h Realm weapon to resist, it would be very difficult for the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning Formation to injure her.

Moreover, the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning Formation was too powerful.
It could not injure her, but it would cause damage to the Mountain and River State Painting.

The Starfall Emperor Formation and the Primordial Dragon Formation were also not suitable.

Be it summoning experts or dragon souls, if he made it too weak, it might not be powerful enough.
If the formation was too strong, he was afraid that he would damage the Mountain and River State Painting.

At that time, not only would he lose a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon, but he would also expose his secret.

If his aura leaked and the experts of the Imperial Family arrived, his disciples would all have to end up becoming beggars.

Of course, this was only a joke.
This was because if he was destroyed by the Imperial Family, his disciples would inevitably be buried with him.
After all, if they were wiped out in a single wave, his disciples would not even have the chance to live as beggars.

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The Spacetime Deceleration Formation was not bad.
This thing could linearly reduce the other party’s speed.
Relatively speaking, it was still not bad and could allow him to continuously attack.

For some reason, Lu Xiaoran inexplicably thought of a science fiction movie from his previous life.

Time Freeze series?

However, Lu Xiaoran quickly shook his head fiercely.

It was too terrifying.

Yue Ying was an old woman who had lived for more than ten thousand years.
As a Martial Monarch Realm expert, she could maintain her youthful appearance and even look like a young married woman in her twenties or thirties.
However, in reality, she was still an old granny.

Moreover, she was now no different from a ghost.

He was not like Ning Caichen, the protagonist from the Time Freeze series, at all.
He did not have those desires and did not want an undead lover.

Indeed, it was better to just kill these women.

After all, he was still a man.
When he saw a woman with a good figure and beautiful appearance, he would still feel an urge to act rashly.
If he did not, how could he still be considered a man?

However, he only wanted to cultivate and become stronger.
He would only find a woman to live with after he became invincible.

Before that, he couldn’t exactly cut it off, right?

Putting aside the pain, who would be willing to be a eunuch?

Therefore, in order to prevent himself from having any thoughts that he shouldn’t have, the best way for him to deal with women was to directly send them to the afterlife.

For the second array formation, Lu Xiaoran prepared to use the Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation.

The Eight Trigrams Sly Sealing Formation could seal Yue Yings location and attacks, locking her in a certain range.
It could also prevent himself from being attacked and allow him to attack from afar.

The word “attack’ kept making Lu Xiaoran feel strange.
He felt that it was better for him to use the word “fight”

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“1’11 fight her from afar.
‘fight’ sounds more proper.”

After deciding, Lu Xiaoran immediately set up two array formations.

This time, he used his full strength to construct the array formations.

Compared to the array formation he had previously set up in Ji Wuxia’s courtyard, the array formation he now set up was much stronger.

It was even to the extent that after the two grand formations were set up, surging lightning actually rose in the sky of the Great Zhou Imperial City again.

Now, as long as Lu Xiaoran used more than 80% of the strength of the array formation to engrave the Martial Monarch Realm formation, he would be able to cause the color of the world to change.
He was also able to cause divine punishments.

Previously, he had only spent 20 to 30% of his strength setting up the array formation in Ji Wuxia’s courtyard, so the divine punishment did not occur.

Fortunately, this was the Mountain and River State Painting.
The divine punishment could not find him and no one could tell that he was responsible.

It was rather safe and confidential.

Lu Xiaoran felt that the Mountain and River State Painting was really becoming more and more useful..

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