Its dangerous living a human life. They had to always be on their guard. No wonder when theyd have to encounter one of them, daylight or nighttime. But by now, the cafe workers were used to it, or that was what they thought. Usually, vampires were the main customers who visit the cafe due to where it has been located. Right at the border of their human territory. So it wasn something to be surprised about.

Over the few years, they have run the cafe but strangely haven encountered anything nearly to bloodshed. The customers were quite friendly. They minded their own business. They seemed so decent and loyal, visiting their cafe regularly. Alice and Gloria were more than glad about it. But there was no saying theyd never witness something opposite to that. Anything might conspire in a crazy world like this. They just had to be alert.

”Im glad that the neighboring town has quite the polite people living in there, or who knows, we might be dead by now, taking in the number of vampires and werewolves visiting our cafe, don you think? ” stated Gloria, a tired sigh left her lips as she gazed at the customers through the glass wall that stood in front. One-fourth of Alices cabin wall was of glass, just so she could monitor even from her cabin.

Alice hummed, going through their cafe website.

”Melissa! ” she called out, spotting the curly dark-haired girl pass by her cabin, startling Gloria. The girl gingerly entered the cabin through the glass door with the little coffee tray hugging dearly to her chest.

”Yes, Miss? ”

Alice gazed out and then at the young lass who was not two or three years younger than her, ”Did the delivery boys return? ”

”Not yet, miss! ”

”Make sure you let us know, once they do. There are lotta deliveries to be settled before the twilight. ” The girl nodded her head and rushed out of the cabin.

Back then, both the girls and boys did the deliveries, but one evening three girls came into her cabin hesitantly. Confusedly both the bosses insisted on knowing what had happened only to see them break down into tears. They were harassed by the customers who ordered home delivery. Once the four male staff got to know about the incident, they demanded Alice and Gloria to not let the girls do the delivery. They willingly accepted to do it on behalf of the female workers. Alice and Gloria were more than happy to see them so protective and responsible. They immediately accepted the idea. After all, they didn want something like that to be faced by anyone else.

”Jeez!! Don you startle me that way, ” Gloria glared at Alice. In return, she poked her friends cheeks as she chuckled in amusement.

”I gotta go, love, ” Alice stood up gathering some of the papers and placing them safely into her little side bag.

”Where to? ” questioned Gloria quizically.

”Have you forgotten already? We are supposed to give a September offer for our cafes anniversary. Gotta print out some posters. Ive completed designing them. ”

”Oh shoot! ” exclaimed Gloria, hands on her forehead. Alice shook her head expecting something like this beforehand so she left her cabin. Gloria tailed her like a puppy with a pout on her lips as she felt bad forgetting something like this.

”Alright. Alright. Wanna join me, Ria? ” questioned Alicia, but Gloria shook her head with a big no.

”Whose gonna look after the cafe, dumbo? ”

”Right! By the way, I gotta borrow your scooter, ” she said, giving a sheepish look.

”Under his nose again? ”

”Can help it, ” Alice said, shrugging her shoulders with an ear-to-ear grin. Little chuckles escaped their lips. Gloria disappeared into her cabin which was right next to Alices, and back in a few seconds with the key and its chain twirling around her long slender fingers. She handed it to Alice and disappeared into her cabin once again.

Alice took her helmet along with some of the delivery packages and got onto the yellow bike. Time passed by, and she happened to spend more time than she had expected at the printing shop. The guy who was at the shop was being too cheesy which had her annoyed, but she had no choice but to tolerate him as long as she got to get her work done perfectly.

Pulling out the door of the shop, she was about to step out, putting the extra copy of the poster into her bag but clashed with someone and she was pushed back hitting her butt on the hard floor.

”You insolent brat! Watch where you
e going, ” she spat, glancing back at the guy who dashed out. Not once did he look back at him. The only thing she got to register about the guy was his black gothic spike shoe leaving her elbow scratched and her butt in pain. She glanced down at her elbow and was about to get up but was pushed by another person.

”Uhh… Whats with you guys, pushing me down!! ” She screamed. The guy who hit her secondly slowed down and glanced down at her with his black twilight eyes for a brief moment. She thought he was about to mouth at least a sorry but to her bad, he looked away and ran.

Alice grunted furiously. The printer guy who happened to witness the incident came running out of his shop and tried to help her. She glared at the printer shop guy, gritting her teeth only to swat her hands away. Ignoring the man who was trying to help her or more like being too cheesy just to hit her, she took her belongings and left the man confused.

”What!!! I just tried to help you… ” he shouted like a maniac raising his hands as he walked into his shop gazing at Alice, ”Can beautiful girls be blessed with heart and attitude? ” he muttered as he continued where he had left in his work earlier.

Alice got onto the bike, cursing at anyone and everyone she spotted. She really had a bad temper, ”Uff… theres these deliveries to be settled… Just what more, dear lord? ” she questioned seriously. As if it was not enough, a crow flew right above her as it caw. It was more like the very bird mocked her situation.


Please be patient… The updates might be a bit slow but till then you can take a peek into the other book of mine #My Tempting Book Lover And I ( A Fantasy Romance Novel )

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