As soon as the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, Bai Sheng came out wiping his wet hair.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, one can overlook the bustling night scene of the entire city.
Bai Sheng’s naked and strong upper body, wide shoulders and narrow waist, smooth muscles, every inch of the line contains a silent oppression.
The exquisite abdominal muscles go down, and the mermaid line is hidden by the bath towel around at the waist.

He stood in front of the window and stretched, then turned to look at the open laptop on the table.
On the display screen was a screenshot of a news report.
The time was around three years ago.

“Directly appointed, the origin of the new chief inspector is a mystery.” Accompanying the heading was a photo.

In front of the building of the International Inspectorate General in Basel, Switzerland,  a young man wrapped in a black overcoat was standing under an umbrella, shaking hands with the Director General.

It was drizzling in the sky, and the black umbrella covered his face.
The camera only captured the lower half of his profile.
His complexion was cold and fair, and his outline was handsome.  His thin lips were slightly pursed into a straight line without emotion.  Bai Sheng slightly narrowed his sharp eyes.

“Evolutionaries possess extremely high physical fitness and various abilities, so they have always been regarded as a threat.
But in fact, to us evolutionaries, human beings are truly powerful and dangerous existences…”

One evening three years ago, the sunset reflected on a white and green magnificent marble round table, through the printed glass skylight of the church.
Young evolutionaries of different skin colors sat around the round table, staring at the gray-haired old man from England.

“Is it because there is a big difference in the number of groups, ‘Bishop’?” Bai Sheng leaned on the seat, with his two long legs folded loosely, and raised his hand to ask.

The old man raised his eyes and glanced at him: “No, because compared with the evolutionists who are scattered like sand, the ordinary human group has a more consistent goal.” The young students all showed doubts.

“The goal of survival is reproduction, and the end of reproduction is evolution.
When the shortcut of evolution is in front of us, any genetic research that is against humanity and universal values may happen in secret…”  The old man reached out to switch the projection, and a piece of news appeared on the display.  “The International Inspectorate just issued an appointment yesterday, listing this person as one of the top ten permanent inspectors of the United Nations.” The old man pointed to the screen, “Shen Zhuo.”

Bai Sheng’s pupils dilated slightly.  That was the first time he saw Shen Zhuo in the photo, the hard-line inspector later known for his rare beauty and iron fist style.

The news law stipulates that the media must blur the photos to censor when they publish them, so the shots are not very clear, but his beautiful chin and slender neck can still be seen under the black umbrella.

There were buzzing whispers around the round table, and a white student raised his hand for a short while: “Is this Shen Zhuo also an evolutionary, Bishop?”

 The old man shook his head.

“No, he is an ordinary human who is definitely unable to evolve, but from another perspective, it may represent the genetic pinnacle that human beings can achieve on their own.
From what we know, he has at least two PhD degrees, is very authoritative in the field of genetic engineering, and was appointed as the chief director of the Central Research Institute of Country C.
Although his research project is top secret, there have always been rumors that he has done a lot of inhumane persecution experiments on evolutionary people.”

“Two months ago, Qinghai, Country C, discovered a meteorite of evolutionary origin with extremely high energy value, and a three-person team was sent to carry out the recovery mission, including one S-level, one A-level, and Shen Zhuo.
During the mission, the evolutionary source exploded violently due to an ‘operational accident’, which caused serious injuries to the A-level evolutionary, and Fu Chen, an S-level evolutionary, died on the spot.”

There are only twenty S-levels in the world.
People shouted immediately: “That Fu Chen in Asia is dead?”

“Accident? What accident?”

“Impossible! It’s just an explosion, how can an S-class die so easily!”

“The round table has exhausted all methods.
It is impossible to investigate the real cause of the explosion, and what Shen Zhuo’s top-secret research project is, but one thing is certain.” The old man took a deep breath, and said slowly, “After the explosion, Shen Zhuo suddenly possessed a part of power similar to evolution.”

“In other words, he possessed part of the power that originally belonged to Fu Chen.”

The meaning of this sentence is cold and sinister, as if a cold current swept over the sky, making everyone around the round table shudder.

