bad if he gets killed?”

However, that Elder Netherworld is really too powerful.
If he went over rashly, he might just help Elder Netherworld accumulate experience.”

Forget it, I’ll wait for two days and see.
In any case, the mark I planted in Ji Wushang’s body has not fluctuated.
Perhaps Ji Wushang will return tomorrow?”.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran entered meditation again and began to cultivate his cultivation technique.


A day passed and Ji Wushang did not return.

Two days had passed, but Ji Wushang had not returned.

On the third day, Ji Wushang still did not return.

This made Lu Xiaoran somewhat unable to sit still.

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This was because he sensed that the mark in Ji Wushang’s body was fluctuating.

At first, it was just a small reaction, as if it was a car that was slowly moving.
Then, the fluctuation of the mark began to rise rapidly, as if the car was speeding up.
Now, it was beginning to get to the point where the car was basically accelerating like crazy.

“Damn! This fluctuation is getting bigger and bigger.
Is Ji Wushang done for? I have to go and take a look quickly.”

It was not easy for Lu Xiaoran to nurture a puppet.
If the other party was killed so easily, he would be at a huge disadvantage.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran immediately used the Trinity True Eyes.

After absorbing the Great Void Chaos Steps with the Trinity True Eyes, Lu Xiaoran already had the ability to move at high speed.

On the other side, thousands of kilometers away from the Imperial City.

Ji Wushang and the other imperial palace disciples were all trapped in their spots by the evil cultivators.
They gritted their teeth and persisted.

In this evil array, their cultivation was suppressed and they were unable to unleash their normal strength.

As for Elder Netherworld’s subordinates, after experiencing Lu Xiaoran’s attack, the remaining ones were all experts.

Moreover, Elder Netherworld had also devoured the nutrients of the evil cultivators Lu Xiaoran had killed.
He had absorbed their blood essence, resentment aura, filthy aura, blood essence…

Therefore, the difference in strength between the two sides was simply worlds apart.

As for the two Emperor Realm experts and the few King Realm experts, they were fighting fiercely above the clouds.
They did not have the time to save Ji Wushang and the others at


Ji Wushang gritted his teeth tightly and stared fixedly at the sky, his eyes filled with despair.

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At this moment, even if he had the Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique that his senior had imparted to him, he would still be helpless.

After all, the Battle God Art was an auxiliary cultivation technique to begin with.
It was fine to increase one’s cultivation.
However, in a battle, one had to constantly fight in order to increase its might.
On the other hand, passive defense was useless.

“Senior Lu, I’m useless.
I’m about to be killed.”

Ji Wushang roared angrily in grief and indignation in his heart.
He felt that his soul was being infected by even more evil aura and was about to collapse.

Above the clouds, several lights kept splitting and colliding.
Every time they collided, the clouds would explode, causing a huge blue circle to appear in the sky!

A moment later, the light gradually stopped.
Only then did everyone’s figures slowly appear from the clouds.

“Tsk tsk… the great Great Zhou Imperial Family is only at this level? How disappointing.”

The person who spoke was none other than Elder Netherworld.

He held a white jade porcelain bottle in one hand and stood proudly in the air with the other hand behind his back.
He was like an extraordinary peerless expert that swept through the surroundings.

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