ave enough Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Perfect! Now, I can just snatch yours.”

“That will depend on your skills.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture in Lu Xiao Man’s body circulated crazily.
Spear beams shot out from the spear in his hand as he pointed it directly at the center of the two curved blades.

As soon as the Martial Monarch Realm weapons appeared, the weather changed drastically.
Its powerful aura caused the heavens and the earth to change color.

Waves of shocking heavenly lightning exploded.
The surrounding spirit energy was even being affected by the Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

They were clearly only a few hundred meters away, but it was as if an entire century had passed as the spear condensed a force of fifteen million kilograms of strength and headed straight for Yue Ying in an invincible manner.

Yue Ying was not to be trifled with either.
With a cold snort, the Emperor

Scripture in her body also began to circulate.
With two blades in hand, she attacked fiercely.
With a step, her body shot out from her spot like a shocking beam of light.
In an instant, she had already arrived in front of Lu Xiaoran.


The silver moon saber slashed at the tip of Lu Xiaoran’s spear from the side, emitting ten thousand meters of lightning.
The huge force directly deviated from the direction of Lu Xiaoran’s spear.

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Yue Ying sneered in her heart.
The other silver moon saber stuck to the spear and headed straight for Lu Xiaoran’s throat.

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes revealed a trace of admiration.
The combat experience and reaction speed of a Martial Monarch Realm expert were indeed not weak.

The other party immediately used a killing move.
This Yue Ling was really an expert assassin.

To be honest, if her opponent was also an ordinary Martial Monarch Realm soul and could only unleash a cultivation at the tenth level of the King Realm, she would definitely be able to win.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiaoran was still stronger than a Martial Monarch Realm expert’s soul.

With a thought, the Indestructible Golden Body was activated.
Golden energy suddenly covered the surface of Lu Xiaoran’s body, forming a golden giant phantom.

A strange expression flashed in Yue Ying’s eyes.

With her experience, how could she not tell that this was a Martial Monarch Realm defensive cultivation technique?

However, her eyes quickly returned to normal and even revealed a mocking expression.

So what if he had a Martial Monarch Realm defensive technique?

It could resist the attack of a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, but it could not resist the combined power of a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique and a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Her attack was enough to severely injure Lu Xiaoran.


When her silver moon saber slashed fiercely at Lu Xiaoran’s neck, the scene of

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Lu Xiaoran’s head being separated did not appear.

He had actually blocked her saber.


At this moment!

No matter how much combat experience Yue Ying had, she could not help but be shocked.

The corner of her eye glanced at the inside of Lu Xiaoran’s clothes.
There was a

faint golden light there that was different from the light of the Indestructible Golden Body.
Its light contained a heart palpitating aura.

“You actually have a Martial Monarch Realm armor?

Yue Ling could not help but exclaim.

However, in the next moment, an even more domineering aura instantly flashed from Lu Xiaoran’s left hand.

Primordial Battle God Spear!

It was the Martial Monarch Realm weapon that came with his cultivation technique!

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