Silence is not enough to describe this death-like scene.
At that moment, many people felt that, in a flash, they had witnessed a lifelong journey.

Shen Zhuo opened his eyes, pushed Bai Sheng away like lightning, turned around and held down Zhao Jun, who was just waking up from a dream.
Before the latter had time to run away.
Bang! Zhao Jun was firmly pressed to the ground by Shen Zhuo, twisting his hands behind his back, smashing the floor tiles to pieces.


Zhao Jun’s face was covered with blood, and he cursed and struggled to escape, but Shen Zhuo was more ruthless and decisive than he imagined.
He drew his gun towards his ear without hesitation, bang bang bang!

The bullet flew out of the barrel of the gun and burst into flames, and the muzzle of the gun pointed at the ground in front of Zhao Jun’s eyes, smashing the floor tile into powder!

As soon as the gunfire stopped, Zhao Jun was completely frightened and weak.
He was trembling and unable to get up, Shen Zhuo pulled his hair and forcibly raised his face: “What is the room number of the black market buyer?”

“What’s the room number!”

“One six two five…”

Boom! Shen Zhuo hit Zhao Jun with the butt of his gun until blood spurted from his mouth and nose and he passed out.

The hotel security guards were dumbfounded, and the corners of Bai Sheng’s mouth twitched slightly: “Inspector…?”

At this time, a door at the end of the corridor opened, several figures rushed out and fled to the fire exit in a panic from where they were hiding in room 1625.

Evolution Source Buyers!

In desperation and unable to explain, Shen Zhuo got up and ran after him.
Like wind and lightning, a person followed closely behind him.
It was Bai Sheng, who asked loudly as he ran: “Excuse me, are you jumping people now, inspector?!”

Shen Zhuo showed amazing self-restraint—if it were another person, he would turn his gun and get rid of this cheap “boyfriend” now.

The few buyers in front kicked open the fire door and rushed in a panic.
Two smart people knew to run upstairs, and the other three idiots fled downstairs in a swarm.
Just at this time, Chen Miao led people to rush upstairs, just in time to block those three idiots head-on, the wolf-like supervision team rushed forward  and subdued them.

“Stop!” “Stop and don’t move!” “Press down, press down!”

“—Supervisor!” All the team members were so relieved that they almost burst into tears on the spot.

Chen Miao took a closer look, and saw Shen Zhuo looking down at the crowd on the upper flight of stairs, with his neckline open, most of his body was wet with wine, and the thin cloth was still sticking to his waist.

Poor Chen Miao suddenly had a high-voltage electric shock from the sacral canal into the tailbone, and almost knelt down with a thud: “Senior, senior…”

Shen Zhuo didn’t want to pay attention to these people: “The suspect was subdued at the elevator entrance on the sixteenth floor, go and arrest him!”

Chen Miao was heartbroken: “Senior, are you okay! Senior, I am guilty! Senior, I am sorry we are late!!…”

Shen Zhuo turned around and rushed upstairs, but the two who ran up the corridor just now were evolutionists, and their speed was much faster than ordinary people.
Like a hurricane, they rushed to the 88th floor on the top floor of the hotel, kicked open the fire door and fled into the corridor.

A reception is being held on the top floor of the hotel.

When Shen Zhuo stopped, he could see not far away, with fragrant clothes and melodious music, high-society men and women in all kinds of high-end evening dresses were elegantly chatting and laughing while holding champagne glasses, the two evolutionaries rushed into the banquet hall in desperation, and immediately overwhelmed the crowd.

“—Ah!” “Who?” “What’s going on?”

“Don’t come over here!” One of the evolutionaries grabbed the waiter and held him in front of him like a life-saving straw, yelling frantically: “Everyone! Go away, don’t come here! Get me out of here!!” With a clatter, the tray fell over, and the waiter was frightened instantly: “Help, help—” 

The crowd exclaimed and retreated in all directions, leaving a blank space around them.

In the midst of this chaos, Shen Zhuo’s face did not change at all, he quickly stepped forward and raised his gun to shoot, bang!

The bullet grazed the waiter’s side neck and hit the evolutionary’s shoulder, blood splashed in the air in an instant!


Frightened screams rang out and the evolutionary was shot and fell to the ground, his whole body convulsed violently due to the electric shock bullet, and he could no longer get up.

Shen Zhuo said in a deep voice: “Shenhai City Supervision Office, everyone stay where they are and don’t move!”

“…Shen, Shen Zhuo…” Someone recognized him tremblingly, “Shenhai City Prosecutor Shen Zhuo…”

——Shen Zhuo, the chief supervisor of the 20,000 evolutionaries in Shenhai City.

The deterrent effect brought by this name was immediate.
The celebrities present all changed their colors, countless surprised, and fearful eyes were cast from all directions.
The scene became silent.

Immediately afterwards, he saw a figure running from the back of the crowd to the exit of the hall while taking advantage of the chaos.