“After Fu Chen’s death, Shen Zhuo was demoted to the end and expelled from the research institute.
But what is strange is that the International Inspectorate suddenly went against the grain and forcibly appointed Shen Zhuo as one of the top ten members of the United Nations in spite of the opposition from various evolutionary protection organizations around the world.
The permanent inspector will soon be dispatched to the Shenhai jurisdiction.”

“Let me remind everyone that there are tens of thousands of evolutionaries living in Shenhai City, tens of thousands of our fellow brothers and sisters.” The old man looked around the round table with serious eyes at every young face.

“All of you here are high-level evolutionists, many of you are A-level, or even S-level.
No matter what skin color or race you are, please keep in mind-“

“Evolutionists are a small number of people on this earth, once a conflict breaks out, we must be the one to be wiped out.”

“You have the responsibility to protect the weaker kind, just like a wolf protects its own siblings.”

“Shen, supervisor, inspector.” Bai Sheng supported his chin with one hand,  looking down at the news photo from top to bottom, murmuring with a smile.

His voice is naturally low and light, and it sounds quite gorgeous, but when he speaks with a smile, he can’t help but feel frivolous or even eccentric, especially because these three words are pronounced one by one, and each word has an unfinished ending.  “What do you want from us, beauty?” 

The next day, Shenhai City Supervision Office trial room.

“I don’t know anything about the source of evolution? I picked it up on the side of the road.” Zhao Jun was held behind an iron table by two guards.
This dude who spends money like water in nightclubs seems to have changed overnight, his eyes were bloodshot, his face was pale and he mocked: “Aren’t you Shenhai Supervisors very awesome? You’re so awesome, just go and investigate yourself, why still want to lynch me to extract a confession?!”

Behind the one-way glass in the interrogation room, Shen Zhuo put one hand in his uniform trouser pocket, frowning slightly.

“From the time I woke up last night to the present, I have been refusing to say anything, and when I am in a hurry, I will talk badly, and all kinds of obscenities will come out.” An interrogator bowed his head to report the situation, hesitated for a while, but still did not dare to paraphrase the specific “obscene language”, “But don’t worry, we have stepped up the interrogation from noon today onward, and we will definitely get the origin of the evolution source out of his mouth as soon as possible!”

“He won’t say it.”

Interrogator: “Ah?”

Shen Zhuo said lightly, “Because his amulet hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Amulet?” The interrogator didn’t know, so at this moment, only Zhao Jun’s sneer came from behind the one-sided glass: “…I’ll go to prison if you can, I’d like to see if you dare to leave me wounded.”

“You know the boss of the Central Supervision Office, Yue Yang, he was Fu Chen’s iron brother before when he was alive, and he was a family friend of our family for many years…”

The interrogator was very surprised: “The person surnamed Zhao has such a connection?” Shen Zhuo said, “His family has been in business in City B for many years, and he really has a lot of connections.”

“Well, then his amulet…”

“What do you think? Director Yue will sit idly by me?” Zhao Jun raised his voice provocatively, “You still don’t remember how Fu Chen died three years ago, do you think Yue Yang wanted to kill me, or he wanted to take this opportunity to do it? Seriously?!”

The air inside and outside the interrogation room froze instantly.

Fu Chen died three years ago.
The publicized cause of death was an explosion accident, but everyone knew that Fu Chen’s death was inseparable from Shen Zhuo.

For the past three years, the Central Supervision Office has gritted their teeth with hatred for Shen Zhuo, and Fu Chen’s former subordinates wished they could tear Shen Zhuo alive.
And now the boss of the Central Supervision Office, Yue Yang, was Fu Chen’s former classmate, comrade-in-arms, and most loyal brother.
He personally presided over Fu Chen’s funeral back then.

Even if there is only one person left in this world who wants to avenge Fu Chen, that person must be Yue Yang.  How Chief Yue would take advantage of Zhao Jun’s incident to clean up the Shenhai Supervision Office was beyond his imagination.

