Humanity’s Greatest Mercenaries

First Fight at the Barlishmire Citadel

”Welcome gentlemen! Let us begin! ” General Kyler smiled.

Walker and Kash looked at each other before returning their gaze to Kyler. Kyler was dressed quite formally in a red and yellow striped suit and tie.

The top buttons of his shirt were undone exposing part of his chest. On either side of his suit coat hung several medals. There was a small rectangular silver watch strapped onto his wrist.

”This is who you called on to help us? ” Utte said angrily.

”You think we can afford much to pay to someone else of higher stature? Will you give your hand in marriage in return for saving our territory, Princess Utte? ” He argued.

Utte rolled her eyes. ”We came here to retrieve treasure, not a husband! ”

”Treasure, huh? Well then we will help you! ” Walker announced loudly.

He stomped his left foot on the table making a loud thud that shook the entire room. Everyone paused and turned their attention on them.

”Please! Don stand on the table! ” Kyler begged.

Walker was emberassed sitting down in the chair opposite Kyler. He folded his arms in front of his chest and glared across the table at Utte.

”We are magick mercenaries for hire, but what exactly do we get for helping you? ” Kash asked.

Kyler paused. Looking off to the side for a moment as he fiddled with his mustache. He nodded and spoke.

e both young, healthy and fit. ”

”Young?! ” Both Kash and Walker repeated in unison.

”Yes, you seem rather fresh. You would need training and experience to become magicians. However, if you wish to prove yourself you can work for the Generals Army. ”

”What army? ” Walker asked crossing his arms.

”The army of the King. His soldiers, soldiers under his command are all trained to be magick warriors, ” Kyler replied.

”We didn come here to vow to some king! We
e here to make a living! ” Walker shouted.

e just going to take our stuff and leave, thank you very much! ” Kash said.

They got up ready to leave when they heard a loud crash from above. They looked towards the ceiling. In the center of the domes ceiling, a hole big enough for two people was forming and releasing a steady stream of boiling hot water.

”Get down! ” Kyler shouted.

The hot water hit them. They covered their heads from the sudden blast of heat that blasted forth hitting them in the face and drenching them. They tried their hardest to move away from the rising water but they were pinned fast. The water quickly rose up their legs and around their bodies, filling the room with steam.

Princess Utte laughed hard at Walker and Kash as she stood above them, dripping wet with a smile stretching from ear to ear.

”Dumbasses! ”

Kash and Walker attempted to escape the burning water but couldn manage, as the water was just too high. They looked around trying to find anything that they could use to get out of this situation. A large black object floated down past them.

”You see this place is driven by water and flows through here around noon and midnight! ” Utte snickered.

She reached out a slender finger to touch the object. Immediately, the water surrounding it grew colder and sucked up the small floating object. She grinned as she threw the floating object out of the window. It crashed through the wall of the building and into the sand below. She turned back to face her guests who were struggling.

”How will you get back? ” Kyler asked.

Below them, they observed horses and unfamiliar flags held high in the air by dozens of people.

There were thousands of them in total lined up in front of the orb.

”Who the hell are they? ” Walker asked.

A man slicked back his long black hair , looking at them with a calm smile. He appeared to be a middle aged man. Behind him, four tall soldiers dressed in full armor, and behind them, another ten or so men holding flags similar to the ones he had just given the civilians.

”My name is Commander Gaven! I come to barter! My troops, along with these citizens, are here to offer their services to anyone who might wish to join us! ” He proclaimed as he pointed towards the flag hanging proudly from one of the soldiers shoulders.

Princess Utte became angry and stepped towards him swinging her arm out in an arc. The soldiers standing guard rushed forward to shield her. Kyler took hold of her arm, pulling it away from Gaven.

”Ill bet you
e just a pompous, rich bastard trying to take advantage of these people. ”

Gaven raised an eyebrow but didn reply. His smile only grew more intense as he continued staring at her. He took another step closer until they were almost touching in a sense.

”What a useless little princess, ” He smirked.


Princess Utte was foaming at the mouth seething ready to jump off the balcony until she remembered that she had no weapons. She turned to a servant girl dressed in black.

”Taya! Get me something sharp! ”

Taya looked at her questioningly, but went over to the window. He opened the curtains and leaned over the edge, looking for anything that could be used.

”Stop this nonsense! ” Kyler scolded.

”Get the hell out of here! ” Princess Utte argued.

