“Of course.
My main profession is being an alchemist.”

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As soon as he finished speaking, he took out a top-grade Heaven Realm alchemy furnace from the Mountain and River State Painting.

Seeing the alchemy furnace, Yue Ying was even more satisfied.

As a Martial Monarch Realm expert, although she only had her soul body left, she still had the ability to refine pills.

After all, pill refinement and weapon refinement were similar to array formations.
They relied on attainments and not cultivation.

She was also not afraid that Lu Xiaoran had other intentions.

Firstly, Lu Xiaoran did not know her identity at all.
It was impossible for him to harm her for no reason.

Secondly, she had a Martial Monarch Realm soul body and had many means.

Even if she could not unleash her peak strength now, she could at least unleash the strength of a peak King Realm expert.

In the face of strength, any scheming was useless.

Even if Lu Xiaoran wanted to cheat her of her spirit stones and then kill her for it, it was still impossible.

Therefore, she did not need to doubt Lu Xiaoran.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran seemed to be so honest.

This man was handsome and lively.
What could he be scheming?

“Alright, I’ll take your snow lotus.
I’ll also borrow your pill furnace.
However, I don’t have any spirit stones with me now.
Leave the items first.
I’ll go back and give you the spirit stones now.
How about that?”

“Alright, go ahead.”


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The two of them bade farewell as Yue Ling’s phantom quickly left the Imperial


As he watched Yue Ling’s phantom leave, the corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly and he smiled coldly.

“Hmph, you came to kill me and now you think you can just buy medicinal herbs from me? When you come back, you will die in my hands.”

Lu Xiaoran’s plan was very well thought out.

If it was just the medicinal herbs, Yue Ying might still have sent her soul body over to bring spirit stones.

However, he said that he had a top-grade Heaven Realm alchemy furnace.
The better the alchemy furnace, the better the effect.

Since Yue Ying was anxious to repair her soul, she would come with her main soul body.

He was not afraid that Yue Ying would have other thoughts.
This was because

Yue Ying was a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Since ancient times, which Martial Monarch Realm expert was not an outstanding talent? Which one of them was not arrogant to the extreme?

In other words, Yue Ying did not think much of him at all.
She thought that he would not be a threat to her!

Lu Xiaoran’s scheme was perfect and he had completely suppressed Yue Ying! At that time, he would set up a trap in advance and directly send her to the afterlife.

He would first stop Lin Fei from hacking and then think of a way to deal with him.


“Before she comes, she probably still needs a little more time.
I’ll distribute the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pills first and then set up the array formation to wait for her to come.

Soon, Lu Xiaoran gathered his four disciples.

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“Greetings, Master.’

Lu Xiaoran looked at the cultivation of the four of them and was very satisfied.
The four of them had a solid cultivation foundation.
It was obvious that they were cultivating diligently and did not fall behind at all.

In particular, Yun Lige had already reached the second level of the Soul Refinement Realm.

Although he was still at the bottom, it was always good to make progress.

“I gathered you guys here this time to help you guys cultivate even faster.
Previously, you’ve all consumed the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill, so it’s no longer appropriate for you to use it now.
However, the medicinal pills I am giving you this time are not inferior to the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill.”

Their eyes could not help but light up.

If their master said that it was not bad, it was definitely not bad.

Immediately after, they saw Lu Xiaoran take out a translucent small porcelain bottle.
There were five medicinal pills lying inside.

Every medicinal pill appeared to be pure white, but there were pure gold lines as decorations on them, engraving an incomparably alluring pattern.

With just a glance, everyone’s souls seemed to have been absorbed and were filled with desire.

“Master, what’s this medicinal pill?”

Fang Tianyuan could not help but ask.
Lu Xiaoran chuckled.

“Make a guess.”

Fang Tianyuan smiled awkwardly.

“I don’t know…

“Have you heard of the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill?”

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The four of them trembled and their pupils immediately constricted.

“The… the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill? Heavens, isn’t that a mid -grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill?”

Everyone’s voices began to tremble.

In fact, although the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill was a mid -grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill, its rarity was even higher than some high-grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pills!

This was because the raw material of the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill was the bone marrow of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Martial Monarch Realm experts were few in number.
Moreover, each one of them didn’t have many bone marrow to begin with.


Yun Lige swallowed hard.

“Master, where did you get this? Isn’t this too powerful?”

Lu Xiaoran smiled evilly at Ji Wuxia.

“Do you remember the jade stone from the auction yesterday? That’s the thing hidden inside.


Ji Wuxia was shocked.
No wonder she had wondered why Lin Fei kept increasing the price to obtain this item.

It was because the Martial Monarch Realm marrow was hidden inside!

At this moment, Ji Wuxia finally understood why her master was so confident.

Her master was really too powerful.
He was one step ahead of everyone else and basically never missed anything.

It was no wonder their master dared to lead them to resist those abnormal hot shots.

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Only an existence like their master could resist them.

Lu Xiaoran distributed the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pills and said,

“Take your respective medicinal pills and immediately enter seclusion to cultivate.
You have to refine the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill in the shortest time possible to increase your cultivation.”


Everyone replied.

“By the way, Master Brother Wuxin said that the once-in-a-century Ancient

Forbidden Area is about to be opened.
At that time, should I go?”

“Ancient Forbidden Area?”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.

He had heard of that place before.
It was a training ground of the Great Zhou Empire and had a long history.

However, wasn’t this kind of place a place for the hot shots?

“By the way, will Lin Fei also be there?”

He’s the emperor’s son-in-law.
As a member of the Imperial Family, he has to go regardless of whether he’s a direct descendant or a relative.
After all, there are many opportunities in the Ancient Forbidden Area..’

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