s also unable to endure it and began to crack.
Seeing this, Lu Xiaoran was still worried.

Heaven Monarch Blood Demon wanted to use the array formation to travel to Elder Netherworld.
Elder Netherworld’s cultivation was extremely powerful.
It was unknown if he was a King Realm expert or an Emperor Realm expert.

If he was simply trying to send these moves through the teleportation formation, it wouldn’t consume much energy.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s primary goal was to destroy the spatial tunnel.
This would consume a lot of energy.
Moreover, given that this was an extremely long-range attack, he was already unable to produce the maximum effect he was able to achieve when he started.

In short, the attack would not be powerful enough after getting to the other side.
Looking at the length of this tunnel, he estimated that after arriving at the other side, the strength of the attack would only be at the first level of the King Realm.

Moreover, what if the other party dodged his attacks?

No, he had to add something else.

Seeing that the spatial tunnel was about to collapse, and the array formation was also flickering, Lu Xiaoran immediately used the Trinity True Eyes to release the Traceless Illusion along with True Intent Unravel, forming flames that could not be extinguished unless the enemy was completely burned away.

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“Even the eternal flames have been transmitted.
It should be relatively safe now, right?”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly.
With his spear, he casually slashed away the array formation and completely destroyed all traces.

Then, he put away the Battle God Spear and removed the array formation.
He stretched and walked back.

“The eternal flames sound too roundabout and boring.
Looks like I have to think of a better name.
However, I’m bad at coming up with names.
It hurts my brain.”

On the other side, outside the Imperial City, on a huge mountain, an evil aura surged.

Countless demon sect cultivators were gathered here, as if they were waiting for something

Soon, an extremely huge black cloud flew over from the Imperial City and landed in the valley.

Seeing the black cloud descend, the evil cultivators everywhere immediately stood up and shouted,

“Congratulations, Elder Netherworld, for escaping from the Imperial City.”

“Hehehehe… I have to thank everyone for cooperating with me and escaping from the Imperial City this time.
Only by diverting the attention of the Imperial City will I have a chance to escape from the Imperial City.”

“Elder Netherworld, you’re too polite.
We were all brought up by you, so we should naturally share your burden.”

Elder Netherworld nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the evil cultivators everywhere.

These people were originally from all walks of life.
Some were righteous people, and some were from the demon sects.

However, now, being infected by his evil aura, they would only be loyal to him.

After this battle, not only had he disturbed the Imperial City, but he had also caused a lot of trouble for the Great Zhou Empire.

At the same time, he had also destroyed the Heaven Prison and brought out so many subordinates.

Among them were many cultivators with extremely high cultivation levels.

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After being infected by the evil aura and becoming demon cultivators, their cultivation speed would increase.

It was already an impressive force.
After a few months, it might become an extremely powerful force that was difficult to ignore!


At that time, his prestige in the Demon Sect would be even higher.
He might even become the number one person under the Demon Venerable!

Seven hundred years of imprisonment had not obliterated his will and ambition.

At this moment, he had left the prison.
His ambition burned like a raging fire.

At this moment, a fiery red formation suddenly lit up in the distance.

Everyone’s expressions changed.

“Not good, there’s an enemy attack!”

Elder Netherworld stroked his beard and smiled.

“There’s no need to panic.
This is the Bloodbath Transfer Formation.
It’s a teleportation formation exclusive to me.
The person who can use this formation is definitely my personal disciple.”

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