Yue Ling crawled up from the ground.
Even her soul body was somewhat haggard at this moment.
Her soul that was originally close to manifesting a physical body had already turned incorporeal at this moment.

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Clearly, Lu Xiaoran’s previous move had caused her huge damage.

She stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran.
The arrogance and carelessness from before had already disappeared, and what replaced it was a solemn expression.

“I’ve underestimated you.
I didn’t expect you to have a third Martial Monarch

Realm item! Moreover, two of them should be top-grade Martial Monarch Realm items, right?”

As he said this, a greedy expression flashed in Yue Ying’s eyes.

Among the three Martial Monarch Realm items, he had both defensive and offensive items.
Moreover, he also had two top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

This wealth was so abundant that even a Martial Monarch Realm expert would be envious of it.

Lu Xiaoran smiled indifferently and slowly landed.

“Three Martial Monarch Realm items? You’re too narrow-minded.
To tell you the truth, I have countless Martial Monarch Realm items.
However, I don’t even need them.
Sigh, I’m just toying with you.
Don’t you feel angry?

“Hmph! Childish.
Do you think I’ll be afraid just because you’re threatening me? Three Martial Monarch Realm weapons is already your limit.
Do you think Martial Monarch Realm weapons are as common as cabbages?

Yue Ying sneered.
As she secretly sped up the repair of her soul injuries, she quickly condensed her spirit energy, prepared to prepare for the next attack.

Lu Xiaoran looked at her with interest and said, “Are you repairing your soul? It’s fine.
Take your time to repair it.
I don’t want to kill you for the time being.

You have a lot of combat experience.
I want to learn a few moves.”

Yue Ying’s expression turned ugly again.

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This Lu Xiaoran was simply too much!

He actually wanted to use her as a training dummy and take away her combat experience?

However, Yue Ying quickly reacted.

This guy was not like this.
He was someone who planned everything step by step and was good at scheming.
How could he be childish enough to waste time practicing combat moves?

It had to be known that the outcome of a battle between experts was decided in an instant.

Therefore, the longer the battle dragged on, the worse it became.
This was because no one knew what would happen in the next moment and affect the final outcome of the battle.

He was stalling for time!

Almost the moment she thought of this, an extremely dangerous feeling suddenly descended, making Yue Ying’s pupils shrink.
She immediately used her cultivation technique and prepared to escape from under her feet.


At this moment, two lights suddenly lit up on the ground.
One was golden, and the other was blue.

After the two lights lit up, the surrounding spatial power was instantly twisted.
Then, it sealed an area in a radius of 5,000 kilometers.

“Damn it!”

Lu Xiaoran had actually set up an array formation in advance.
His attack just now was to force her into this array formation.
Just now, when he was mocking her, he was actually trying to delay her so that he could activate the array formation.

Moreover, what was even more terrifying was that she could clearly sense that the aura of this array formation was undoubtedly a Martial Monarch Realm formation.

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At this moment, Yue Ying was shocked.

Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation techniques, weapons, and array formations were actually all at the Martial Monarch Realm!

It had to be known that even Martial Monarch Realm experts like herself did not have so many powerful items in their lives!

Who was this guy?

Did he rob dozens of Martial Monarch Realm experts to obtain all this?

At the same time, Lu Xiaoran stretched his back.
The smile on his face gradually disappeared and was replaced with endless coldness.

“Alright, the fish has already entered the net.
Let’s start.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran thought of something and circulated the True Phoenix Nine Transformations.
A huge phoenix phantom suddenly formed behind him.


The phoenix cry sounded and spread its wings.
Its might made the surrounding mountains directly shake.

Then, Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.
In the void, lightning flashed and thunder roared.
The spatial barrier shattered, and a huge phoenix mark smashed down from the sky with an invincible aura.

“Another Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

Yue Ying exclaimed as her eyes widened in disbelief.

Lu Xiaoran had actually taken out another Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

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Was he even human?

However, now was not the time to think about that.
This was because she had to dodge the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark.
Otherwise, her soul would probably be injured by 50%.

Yue Ying circulated her cultivation technique with all her strength, wanting to escape from her original spot.
However, she shockingly discovered that she was unable to leave the ground under her feet.

“An illusion formation?

This thought flashed in Yue Ying’s mind.
A chill could not help but erupt from the depths of her soul.

The might of a Martial Monarch Realm illusionary formation was no longer limited to illusions that would confuse the enemy.
Many of its terrifying effects had even surpassed the attack formation!

“Damn it!”

Seeing that the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark was about to fall from the sky, she could only choose to use a secret technique to consume 10% of her soul power to break through the illusion formation.

The consumption of the Martial Monarch Realm soul power was enough to allow her to not be affected by the Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation for a short period of time.

However, when she tried to move, she realized that her speed had not reached her expectations at all.
She was moving very slowly.

“Damn you!”

Yue Ying was so furious that she almost vomited blood.

This damn Lu Xiaoran.
The second array formation was actually related to the power of space.
It could reduce one’s movement speed and prevent them from escaping with their original speed.

And this time, she no longer had the chance to use a secret technique and consume her soul power to escape.

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This was because the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark had already smashed down.


The huge Martial Monarch Realm weapon pressed down and directly shattered the ground.
A pit dozens of kilometers wide with a depth of three meters was instantly created!

This range was already rather terrifying.

This was because Lu Xiaoran’s current strength was only at the ninth level of the King Realm and was simply unable to unleash the perfect effect of the Martial Monarch Realm.

At most, he could only unleash 30% of the strength of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

It was indeed rare for him to produce such an effect.


However, when everything returned to calm, a familiar cough sounded again.

Yue Ying hid beside the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark.
Her soul was trembling, and her beautiful eyes were filled with fear.

Under the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark was a silver moon saber!

In the moment of life and death, Yue Ying used her Martial Monarch Realm weapon to block the falling of the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark.
At this moment, she took the opportunity to escape..

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