e be released? How could he still take the jade away?

He definitely could not let Lu Xiaoran obtain the jade, let alone break it.

“1.2 million spirit stones! I’ll pay 1.2 million spirit stones!”

Ji Wuxia was petrified.

Princess Ruyang was dumbfounded.

Everyone else’s brains turned into mush.

He raised the price again.

reached 1.2 million.

Was this Lin Fei crazy?

Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh.

“I only have 1.1 million spirit stones.
My disciple, I won’t be able to make you proud today.
Don’t blame me.”

Ji Wuxia’s beautiful face could not help but twitch fiercely.

Was the Master doing this on purpose?

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Although she did not know why Lin Fei increased the price, it was definitely caused by her master.

Her master had always kept Lin Fei in check.
He was certain that Lin Fei would definitely increase the price.

At this moment, Ji Wuxia’s respect for Lu Xiaoran increased by another level.

Her master could even predict the future!

Where was her master’s limit?

Just how powerful was he?

She had to record it in her small notebook when she returned.

Her master was simply too awesome!

Upstairs, Ruyang looked at Lin Fei beside him in shock.
She was at a loss.

“Brother Lin Fei, what are you doing?”

Lin Fei gritted his teeth and said, “Ruyang, I can’t tell you yet, but believe me.
This jade is not simple.
I have to obtain it.
One day, when I become completely powerful, I will definitely give you countless spirit stones!”

Hearing this, endless infatuation surged in Ruyang’s eyes.

“Alright, Brother Lin Fei, I believe you.”

In the end, with Ruyang’s help, Lin Fei obtained the jade and left the auction.
He did not continue to participate in the rest of the auction.

With the main character gone, Lu Xiaoran naturally did not have the desire to stay any longer.

He still had to return and find a way to refine the Martial Monarch Realm marrow.

“Wuxia, we’ll retreat too.”


After the master and disciple left, the auction began to auction Lu Xiaoran’s high-grade Heaven Realm sword.

At that instant, the entire auction went crazy again.

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On Lin Fei’s side, after returning to Ruyang’s princess residence, he immediately entered his secret cultivation room.

In the next moment, he immediately took out the jade and tried to extract the Martial Monarch Realm marrow.

After setting up an array formation, Lin Fei undid the seal on the jade.
However, just as he was about to take out the Martial Monarch Realm marrow, he discovered that the jade was empty!

Lin Fei: “???!”

His head was instantly filled with question marks.

What was going on?

Where was the Martial Monarch Realm marrow?

Where was his Martial Monarch Realm marrow?

After being dumbfounded for a while, he immediately summoned his master.

A white-robed beauty slowly appeared with an extremely displeased expression.

“Fei’er, didn’t I say that if there’s nothing important, don’t casually summon me? Why did you summon me again?”

Lin Fei hurriedly said, “Master, I’m in big trouble.
There’s no Martial Monarch Realm marrow in this jade.”

“How is this possible? This jade contains the best bone marrow in Burning Heaven Emperor’s body.
He took it out from his body in order to resurrect himself one day.
How is that possible?”

“Could it be because of that master of Ji Wuxia’s? He tricked me badly today and kept bidding.
It must be him! He’s the one who’s behind this.”

The white-robed Liying shook her head.

“You’re thinking too much.
He doesn’t have the ability to break the formation set up by the Burning Heaven Emperor on the jade.
I was only able to teach you that formation by luck.
Otherwise, you also wouldn’t have been able to break this formation.”

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