The temperature dropped as night steadily fell during the night cycle. The sky was covered by dark clouds, and the wind blowing brought a chilled chill to their air.

Princess Utte paced back and forth angrily as Kase, Walker, Kyler and Gaven watched her silently.

”I brought your favorite tea and cakes! ” A maid said happily.

She set down a tray filled with steaming cups of hot tea. Uttes lips twisted in annoyance as she turned around.

”You didn have to come get me, Liana, ” she snapped as she snatched one of the cakes from the tray before it could be sat down.

The maid laughed nervously and bowed, backing away quickly and making for the exit. As the door shut softly behind her, Utte took another sip of her beverage. Her eyebrows furrowed as she felt something cold drip down the side of her cheek.

Kyler was anxious about observing Utte from the distance as Walker glared at Gaven. They stood there quietly with Utte pacing back and forth, ready to spring into action should anything go wrong. Her brows furrowed as she stared at the door waiting impatiently as if someone was to arrive so that she could kick them out. It was too quiet.

The princess seemed distracted but not distressed by the strangers presence. It unnerved Kase.

Kase cleared his throat loudly causing Utte to jump violently. Looking toward the door, she sighed.

”Mr. Kyler, do you have a plan? ” Kase asked.

”That is why we want to hire you because we do not have enough manpower even with all the soldiers in assistance and Gaven would attack or take our men as pressure mounts daily, ” Kyler explained.

Kase was quiet for a moment contemplating his reply when suddenly he heard a voice yell from outside.

”Princess Utte! They are here! ”

Soldiers gathered to watch as an entourage consisting of two hundred guards while men crawl from under the sands below them as they held tight to their shovels.

When they finally reached the top, Utte immediately jumped up and descended the stairs as fast as she could. Her hair flew wildly and her dress billowed out dramatically as she did so.

When she finally made it, she wrapped her arms around a man dressed dirty green overalls and large pair of goggle hung around his neck. He chuckled slightly and returned her hug.

”Miles, I am glad you could help this time! ” She smiled.

The sounds of war drums were loud and clear, echoing off the walls of the desert fortress. The noise was deafening and almost drowned out the sound of the guards shovels digging through the sand. Utte looked up at Miles with excitement, eyes twinkling.

”How did you manage to get everything so organized? ” She asked eagerly.

”Half the day was planning everything. We had a team of people work on it for hours straight. They are quite good at what they do. ”

He gestured to the rest of the crew and began explaining what they were doing as they continued to dig and plant explosives along a path that had been laid out for them.

As Miles talked about his team and how many workers he had employed, Uttes attention shifted to the group who stood behind him. She couldn keep herself from staring and gawking at how annoyed Walker was getting by the way they just kept chatting away like nothing was happening.

In the distance the groans,screeching from could be heard coming closer and closer to the site.

”We must hurry or else theyll be upon us soon enough, ” Utte said.

A hand grabbed her arm and yanked her away from the crowd and towards the entrance of the tunnels. In moments they had escaped inside and closed the entrance behind them.

”Hey, wait where are you taking her? ” Kase questioned.

Miles said nothing as fireballs flailed around in the sand and exploded against the ground nearby. The sound of battle continued to echo around them as they ran further down the tunnel and past a pile of sand and small rocks that formed a staircase.

”We don have time for this! Walker, get ready! ” Kase shouted.

[ Gunslinger activated]

”Understood! ” Walker yelled.

”Arm up! ” Kase yelled.

[Bionic arm activated]

[Fallen Angel System activated – Walker]

Walkers gun large wings bolted upright on his pistols, a bullet ready at the end of the barrel. He smirked as he pulled back his arm, aiming for the head of a monster in a swift motion. His finger tightened around the trigger ready to fire.

[Fallen Angel System activated – Kase]

Kases arm burned bright orange through his bionic arm. The pain was almost unbearable, and it caused a burning sensation deep in his veins, causing him to grit his teeth from the sting.

The metal rotated as wings swirled creating waves of heat around him. His skin crawled at the sudden temperature change. His breathing became rapid and shallow as he struggled to control himself.

