Chapter 99 Scared

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“Unparalleled in the world?”

Ji Wuxin’s tone was somewhat displeased.

“Wuxia, although you might not like what I’m saying, as your brother, I still have to say that your master is ultimately a wilderness wanderer.
Perhaps his cultivation is indeed not bad, but… in the Imperial City, he might not be presentable.”

It’s fine for you to say it at home.
If you go out and also brag like this, I’m afraid others will laugh at my Purple Peace Imperial Palace’s princess for being ignorant.”

Ji Wuxia’s brows raised slightly.

A teacher for a day, a father for life.

The dignity of a master was very important in the continent.
Even if the other party was her half-brother, he was not supposed to casually humiliate her master.

With her current cultivation at the third level of the Soul Refinement Realm, beating Ji Wuxin would definitely not be a problem.

However, if that happened, she would expose his cultivation and probably cause a huge commotion.
His master would definitely not be happy.

At this moment, Ji Wuxia’s gaze landed on her master’s array formation.

The next moment, the corner of her mouth curled up as she thought of something.

If she relied on the array formations to show his master’s strength, his master’s cultivation would not be exposed.
This was because array masters did not rely on their cultivation.
Spirit Realm array masters could also create very powerful array formations.

“Since… Brother Wuxin doesn’t fancy my master’s array formation, why don’t… Brother Wuxin give it a try?”

Ji Wuxin glanced at her again.

“You sure know how to provoke me.”

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“I do, but… Brother Wuxin, do you dare to

accept it?”

Ji Wuxin chuckled.

“If it were an ordinary person, I wouldn’t be bothered.
However, since you want to see it, I’ll show you the difference between me and your master .
After all, I am someone who was nurtured by the Imperial Palace.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he slowly stepped into Lu Xiaoran’s array.
Ji Wuxia immediately threw in a spirit stone and communicated with the other spirit stones that had long been set up in the array core to completely activate the array formation.

In an instant, a palpitating white light suddenly enveloped Ji Wuxin.

Ji Wuxin was just about to let out a disdainful snort when in the next second, countless spirit energy crazily gathered above his head like a tide.
Without giving him a chance to react, it directly pressed down on his head in an invincible manner.



Ji Wuxin did not even have the time to react before he was struck heavily and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Damn it!”

At that instant, the hair on his body stood on end.

At this moment, Ji Wuxin finally understood how stupid his carelessness just now was.

At this moment, he did not dare to be careless at all.
He immediately circulated the strength in his entire body to resist the power of the array.

Unfortunately, he was wrong again.

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The strength of this array formation had already surpassed his imagination.
That attack just now was actually only a small test.
After he used his spirit energy, the pressure in the array formation also increased at the same time.

Therefore, before he could catch his breath, several lights lit up in the array formation at the same time.
Immediately after, attack after attack landed mercilessly on his body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, Ji Wuxia’s courtyard was filled with explosions.
At the same time, Ji Wuxin’s screams sounded.
“Wuxia, quickly disable this array formation.”

Ji Wuxia shook her head.

“Now, do you know how powerful my master is?”

As she spoke, she reached out and prepared to take the spirit stones from the array formation.


In the next second, she discovered that she was isolated by the array formation.

Ji Wuxia’s expression changed.


She had already thought of something.
Her master had probably set up a chain array formation.
After the attack array formation was activated, it would continue to activate the defensive array formation to protect the array formation from being attacked.

Therefore, currently, she was simply unable to destroy this array formation.
Unless the spirit stones in the array formation were all exhausted.

However, if the spirit stones were all exhausted, Ji Wuxin would probably be blasted into dust too.

The explosions became more and more intense.
Ji Wuxin endured the attack of the array formation and roared,

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“Ji Wuxia, what the hell are you doing? Quickly remove this array formation!”

Ji Wuxia gritted her teeth and said, “The array formation can’t be removed.
My master has set up chain array formations.
Other than the attack array formation, there are also defensive array formations.
No one outside can enter at all.
How can we undo the array formation?”

Ji Wuxin’s heart turned cold.
Could it be that the grand prince of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace was about to die in this array formation of a wild cultivator?

If that was the case, how aggrieved would he be?

A feeling of collapse pressed down on her heart.
Ji Wuxin gritted his teeth and risked his life.
He could only forcefully break through the array formation.

If he could not break through, he would definitely die!

“Blood Essence Division!”

Knowing that the array formation was powerful, he did not dare to delay and directly used a blood igniting secret technique.

Although it would cost him some blood essence, it was still much better than dying!

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran had only used 20 to 30% of his array formation strength this time.
Moreover, he had set up an ordinary Heaven Realm array and was not powerful.

Therefore, Ji Wuxin, who was originally at the Mountain Sea Realm, used a secret technique and paid a heavy price to finally escape from the array formation.


Ji Wuxin fell fiercely to the ground outside the array formation and gasped heavily.
More than half of his clothes had been blown off.
His entire body was covered in blood and his face was covered in dust.
He looked extremely miserable.

However, a moment later, he forced a smile.

“Finally, I escaped.”

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As soon as he finished speaking, an extremely dignified figure appeared in his eyes.

This stunned him.
He immediately got up and knelt to the other party.

“Father, I’m useless.
Please forgive me.”

“Trash, you’ve embarrassed my Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other party directly threw a palm and landed on Ji Wuxin, sending him flying on the spot.

“Father, spare me.
I’m useless and I know my mistake now, but if you continue to hit me, I really won’t be able to hold on.”

In the distance, Ji Wuxia’s face darkened as she looked at Ji Wuxin beat himself up in an empty space.
He even kept yelling out the word ‘father’.

His master… had even set up an illusion formation.

Ji Wuxin thought that he had escaped from his master’s array formation.
In fact, the entire courtyard was covered in array formations.
If one array formation was activated, all the other array formations would be activated.
Even after escaping one of them, there would still be countless people waiting for him until he died.

At this moment, as Ji Wuxia looked at her second brother’s aura, which was already extremely weak and could faint at any moment, Ji Wuxia did not dare to waste any more time.
Moreover, Ji Wuxin was still beating himself up.

He had to quickly call his father and get the experts in the residence to save him.
Otherwise, his second brother might really end up killing himself.

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