Hunting Down the Last Elf

Yearning For A Complete Family

Two hours had passed, but Alice was still cursing at the two guys who bumped into her heading toward the last delivery location. Thankfully the delivery packages she took were delicacies that she didn have to worry about melting down due to the hot temperature.

”One more to deliver and… thats all~ ” she muttered, getting onto the scooter but not before reassuring the package was not ruined and packed safely. She closed the reddish brown box that had a cute little logo of their cafe sealed and a thank you card stuck to it.

In a few minutes, she was nearby the given address. Turning the bike to her left, she parked it in front of a white little gate wooden gate attached to the white fences that seemed to continue all around the cute little house. She parked the bike aside and lifted the seat to take out the box into her hand.

Entering through the little gate she walked straightly toward the two-story pale green house by a Stoney slab path surrounded by beds of various flowers. She could not help but admire it with astonishment as she took in a deep breath, inhaling the heavenly smell spread by the little home garden.

Stepping over the three wooden staircases, she hit the calling bell twice. A Cuckoo sound notified her presence to the people residing in the humble house as she waited for someone to open the door.

As she waited, she observed the beautiful surrounding. She felt homely. That was how it felt to her whenever she was surrounded by nature.

”Why haven I ever been here? ” she muttered ogling the beauty.

Her eyes caught sight of the next-door house. A long swing cradled under a shady tree situated in the neighbors house. The house looked way more different than any other house that reached her eyes in the neighborhood. It was pretty contrast to the house she was standing right in front of.

Speak of the house, why hasn anyone opened the door yet? she thought and sat on a single knitted chair which stood nearby the door. She gazed at the next-door house once again but, not soon, her excited little face scrunched, settling with a deep frown on her forehead. Wha-

Suddenly she heard the door open, and an old couple walk out hand-in-hand, startling her. She stood up in reflex.

They gave a questioning gaze at her. Alice bowed her head in respect, ”Good Morning, Mr…Smith and Mrs. Smith? ” she glanced at the name on the package and then at the old couple, who nodded at her with an agreement.

”Yes? ” came the rough voice of the old man.

”Pardon my disturbance, sir, but Im from Peaches & Cream Cafe. Ive got your food deliveries. If you would not mind could you please see through it? ”

”Sure, dear, ” the grandmother replied softly and invited her into their house. Alice hesitated but entered the house with a racing heart as she took in the surrounding.

”You have a lovely house, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, ” she complimented with a smile as they led her into the living room.

The couple smiled at her, ”Why, thank you, young lady, ” said the old woman, ”Please, ” she gestured for her to leave the things on the coffee table. Alice placed the food packages carefully on the table and took out the list they had ordered.

While going through the list, she assured them the things she had bought, ”Four french toast bagels, two croissant ordinaries, and a small pack of five french Macarons are the things right? ”

”Well… It does seem so… ” said the grandfather. Alice handed him the notebook and showed him where to sign while they conversed casually. The grandfather rated their cafe services with five stars and a pretty lengthy review. A perfect one at that. Alice was more than happy.

The grandmother showed off her toward the door as they kept conversing actively. Alice could not hold back from questioning the thing that was bothering her mind.

”If you would not mind grandma, ” she addressed just the way the old women insisted her to and continued getting a go ahead sign from her, ”Do you by any chance know whom the vehicle belongs to? ”

Mrs. Smith followed her index finger with a smile that didn falter her not-so-wrinkled face. She was human beauty at a very age. Alice wondered how angelic might have the grandmother been at her young age.

”Oh, you mean that little Vespa over there? ” she questioned with a little frown. Alice nodded her head vigorously, giving an Exactly look.

”Ahh… must belong to one of those boys living in there but Ive never seen one of them here before… ” said the grandmother waving her hands in the air as she slid the little strands that slipped off her salt and pepper hair braided to her side beautifully, resting down her breast.

Alice gave an understanding expression with an Oh as a response.

”Do you know any of those boys living in there? ” she heard the grandmother question suddenly.

”Oh, no! ” Alice responded immediately as she heard her, ” The bike just happen to be similar to one of my friends… Haha.. ” she laughed awkwardly.

”Why thats bad… You must see how much of a handsome lad they are, ” she said in a low voice as if little more and theyd here. Alices cheeks turned crimson with widening eyes as soon as she heard her, ”Nothing to feel shy, dear. I was once like you, and I clearly know how that feeling is, ” she chuckled as she said it teasingly.

”Oh, my… haha… ” laughed Alice uneasily, finding the talk a bit embarrassing, ”Well… I guess it is time for me to leave, ” she said glancing down at her old wristwatch, ”Thank you so much for ordering from our cafe. Look forward for a better discount next month. Its the cafes anniversary. Please do visit our cafe, ” said Alice as she held Mrs. Smiths wrinkled hand both of her hand, rubbing it with love.

”Now that youve invited, expect us often. I had a great time with you. Do visit our humble if you were to visit our neighbor, dear, ” said Mrs. Smith as she waved Alice goodbye with a happy smile. She even insisted Alice stay for tea, but Alice declined the old woman politely. She felt so happy meeting the old couple. The yearning for a whole family increased in her spending time with the lovely old couple.

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