Chapter 118 There Is No Limit to Scamming

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After thinking for a while, Lin Fei could not figure out what was going on with Lu Xiaoran.

However, he was determined to obtain this ancient jade.

Therefore, after exhaling, Lin Fei continued, “20,000 high-grade spirit stones.”

Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran continued, “50,000 high-grade spirit stones.”

“Hiss! Is he crazy?”

“He actually bid 50,000 high-grade spirit stones for such a lousy thing.”

Ji Wuxia was also somewhat shocked and hurriedly advised, “Master, that’s only a lousy jade.
There’s no need for us to spend so much money, right?”

Lu Xiaoran smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’m just playing.
In the end, someone will pay for it.”

Ji Wuxia frowned and was somewhat puzzled.
However, her master definitely had his reasons for doing things, so she did not continue to ask.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran was indeed very confident.

He had already extracted the Martial Monarch Realm marrow from the jade.
The jade was indeed a trashy rock.

However, Lin Fei did not know that.
He thought that the Martial Monarch Realm marrow was still inside the jade.

That was the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow!

As long as Lin Fei was not stupid, he would definitely not be willing to give up.

In fact, even if there were ten million spirit stones, he would still have to continue bidding In any case, he would definitely kill Lin Fei in the end.
He would just mess with him first.
After all, they were in public.
It was not like the other party could do anything to him.

Who asked that Ruyang to deliberately bully Ji Wuxia when he first entered?

How could Lu Xiaoran allow his disciple to be bullied by a stupid pig?

On the second floor, Lin Fei’s face was already dark.

However, he had no choice but to follow.

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“60,000 high-grade spirit stones.”

Lu Xiaoran directly raised his hand.

“200,000 high-grade spirit stones.”

“What? He’s crazy!”

“Spending 200,000 high-grade spirit stones to buy such a trashy thing?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.
The people in the auction were also dumbfounded.
They had estimated that this jade would at most be worth a few thousand high-grade spirit stones.
They did not expect it to be sold for 200,000 in the blink of an eye.

Wasn’t this too crazy?

In the First Heaven Private Room on the second floor, Lin Fei slapped his chair and said coldly, “Aren’t you being a little too much?”

Lu Xiaoran did not even turn around and just smiled indifferently.

“Don’t you think that you’re being ridiculous? We’re all here to buy things.
This thing doesn’t belong to your family.
Why can’t I buy it?”

“Moreover, you used to be engaged to my disciple.
Although the engagement has been canceled, the two of you are still of the same generation.
I can also be considered your elder.
You don’t even know how to call me uncle when you see me.
Is this the standard of a grand prince consort?”

Everyone was dumbfounded, but they already knew in their hearts.

Lu Xiaoran was helping Ji Wuxia vent her anger.

Previously, when they entered, Princess Ruyang had deliberately been arrogant in front of Ji Wuxia.
Now, Lu Xiaoran was using this opportunity to fight with Lin Fei.


Ji Wuxia’s eyes were somewhat red.

Lu Xiaoran pinched her face.

“What are you crying for? I’m the only one who can bully my disciple.
No one else can.”

Ji Wuxia nodded heavily and lowered her head to wipe her tears.
When she raised her head again, her face was already filled with confidence.

With her master around, what else did she have to be afraid of?

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Princess Ruyang’s expression was also not good, but she still grabbed Lin Fei’s arm and consoled,

“Brother Lin Fei, we definitely can’t lose to him.”

Lin Fei patted Princess Ruyang’s hand.

“Ruyang, thank you.
You’re always so good to


Princess Ruyang’s face was slightly red as she lowered her head slightly and said shyly,

“Brother Lin Fei, why thank me? You’re my man.
Of course I won’t let you embarrass yourself in public.”

After a pause, her eyes became firm.

“Not everyone can bully my man.”

Others could not hear these words, but Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was extremely powerful, so he naturally heard it.


Hearing this, he was about to vomit.

Indeed, the women of the hot shots were all idiots.

This Princess Ruyang was simply a bootlicker.

Fortunately, she was only a princess.
If she were the empress of the Great Zhou Empire, she would have given the entire Great Zhou Empire to Lin Fei at this moment and even given birth to his children to massage his back and legs.

Most importantly, she would even help build his harem and fill it with women of all kinds.

As a woman, it would be extremely disgusting for her to do something like this.

Lu Xiaoran had always thought that love and kinship were the foundation of a relationship.

Men and women should also strive to go from love to kinship.

And to do so, they needed mutual respect.

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However, these hot shots were basically like phone chargers, sticking it wherever they went.
It really made him want to vomit.

“210,000 high-grade spirit stones.”

At this moment, Princess Ruyang had already shouted for Lin Fei.

Lu Xiaoran smiled in disdain.

“Only adding another ten thousand high-grade spirit stones? This is not fun at all.
One million spirit stones!”

“What? A million spirit stones!”

“Heavens, who is this guy? In order to save face for his disciple, he actually threw away a million high-grade spirit stones.
Even if you have money, you shouldn’t waste it like this!”

Ji Wuxia was also shocked.
Even though she knew that her master might have some backup plan, she was still surprised.
However, she did not dare to not persuade him.

“Master, what are you doing?”.

Lu Xiaoran smiled evilly.

“Don’t worry, I guarantee that someone will pay for it.”

“But what if you miscalculate?”

“What can we do? The bid has already been called.
Just wait and see.”

Princess Ruyang was also dumbfounded.
She did not expect Lu Xiaoran to actually ask for a million spirit stones.

This was too much of a show-off.
Even one million spirit stones was a lot for her.

She looked at Lin Fei and realized that Lin Fei’s expression was also extremely ugly.

“Brother Lin Fei, why don’t we forget about it? At this price, it’s not worth it even if it’s for face.”

Lin Fei stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran below, and a chill flashed in his eyes.

Of course, he could not give up just like that.

It had to be known that the Martial Monarch Realm marrow of a Martial Monarch Realm expert was hidden in the jade!

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If he could obtain that Martial Monarch Realm marrow, his cultivation would increase to an unimaginable level!

Moreover, it would also be quite good for his body.

In the future, he would be able to walk further on the path of martial arts.

“Ruyang, bid again.”

“Ah? But…”

“There’s no buts.
Bid again and I’ll definitely repay you in the future.”

“Then… fine.”

Since his sweetheart had already said so, Ruyang could only grit her teeth and say,

“One million and ten thousand high-grade spirit stones.”

Ji Wuxia was completely dumbfounded.

Did Ruyang really follow?

Her master had already bid a million high-grade spirit stones, but she still followed?

Was she crazy?

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