“Supervisor!” At this time, a team member hurried into the auditorium, “Team Leader Chen asked me to report to you that Director Yue flew from City B to Shenhai by special plane this morning, and he is almost arriving at our Supervision Office!”

He actually came in person!

Several people looked tense, but seeing a trace of subtlety in Shen Zhuo’s eyes, they turned and pushed open the door of the interrogation room, and walked straight in.


Behind the one-sided glass, Zhao Jun, who was under custody, suddenly raised his head, caught Shen Zhuo by surprise, and his pupils constricted suddenly.

The slutty and high-ranking beauty in the nightclub seemed to have never existed before.
The Grand Prosecutor in his waking state had beautiful and solemn eyebrows, his complexion was cold as ice, and even the hands below the throat do not show the slightest skin.

For a split second, Zhao Jun felt embarrassing hatred welling up in his heart: “..So it was really you…”

“Shut up!” the guard scolded.

Shen Zhuo stood still, staring at him from top to bottom.

“…” Zhao Jun gritted his teeth sorely, suddenly sneered sharply, and said in a low voice: “I should have known that I shouldn’t have waited until the hotel, I should have done it in the car.
I want to see that picture.
Will there be a crying and begging expression on your face…”

“What nonsense!” “Shut up!”

Everyone was shocked, and suddenly got up, and the guards rushed up and pushed him to the ground: “Shut up, do you want to die? !”

Boom! With a sound, Zhao Jun’s head hit the ground, his neck was pinched by the guard’s iron-like hands, his face was flushed, and he struggled desperately but couldn’t make a sound.

Shen Zhuo waved his hands.

The guards were still terrified, so they dispersed a little bit, only to see Zhao Jun laying on the ground in a state of distress, and then Shen Zhuo raised his face slightly with the tip of his shoe.

“Trafficking the source of evolution can be sentenced to life at most.
Do you think that only Yue Yang can save you now?”

Zhao Jun didn’t answer, but his expression said everything.

Shen Zhuo looked down at him: “Then let’s take a look.”

After two knocks, Chen Miao knocked on the door and entered, walked quickly behind Shen Zhuo and saluted: “Supervisor, Director Yue has arrived.” At the door of the interrogation room, a slender and stern figure appeared.

The visitor was dressed in a black uniform, with sharp-edged faces and a very straight nose.
When he was not speaking, he had a capable, calm, and moody demeanor.
He was the boss of the Central Supervision Department, Yue Yang.

Zhao Jun’s eyes suddenly burst out with hope, and he opened his mouth to ask for help, but the next moment the side of his face was stepped on by Shen Zhuo’s foot, and his entire head was firmly trampled into the ground.

“I want to tell you something,” Shen Zhuo said condescendingly.

“.” Zhao Jun’s face was all purple, and even his cheekbones made a creepy squeaking sound under the soles of his leather shoes.

Behind them, Yue Yang waved his hand to signal the surrounding staff not to stand up and salute, and watched the scene calmly and habitually.

Shen Zhuo casually threw a sealed bag on the ground, Zhao Jun’s pupils suddenly widened, and he saw a stone glowing with a faint blue light in the sealed bag.

“This is the ‘Evolution Source’ sample that you tried to illegally sell for 16 million US dollars.
It was identified as a counterfeit by our equipment.”

Zhao Jun was stunned, and then he felt the ecstasy of being saved from a desperate situation.  He spent a lot of money to buy this evolutionary source from his family.
If it is a fake, it means that he was cheated by his family.
But at the same time, he cannot be convicted of illegally selling the evolutionary source.
He will not have to go to jail for the rest of his life!

“And this,” Shen Zhuo took a metal isolation tube from Chen Miao’s hand with his backhand.
Inside was another shining real meteorite, which dangled above Zhao Jun’s head.

“This is the real thing from the warehouse of the Shenhai Supervision Office.”

Zhao Jun opened his eyes wide in surprise, looking back and forth between the two glowing blue stones, thinking about what it means, so he won’t have to teach him face to face.
“Can you tell the difference between real and fake?”

