time when Li Changsheng had fused with the Sword Soul, it was still majestic and could not be ignored.

The entire Imperial City was shocked again.

Countless experts looked at the divine punishment in the sky, their eyes flickering, and their hearts beating incessantly.

“What’s going on? Why are there so many abnormal phenomena appearing in the Imperial City recently?”

“Who is it? Who is the one triggering these divine punishments one after another?”

“Looks like there will be some big changes in the Imperial City soon!”

At the same time, a phantom also quietly arrived in the sky above Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

“It’s been ten thousand years.
I didn’t expect my first attack to be against a child.
How laughable.”

After a pause, she shook her head again.

“However, there’s nothing I can do about it.
I still have to rely on Fei’er to have hope of repairing my soul and reconstructing my body.
I can’t let Fei’er get entangled by his mental demons and affect his advancement in the path of martial arts.”

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As soon as she finished speaking, Yue Ying took a step forward and instantly arrived in the sky above Ji Wuxia’s residence.

“Last time, Fei-er came to challenge Ji Wuxia to this courtyard.
Ji Wuxia’s master should also be living here, right? What’s his name again? Lu Xiaoran? His name sounds good.
Unfortunately, you provoked someone you shouldn’t have.”

How could Yue Ying, a Martial Monarch Realm expert, allow her disciple to be easily humiliated by others?

This time, although it was only a part of her soul body and not her main soul body, she had also injected a lot of soul power into this soul body.

Coupled with her Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique and combat experience, it was enough for her to compare to an expert at the tenth level of the Essence Realm!

This was her confidence!

The confidence of a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

When a Martial Monarch Realm expert was furious, the corpses of their enemies would float for thousands of miles!


Just as she arrived in the sky above Ji Wuxia’s courtyard, the entire sky above the Imperial City was suddenly enveloped by dark clouds.
The divine punishment in the sky suddenly made her thoughts beat incessantly.

“This is… divine punishment? Damn it!”

Divine punishment was especially targeted at mortal martial artists.

If Yue Ying was at her peak, as long as it was not a divine punishment caused by a realm advancement she would more or less be able to resist the other divine punishments and would not be in any danger.

However, what was she now?! She only had her soul left and her soul had been severely injured.

It was not only that.
At this moment, her soul body had been separated.
Moreover, she had only injected a portion of her soul power into this soul body! She was only at the tenth level of the Essence Realm.

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With her cultivation, wouldn’t she be courting death if she continued to face the divine punishment?

“No, I have to get down quickly.”

Yue Ying did not dare to be careless at all and immediately wanted to go down.

However, if she were anywhere else, the speed of the divine punishment might be a little slower.
However, she just had to be above Lu Xiaoran.

Even though Lu Xiaoran was currently inside the Mountain and River State Painting and the divine punishment could not hit him, the main body of the divine punishment would still be gathered around his residence.

Therefore, the speed at which the divine punishment descended was the fastest.

Just as Yue Ying was about to land, before she could do anything, a loud bang sounded in the sky.
A lightning bolt as thick as a bucket directly bombarded Yue Ying’s mental strength.

“It’s over!” Yue Ying’s soul body instantly had the urge to cry.

Before her consciousness fell into darkness, she was still feeling puzzled.
This feeling was not right!

Since when did divine punishments move so quickly?

No matter how big the divine punishment was, it would still give people a chance to prepare.
Could it be that she had not appeared in the world for ten thousand years and did not understand the current rules of divine punishment?

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