It was the last fish that slipped through the net!

Shen Zhuo shot and pulled the trigger.
Unexpectedly, the man rolled at the same time, missed the bullet, and then rushed towards the floor-to-ceiling glass of the banquet hall.
He opened the window and shot out a frost arrow with his hand.
He was a water-type supernatural being.

Crash—the huge floor-to-ceiling glass shattered, and countless fragments splashed out.

The crowd screamed and retreated, and the supernatural person jumped directly from the 88th floor of the hotel!

Shen Zhuo blocked his head and face at the moment when the glass exploded, and was about to step forward quickly, but someone behind him patted him on the shoulder, and the voice was actually very relaxed: “Don’t worry, Inspector.”

It was Bai Sheng.

Shen Zhuo frowned: “You…”

Bai Cheng smiled and held up one finger as a gesture of silence, and snapped his fingers with the other hand.
In an instant, dazzling lightning shot up into the air from his fingertips.
All the guests around immediately retreated in panic: “What-what is that?”

“Evolutionary?” “It’s an evolutionary!”

Human beings always have instinctive fear and a trace of awe for the evolutionary, and countless people were pushed, shoved and trampled in the hall.
Immediately afterwards, lightning crackled and twisted into a rope, passing through the crowd like a poisonous snake, and burst out a terrifying bright light!

——The cable rushed out of the floor-to-ceiling window, and during the half-second that was enough to temporarily blind, Shen Zhuo felt that his eyes were gently covered by a hand.

At the same time, the evolutionary who jumped from the building was tied up by the cables that fell from the sky, and he was caught in the air and returned to the top lobby of the hotel, before hitting the ground with a bang on the ground.

With a shining sound, the electric current disappeared without a trace.

The strong light finally disappeared, and there was a burning smell in the air.
The evolutionary was so electrified that he smoked, lying on the ground and twitching continuously.

“There!” “Don’t move!”

Chen Miao led people into the hall on the top floor, the timing card was not bad, and the members of the supervision department rushed up and controlled the two half-dead people who entered the hall.

He turned the buyers and quickly tied them up.

“Go!” “Press him down and take him away!”…

Only then did the palms covering Shen Zhuo’s eyes move away, and Bai Sheng looked at him teasingly: “Did you just plan to jump down and die with him, inspector?”

Shen Zhuo: “…”

Half an hour later, the guests who were temporarily blinded by the strong light finally recovered one after another, and shook hands with the apologetic Chairman Bai, and dispersed in shock.

The Supervision Office was cleaning up the scene.
Shen Zhuo was standing not far from the crowd, with his hands in his trouser pockets wearing black leather gloves, listening silently to his subordinate’s reports.

“Is that really Shen Zhuo?”

“Is it really him?…”

The position of the inspector is too delicate.
On the boundary of Shenhai City, Shen Zhuo has almost unlimited power, so he is also infinitely low-key.
Even famous celebrities and people with a face and head find it difficult to get in touch with him.
At this time, some people are eager to try and seize this rare opportunity to join him to go up and say hello.

“——No, you can’t come in.
This place has been temporarily taken over, and the exit is over there.” Fortunately, the members of the Supervision Office are already familiar with this situation, and politely refused: “Our inspector does not communicate with outsiders.
According to the regulations, you can only wait for him to be summoned for questioning.” “Yes, Team leader Chen is not free either, we can help pass on something.” “Thank you, thank you for your cooperation, please leave immediately through the exit over there…”

Chairman Bai hesitated again and again, and finally mustered up the courage to go forward: “Shen, Supervisor Shen.”

The subordinate who reported the situation stopped, and Shen Zhuo glanced back.


Those few seconds were suddenly infinitely long to Chairman Bai, and all the flattery words were stuck in his throat, as if his brain was forcibly emptied under the condescending gaze.

After a long while, he gulped down his saliva, took off his coat by accident, and held it up with trembling hands:

“Do you..

The air froze.

Shen Zhuo turned around, took his suit jacket from Chen Miao’s hand, put it on without saying a word, and adjusted the skirt and cuffs.

“No thanks.” Then he replied politely.

Shen Zhuo walked towards the scene without even looking back.

Chairman Bai’s whole body cracked with a click.

Chen Miao felt sympathetic: “Are you okay?”

Chairman Bai grabbed him and asked tremblingly from the bottom of his heart: “I have paid taxes in accordance with the law all my life, and I have done good deeds.
If I make a mistake, please let the tax bureau punish me.
Why did you let me, an innocent old man in his dying years, suffer this?”

Chen Miao was shocked: “What on earth did you do?”


Chairman Bai fell silent suddenly, and the image of his big nephew holding the inspector in his arms once again appeared in front of his eyes.

After a while, he said sadly: “I didn’t have time to poke myself blind at that time.”

Chen Miao: “Huh?”