“I think people like you, even if they resell the source of evolution, they will not be easily deceived by choosing a family at random, so your family should have real things in their hands, so you are not the focus for us.
It’s your home.
It’s a pity that you have refused to cooperate since last night and kept silent about the origin of the fake evolutionary source, as if you have made up your mind that as long as you don’t speak, I will have nothing to do with you.”

“一You treat me.  Obviously there is a very big misunderstanding.” Shen Zhuo paused, and said, “You seem to think that I am a person who pursues evidence and truth, and will not unjustly wrong criminals, let alone exchange evidence.” Zhao Jun froze up.

Immediately after he realized something, he blurted out, “Don’t you think—no, you’re an inspector, you can’t—”

“I can.” Shen Zhuo replied softly, even in a cruel tone.

“I said, which one is the source of evolution that you illegally sold, which one is it.
I want you to be locked up in prison until you die of old age, and you will be locked up to die of old age.  I want your bones to rot into mud, and you will.
Don’t even think about seeing the light of day in the next life.”

“In the world of inspectors, only power is advocated, and under the system of power, there is no need to obey the law.”

“No, no, no.” Zhao Jun finally realized the horror, and trembled involuntarily, under the soles of Shen Zhuo’s leather shoes, he desperately turned his face and looked around at everyone in the interrogation room, “You are creating an injustice, so many people are watching, you can’t keep so many mouths shut! You—” his roar stopped abruptly.
Everyone was silent, and there was a silent obedience inside and outside the interrogation room.

“..” Zhao Jun moved his head vigorously in disbelief, and looked at Yue Yang standing at the door of the interrogation room.

Yue Yang didn’t say a word from the moment he entered the door until then, he opened his mouth, with no waves in his voice:

“I respect Supervisor Shen’s jurisdiction, and I don’t have any objections.”

Zhao Jun finally fell into an ice cave, his lips trembled violently, and he couldn’t even pronounce a single word.

Shen Zhuo withdrew the foot that was stepping on the side of his face, squatted down, and only the two of them could hear his mocking voice: “Do you think that this man really came for you?”

“…” the thing called despair completely swallowed Zhao Jun, the last trace of blood on his face disappeared, and his pupils dilated violently.

The air was so quiet that it was suffocating, and for a long while he convulsed violently like waking up from a nightmare.

Everyone immediately rang the alarm and rushed forward, only to see Zhao Jun sobbing, and then it developed into howling, struggling to reach out to hug Shen Zhuo’s trousers.

“I know, I know I’m wrong… I’m willing to cooperate, I’ll cooperate with everything! I received the source of evolution from the broker half a month ago, and the broker’s nickname is ‘Thirteen Yao’.

Shen Zhuo took a half step back, avoiding Zhao Jun’s hand hugging his trouser leg, “What’s the real name of ‘Thirteen Yao’?

“It was stolen from the owner.” Zhao Jun snotted and burst into tears, “The owner of the item is the real one, but he seems to be disabled, they call him ‘Mr.


Obviously, he had never heard of this name before, but for some reason, Shen Zhuo frowned, and the sense of danger was fleeting.

Zhao Jun spoke incoherently: “I remember what ‘Thirteen Yao’ looks like, I can help you draw portraits, please let me cooperate, I am willing to cooperate with all my strength!..”

“Take everything out of his mouth within half an hour, including the transaction, the location, identity information, and the flow of funds.” Shen Zhuo stood up and ordered, “Then lock him up in a cell, tie him to the electric chair, and don’t give him a drop of water for the next three days.”

Chen Miao hardly dared to look at Yue Yang’s expression, and reminded him in a low voice: “Senior, Zhao Jun is from the central area after all.
Well, Director Yue…”

Shen Zhuo didn’t look at anyone, “Notify the Central Supervision Office, it doesn’t work if you come to Shenhai to kneel, this case is no longer none of their business.”

He might as well turn around and slap Yue Yang on the face, Chen Miao stammered: “Yes… yes!”

Everyone couldn’t help but secretly glance at the expression of the boss in the central area.  Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Yue Yang didn’t show the slightest clue on his face, and when Shen Zhuo turned to go out, he followed in stride.

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