Gaven watched as Walker shot at incoming goblins with ease. His own weapons were equipped with special bullets that could cause intense damage to creatures much larger than himself. Even then he was having trouble keeping up as the fight progressed. He had no clue how Walker managed to keep up his form despite the immense amount of pressure placed on his body.

The commander held his hand out for a large halberd to appear in his hand. He swung it forward and used all the strength in his body to send it slicing toward his enemy at incredible speed. His target barely reacted and the blade cut its head clean off.

[Knight of Gaia activated]

”You never had that ability before, ” Gaven whispered.

Kase taking around the view of monsters coming over the hill he couldn see properly in the dark. His heart thundered in his chest, his breath coming faster as his blood pumped rapidly in his veins.

”Fallen! Identify who is ahead please! ” Kase asked.

[Understood, Master Kase]

Goblins pale white blindingly hot bodies moved in a swarm cackling wildly as their feet stomped heavily into the grounds making a loud rumbling noise as they neared their targets.

[Desert variety goblins – Blanco Goblin]

Kase watched the monsters advance as his his eyes narrowed as he prepared another projectile in his hands as Gaven readied his next attack.

Large squirming worms wriggled high above smashing back into the sands causing the earth below them to quake from the impact.

[Diver Worms- desert variety]

Tall shadowy figures walked behind groaning loudly as they raised long curved swords and slammed them hard onto the sand causing cracks to form.Kase aimed his projectile at one of the closest ones as Gaven prepared another strike.

[Stick Walkers – no information]

Clang, clank, clank

Kase fired once again, and the figure fell dead leaving only a single glowing spot behind it. The other creatures came into view and charged in unison as the light faded revealing hundreds of monsters standing tall over them all.

Glowing eyes in the distance catch Kases attention on the human figure standing away from the center of the horde.

The snow haired man froze in place as the creature lifted its sword pointing it directly at him his mouth opened but no sound came out as he stared into those red irises. He knew if he tried to run, the monsters would surely follow him and he couldn afford to lose his focus on the task at hand.

The man was no longer there, instead replaced by two dozen more demons, each of which wielded fangs, nails, sharpened teeth. Their faces twisted in malicious grins as they marched toward him.

His gaze shifted between the demons and the creature as he desperately searched for any signs of the other being in the area.

”Overload Bullet! ” Walker shouted.

[Exp + 1000]

Kase snapped out of it to turn his attention to Walker as he saw him swing his heavy musket towards an approaching giant Diver Worm. It turned around, swinging its huge slimy body at Walker with lightning speed.

Its body exploded in large bursts of fire as it sliced through the air. As it collided with him and sent him flying backwards through the air crashing against the wall of the canyon staring wide eyed as the pieces tumbled down the cliff face falling until he lost sight of it. His ears rang as he tried to process what happened.

”Are you okay, Kase? ” He asked.

Kase nodded his head as he took a second to assess the situation. He got to his feet shaking his head as he watched the creatures surrounding him.

He couldn even count them anymore. They were everywhere. He didn know what they all wanted, but he knew one thing: He needed to find out who that was.

A loud whistling could be heard as the monster retreated back into the horde. The ground began to shake and quaked violently.

Kase could have sworn he saw a face peek out through one of the gaps in the dirt at him from amidst the chaos. There he saw two pairs of red irises gazing back at him with disdain.

”They usually stay till morning! ” A voice chimed.

Turnin their head they caught sight of Miles holding his weapon in awe as the creature slowly began to retreat back into the mass.

”So where the hell have you been? ” Kase argued.

Getting up to his feet , he shook his shoulders off the dust that stuck to him as he approached the other three.

”Ive just been busy helping the guys here set up everything, ” He shrugged.

”I mean earlier! ” Kase growled.

”I was taking the princess to safety! ” Miles argued.

Kase grabbed tightly to Miles collar angrily pulling him close to his face so they could look at each other eye to eye.

”Bring Princess Utte, we are done here! ” Kase yelled.

”I need to get back to digging! ” Miles shouted.

”The others can go back to work, but you are coming with me! ” Kase noted.

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