chnique of the entire continent, a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique could be said to be as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

Every Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique could cause a storm of blood on the entire continent.

In her entire life, she had never hoped that she would be able to obtain a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
At most, she would dare to think about the mid-grade Saint Realm cultivation technique that had been passed down from generation to generation in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

However, Lu Xiaoran had actually given her a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.
This simply shattered her world view, making her not even dare to think about it.

Lu Xiaoran stood at the side and peeked at his disciple’s expression, feeling especially happy.

He felt smug now that he had proven that her suspicions were wrong.

However, before Ji Wuxia had the chance to thank her, an intense explosion suddenly sounded from outside.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Hearing this voice, Lu Xiaoran frowned and instantly disappeared from his spot.
When he reappeared, he was already outside.

At this moment, Granny Li attacked like lightning.
Her aura was like lightning, and she was like a furious yaksha as she rushed towards Yun Lige.

She was a Creation Realm expert, and Yun Lige was only a perfected tenth-level Master Realm expert.

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The difference in strength between the two sides was too great.
She could kill Yun Lige with a single move.

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and instantly arrived between the two of them.

How could he let her kill Yun Lige? This was his precious disciple.

Lu Xiaoran shouted as he circulated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture.
His aura instantly arrived.

Granny Li, who was originally weaker than Lu Xiaoran, was directly pressed to the ground by the invincible aura the moment Lu Xiaoran made a move.

Granny Li spat out a mouthful of blood and knelt on the ground, but her eyes were still scarlet.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you two! You perverts!”

“Perverts? What perverts?”

Lu Xiaoran was puzzled and looked at Yun Lige.

Yun Lige said aggrievedly, “Master, didn’t you ask me to do something to her? I prepared for a long time and even vomited all the food I ate last night before making up my mind to make a move.
Unexpectedly, she woke up just as I undid her first button.”

“I told you to keep an eye on her.
I didn’t ask you to do anything to her.”

Yun Lige first had an innocent expression, but then his face turned red.

He had actually misinterpreted his master’s meaning.
Damn! He had lost a lot of face this time.

The extremely furious Granny Li’s killing intent had already spread to the limit.

She actually began to forcefully burn her cultivation to resist Lu Xiaoran’s fist intent.

“You perverts! Even if I have to die, I will kill you!”

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However, at this moment, Ji Wuxia’s voice suddenly sounded.

Granny Li’s body trembled as she turned to look at Ji Wuxia with an anxious expression.

“Princess, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.
This matter is a misunderstanding.
Now, I’m already Master Lu’s disciple.”

Granny Li’s pupils constricted as she looked at Ji Wuxia in disbelief.

“Princess, are you joking with me?”

Ji Wuxia shook her head and said solemnly, “I’m not joking.
From today onwards, I’ll be Master Lu’s disciple until the sea withers and the rocks rot.”

Granny Li was completely in a daze.
Lu Xiaoran retracted the power of the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture while Granny Li sat on the ground.

Ji Wuxia looked at Lu Xiaoran.

“Sorry, this is a secret regarding my master.
I can’t reveal it casually.”

“Princess, have you gone crazy?”

“I’m not crazy.
Granny Li, you’ve always taken care of me.
Please believe me.
And believe in my choice.”

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