Not to mention that Ruyang knew how to protect her husband.
In addition, Lin Fei himself also had a few people protecting him.

In the information Lu Xiaoran had seen previously, it had mentioned that the Eagle Imperial Palace was backing Ruyang.
Moreover, the Hua Imperial Palace, an imperial palace that Lin Fei had taken a fancy to, also had a rather good relationship with Lin Fei.

Needless to say, the members of these factions were definitely like supporting characters in the protagonist’s path.
They were the type of people that would come out to help the protagonist survive before he matured.

Their cultivation levels were very powerful.
Logically speaking, they also shouldn’t have had much interaction with Lin Fei.

However, because Lin Fei was a protagonist, the other party’s intelligence would decrease drastically.
In any case, as long as someone attacked Lin Fei, they would definitely protect him with their lives.

Lu Xiaoran, who was familiar with these things, naturally knew this very well.

This was not something he could change.

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In fact, Lu Xiaoran did not care too much.

On the one hand, the Purple Peace Imperial Palace was not easy to deal with.
If the other party attacked, the Purple Peace Imperial Palace would also not sit idly by.

On the other hand, as long as he could stall until the end of the month, when his precious disciples’ cultivation increased, his cultivation would also welcome a huge explosion.

At that time, he would probably be able to fight Lin Fei one-on-one.
After all, by then, he would have broken through to the mid-stage Emperor Realm, around the fifth or sixth level.

The most terrifying thing about the imperial palaces was not the succeeding kings, but the old kings of the various imperial palaces who had already retired.

It was said that the weakest among them was at the Emperor Realm!

Otherwise, if they were all at the King Realm, Lu Xiaoran would not care at all.
He could fight a group of them alone now.

However, there was another problem.
He needed to plan ahead before killing Lin Fei.

After killing Lin Fei, the remaining important matter would definitely be to support Ji Wushang

At that time, Lin Fei would be useless.

“Looks like I have to think of another plan to ensure that I can control the Great Zhou Emperor behind the scenes.”

Lu Xiaoran held his chin and pondered for a moment.
Soon, the corner of his mouth curled up.

“Since I’m already prepared to kill Lin Fei, why don’t I take advantage of Lin Fei again and get him to help me?”.

Just like how Lu Xiaoran had killed Lin Fei’s Martial Monarch Realm master, Yue Ling, and refined her into Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pills, Lu Xiaoran was also prepared to use Lin Fei to help him achieve some goals.

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As a hot shot, Lin Fei had offended many people.

As long as he appeared, there would definitely be people who mocked and even attacked him secretly.

The purpose of these people’s existence was solely to embarrass Lin Fei.
It was even possible that they would be killed by Lin Fei.
In fact, there were even some cases where they would be subdued by Lin Fei’s charisma and become his good brothers and lackeys.

Lu Xiaoran could not be bothered with bootlickers.

However, Lu Xiaoran could rope in and nurture those who had been crippled or even injured by Lin Fei.

In any case, with the Three-Eyed True Eyes, he was not afraid of the other party rebelling.
He could directly modify his memories and permanently control the other party.

Controlling Ji Wushang might not guarantee that he would become the mastermind of the Great Zhou.

There were many uncertain factors involved.

Lu Xiaoran had always been cautious.
He would never allow his plan to go wrong.

He could not control the Great Zhou Imperial Family and choose who to rule.

However, if he could control all the candidates for the emperor.
it wouldn’t matter who the Great Zhou Imperial Family picked.

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