“Five people, including the buyer and the broker, were arrested together with the seller, Zhao Jun.
The contact tools and cash involved in room 1625 were all sealed.” Su Rong, a member of the Supervision Office, reported: “The meteorite of evolutionary origin carried by Zhao Jun has been sent to the identification department, and the result will be produced within eight hours.”

Shen Zhuo said: “Go back to the Supervision Office.”


All the team members in the hall quickly packed up and prepared to leave.
Shen Zhuo walked towards the door.
Just as he was about to step out of the threshold, a hand came across in front of him and stopped him easily.

“Did you forget something, Inspector?” Bai Sheng leaned against the door frame and smiled.

The chief inspector’s collar was buttoned to the throat, and he was dressed in black with a plain white face and slender eyebrows and eyes.
When he lowers his eyelashes and stares at something, there is a quiet aura like a cold pond, as if the breathtaking beauty soaked in the fragrance of wine had never existed.

“Thank you for your assistance, Mr.
Bai.”  Shen Zhuo paused and said, “But I hope I won’t see you at the scene of the crime next time.”

“…” Bai Sheng said, “I’m too out of touch with the Supervisor, I’ve always been kind and never reciprocated, I didn’t come to ask you for a thank you.”

Shen Zhuo looked him up and down, meaning that you came to sing?

Bai Sheng glanced around, put one hand in his trouser pocket, leaned forward slightly, his thin lips almost pressed against Shen Zhuo’s ear, and the ending of his smile seemed to be a deceptive hook in it:

“Supervisor, I submitted an application three days ago to be recruited by the Shenhai City Supervision Office.
Don’t you intend to have me?”

Chen Miao strode forward while listening to the report, suddenly looked up and saw this situation, the whole group of people stopped at the same time.

Shen Zhuo took half a step back, opened a slight distance, and looked at Bai Sheng politely but without any emotion.

“The Central Supervision Office of B City has the priority to recruit the evolutionists of the country.
As far as I know, they have sent you an invitation letter.
Thank you for your kindness, Mr.
Bai, the Central Supervision Office should have you more than I do.”

Bai Sheng persevered: “But I just want to follow you, can’t I? That’s what I thought when I saw you in the newspaper for the first time.”


“Following you has always been my lifelong dream, Supervisor Shen.”

Shen Zhuo stared at Bai Sheng’s young and sincere face in front of him, narrowed his eyes slightly, and said nothing.

It may be that the hotel’s resplendent lights are too dazzling, no one can clearly see the indescribable subtlety in Shenhai City Supervisor’s eyes.

“—You are Director Shen, right?”

In the midsummer afternoon of that year, the wind swept across the corridor of the research institute building from the sky.
The young director of the Central Supervision Department leaned against the handrail of the stairs.
The breath of training bombs remained in the camouflage jacket, and he raised his hand to block his way, with a bright smile in his eyes.

“My name is Fu Chen, and I’m an evolutionary member of the Central Supervision Office.
I’m very interested in your subject .
After learning about it, I wanted to apply to join your research team.”

A group of researchers at the end of the corridor passed by, and they all stopped when they saw this, whispering in the wind: “Is that Fu Chen?” “It’s him!” “I heard that the hospital is desperately fighting for him recently…” “Why did this person come to Director Shen?”

Shen Zhuo had just come out of the laboratory, put one hand in the pocket of his white coat, stood on the upper steps and looked at Fu Chen for a moment, then said coldly: “Didn’t you evolutionists protest at the United Nations every day that I conduct human experiments to persecute you? What do you want to do now?”

Fu Chen was sincere and gentle: “I have already learned the real content of your research from the dean.”

Shen Zhuo narrowed his eyes, but didn’t make a sound.

“I want to follow you and witness this path of research that ignores ethics, and see where it will eventually lead the wheel of evolution…” Fu Chen raised his head and stared at the pair of sharp and cold eyes on the high place, and stretched out his hand with the palm facing upwards.

“Or, if you are not disgusted, please let me pursue you.”

The two were one tall and the other low, separated by a few cement steps, and the sound of cicadas and human voices in the distance turned into the background.

There seemed to be a hint of subtlety in Shen Zhuo’s eyes, he didn’t know what he was thinking about, and after a long time, he finally walked down the next step and leaned slightly beside Fu Chen’s ear.

This gesture was condescending and interesting, and he did not directly answer the other party’s question just now:

“I heard that you are a rare S-rank.”

Under the bright lights of the hotel, Shen Zhuo finally breathed out silently, and said, “No need, Mr.

Just as Bai Sheng was about to say something, Shen Zhuo raised his hand, which was an unquestionable interruption gesture, and then he moved closer, with a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Seeing the volume, he warned in a low voice, word by word: “Don’t pry into my personal affairs anymore.”


Shen Zhuo straightened up, with a normal and indifferent expression, he stopped looking at anyone, walked past Bai Sheng and walked out of the hall.

– end of chapter six –

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