did not have the experience of Martial Uncle Li Daoran nor the mentality of Lu Xiaoran.

Therefore, when they encountered such a scene, he was unable to handle it naturally like Lu Xiaoran or Li Daoran.

Yun Lige hesitated for a long time at the far end of the street.
Only then did he take a deep breath and make up his mind to enter the Acacia Faction.

As soon as he entered, two fairies on his left and right approached him.
One of them held Yun Lige’s arm.

At this moment, Yun Lige recalled the cotton plants in the countryside in Jiang City when he was young

During the autumn harvest, he always liked to go to the countryside and roll in the cotton.

After absorbing enough sunlight, the cotton was fluffy and soft.
It also had a sweet smell.
Lying on it, it was so warm that it made him drunk.
He could not get up and kept wanting to leave something behind.

“Young Master, is this your first time coming to our Acacia Faction? I’ve never seen you before.”

The two fairies were very experienced.
With a single look, they knew that this was Yun Lige’s first time here.

They liked inexperienced little boys the most.

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It was sweet and sour, filled with youthfulness.

It was just like how cotton and sunlight were always attracted to each other and the warmth of sunlight would eventually be hidden inside the cotton…

Although Yun Lige tried his best to not blush, he still could not hide the redness in his ears.

However, he still had a trace of rationality.
Therefore, he quickly said seriously,”I came here to investigate something.”

“What would you like to investigate, Young Master?”

“I want to check for information on a person called Lin Fei.”

“Prince Consort Lin?”

The fairy was somewhat surprised.
After all, Lin Fei’s name was actually quite famous in the Imperial City.

He had risen step by step from a small place and finally defeated the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
He had avenged his humiliation and obtained the favor of Princess Ruyang.
He could be said to be a perfect example of success.

Yun Lige nodded.

“What? Is it not possible?”

The two fairies pursed their lips and smiled.

“Hmph! Do you really think that there are still things our Acacia Faction can’t find in this Great Zhou? How is that possible? However, the price of information on Prince Consort Lin is probably not cheap.”

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“Money is not a problem.”

Yun Lige handed the token in his hand to the other party.

“I’m a VIP customer of your Acacia Faction.
There are a lot of spirit stones in my card, feel free to deduct them.”

“Alright, no problem.
I’ll prepare it for you right now.”

One of the fairies took the token and left.
The other fairy still clung to Yun Lige and smiled.

“Young Master, it might take a while for us to check the information.
After they investigate, they still have to organize the information from all over the world.
Do you want to use this time to test the services of our Acacia Faction? The services of our Acacia Faction are very perfect and very humane.
There are all kinds of prices.
There are the grades of 398, 698, 998, and 1888.
Low-grade spirit stones, of course.”

Yun Lige could not help but frown slightly.
Although he had never been here before, he had occasionally heard of the Acacia Faction.
This price did not seem right.

“Isn’t your price a little high? Are you trying to cheat us?”

The fairy pursed her lips and smiled.

“Young Master, you sure know how to joke.
Our Acacia Faction is the most righteous service sect in the Great Zhou.
The price is absolutely fair and honest.
In the past, you visited the branches of the Acacia Faction in ordinary places.
The prices are all priced according to the local level.
This is the Great Zhou Imperial City.
In a prime location, the cost is naturally higher.”

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