Gaven turned on his horse and headed for the camp. As he rode, he glanced around to see who was present. Most of the soldiers seemed to be there with their families, but he caught sight of three men standing apart from the rest.

Walker ran past the group to jump down activating his weapon on the way down . He landed perfectly in the hot sand.

”I will challenge you ** face! ” Walker said confidently.

Taya came running back after a couple minutes. She dropped the metal object on Uttes shoulder trying to hand her a sword. She looked surprised at first, but grabbed it excitedly.

Gaven glared at Walker who prepared his large guns. Gavens army was already armed with bows and arrows as well.

”So who you are supposed to be? ” Gaven laughed.

”I am an ace gunman, Walker! ” He said proudly.

Walker scowled at him holding tight to guns in his arms as wings lifted on the sides preparing to load ammo. Gaven dismounted his horse and stood face to face with Walker.

”Why don you tell me, traitor. ” Gaven spat.

”Traitor? ” Utte asked.

Kash strolled beside her and Kyler peering down saying nothing watching the confrontation unfold.

”I didn abandon them! I had no choice! ” Walker growled

The two stared intensely at each other, glaring daggers into each others faces. Gaven held tight to his spear with both hands while Walker gripped onto his guns tightly.

”Lets put it this way, ” Gaven said as he raised his spear, ”If I kill you right now, then you
e not even worth my time. ”

He pushed forward with his feet and Walker moved backward to avoid the swing. Walker swung his guns and pulled the triggers at once.

[Overload bullet]

Walker shouted.

[Mortal Cleave]

Gaven yelled.

Gaven dodged the bullets and aimed at Walkers head. Walker pulled his guns trigger and shot a ball of fire, which exploded against Gavens shield, shattering it instantly sending pieces everywhere.

In retaliation, Gaven jumped forward and kicked Walker straight in the face. He stumbled backwards and fell to the floor. Gaven pulled back his leg and charged at him, thrusting his spear toward his chest.

Walker rolled sideways to dodge the attack, pushing himself off the ground and charging at Gaven again. He fired several shots of his guns aiming at Gaven and missing every single attempt.

Gaven blocked his attacks with his spear and sent his spear piercing deep into Walkers thigh causing blood to flow from Walkers wound.

Kash hopped down from where he was perched at the window to morph his robotic arm in front of Gavens chest, catching his spear. Kase threw the spear and it hit the ground behind Gaven.

”I will end you right here commander! ” Kase threatened.

He noticed quickly the silver strands of hair flowing down his arm. With his eyes focused, he looked back at the floor in front of him. His eyes widened in horror.

”You are Kash! The silver warrior? ” Gaven shouted.

”You recognize me? ” Kase questioned annoyed.

”Of course, how could I forget a man like you? You are the legend of Pirn. I am honored. ” Gaven declared bowing slightly.

”I don care who Kase is! I don care who Walker is! I don want this man in my territory! ” Princess Utte shouted.

She swung a sword around dangerously as if she intended to decapitate Gaven. The soldiers rushed towards the princess and surrounded her leaving only two soldiers guarding Gaven. She raised her sword high when Kash caught it before it could fall on Gaven.

”No! ”

”No! ”

”Stop! ”

Kase released the sword as she watched in shock as it shattered into countless pieces. It fell on the ground and he felt it pierce through his foot.

Everyone stopped what they were doing. They looked up at the soldiers who looked terrified to have made a mistake. Gaven lowered his spear and backed away slowly.

”You understand nothing! ” She screamed.

She charged at Gaven who managed to block her strike with his spear. She punched his spear away and slammed her knee into the base of his neck causing him to stumble back.

He bent over grabbing his throat with both hands and coughing up blood. When she finally let go of him, he fell on his knees grasping desperately at his throat.

”Your majesty, please, stop. ” One soldier pleaded as he tried to run between the princess and her target.

”Stay out of this! ” The princess screamed.

Kase watched in amazement as the princesss hair changed color. Her blue hair began becoming lighter turning a bright silver color as it flowed down her shoulders.

”Gaven, will you please join us for some tea inside please? ” Kase asked.

He only nodded as Kase grabbed Princess Uttes arm angrily , pulling her to the side while Gaven staggered backwards towards the building.

”Princess Utte, will you please cooperate with us? ” Kase asked sternly.

Utte didn answer and glared at Kase, clearly displeased at the prospect of being forced to stay with these strange strangers.

”Fine, ”

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