Lin Fei gave Yue Ying a storage bag.

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“These are all my spirit stones.
There are a total of 150,000.
Previously, I spent Ruyang’s spirit stones to buy the jade.
I didn’t use my own.”


Yue Ying received the storage bag and was about to leave when she paused again.

“Fei’er, actually, I think I should tell you something.”

“Please tell me, Master.

‘Your future goal is to become a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
You shouldn’t always be constrained by unimportant people.
In the future, it’s best not to keep an eye on that Ji Wuxia.”

Lin Fei was stunned before his expression turned cold.

‘Master, what do you mean? Ji Wuxia canceled the engagement and made me suffer a huge humiliation.
Do you think I’ll let her off so easily?”

“However, you’ve already defeated her and made her lose face, making her the laughing stock of the entire Great Zhou Empire.
Isn’t that enough? Moreover, I’ve also heard that back then, your Lin family also took advantage of Ji Wuxia’s predicament and made her marry you, right>”

“So what? If not for our Lin family, Ji Wuxia would have long frozen to death on the streets.
This is a matter of mutual consent.
If she’s unwilling to get engaged, she can just leave.
My Lin family also won’t force her.
However, after becoming a princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, she immediately went to my Lin family to end the engagement.
She made me suffer a huge humiliation.
I definitely won’t let her off.”

Yue Ying frowned slightly.
For the first time, she was somewhat dissatisfied with Lin Fei.

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Actually, they were both adults.
Moreover, she was once a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
What kind of person had she not seen before? How could she not know what the people from the Lin family were thinking?

Since the beginning, Ji Wuxia already had the bloodline of the Great Zhou’s Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
She was already stronger and more talented than ordinary cultivators.

That was why the Lin family was interested in Ji Wuxia.

If Ji Wuxia was an ugly girl without any talent, the Lin family probably wouldn’t even spare her a glance, right?

In this world, there was no such thing as good or evil.
Most of the time, everyone was driven by benefits.

At this moment, Lin Fei seemed to have thought of something.

“Master, did you encounter Ji Wuxia and the others? Did they tell you something that made you say these strange words?”

Yue Ying shook her head.

“No, you’re thinking too much.”

“That’s good.
Master, you’re my master.
No matter what, I hope that you can stand on my side.
I won’t reconcile with Ji Wuxia in my life.”

‘Got it.’

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Yue Ying knew her disciple’s temper.
If he made up his mind, even ten bulls would not be able to stop him.

He was too stubborn!

Moreover, she had no choice because she still hoped that Lin Fei would help her reconstruct her body.
She still planned to return to the peak of the Martial Monarch Realm before trying to ascend to that legendary realm!

Lin Fei’s luck was the strongest among all the people she had ever seen.
Other than Lin Fei, she had no other hope.

Forget it.
In any case, this matter was between Lin Fei and Lu Xiaoran.
As long as she did not interfere, it would not be considered letting Lu Xiaoran down.

Moreover, it wouldn’t matter even if she did interfere.
After all, more than ten million lives had already been lost to her.
How could she pity a small Lu Xiaoran?

After taking the spirit stones that were used to deceive Lu Xiaoran, Yue Ying’s soul body quickly rushed to the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

As he watched his master leave quickly, a cold light flashed in Lin Fei’s eyes.

He did not know what was going on with his master.

She actually spoke well of Ji Wuxia.
This was definitely abnormal.

Moreover, he inexplicably felt that he had lost something again.
It even seemed to have decreased even more this time.

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“Looks like I can’t completely rely on Master in the future.”

Yue Ying naturally did not expect this.
At this moment, she was traveling quickly in the Imperial City.

Because this time, she did not separate her soul and she was very powerful, her speed was also much faster.

Soon, she arrived at the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

Then, she circulated her cultivation technique and her body quietly hid from everyone.
She entered the Purple Peace Imperial Palace and arrived at Lu Xiaoran’s residence.

After arriving, Yue Ying’s soul throbbed inexplicably.

This made her eyes narrow.

“What was that sense of danger just now?”

With that said, she immediately used her divine sense to sweep through the entire residence Lu Xiaoran was in.

However, after scanning it more than ten times, she did not discover anything special about this small courtyard.

In fact, there was indeed nothing special about this courtyard.
This was because the secrets were all in the Mountain and River State Painting, so she was naturally unable to sense them.

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In the end, Yue Ying shook her head.

“I didn’t expect even Fei-er’s words to affect my mental state now.
However, after I repair my soul and my soul power reaches perfection, I shouldn’t be easily affected by Fei-er again.’

Taking a deep breath, Yue Ling officially stepped into Lu Xiaoran’s small courtyard.

“I’m here to buy the Exquisite Seven-Orifice Snow Lotus.
Are you still there?” “Of course, I’m here.

Lu Xiaoran hurriedly walked out from inside.
When he saw Yue Ying’s main soul body, he immediately could not help but gasp.

“Hiss! Is this your true soul? Isn’t this too elegant?! Which family do you belong

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran was so disgusted that he wanted to vomit.

Although Yue Ying was beautiful on the outside, Lu Xiaoran knew very well that she was an old granny who had lived for more than ten thousand years.

However, there was nothing he could do about it.
Before he tricked her into the Mountain and River State Painting, he still had to continue acting.

Yue Ying pursed her lips and smiled.
Even though she was a Martial Monarch Realm expert, she still felt happy being praised.
This was a woman’s shortcoming that she could never get rid of.

“Dao Friend Lu, you’re joking.
I’m only an ordinary soul cultivator.
Now if you don’t mind, can you take out the Exquisite Seven-Orifice Snow Lotus?”

“It’s in my room.
So is the pill furnace.
I’ve prepared everything for you.
Let’s go in and talk.”


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