“Traffic police! Joint defense! Police station in the jurisdiction! All the manpower that can be dispatched will be dispatched for me!!” On the bustling commercial street, the surveillance vehicle jeep in plain clothes ran rampant, causing a lot of honking horns in the traffic, and Chen Miao in the driver’s seat yelled at the mobile phone: “No matter how many people or how many cars you have, if you are ten minutes late for the meeting, later tomorrow, the Supervision Office will come to your door and crush your whole family——! !”

Wang Ju, who was on the opposite side of the phone, was stunned: “Slowly… What are you late for? What will happen if you are late?”

If you arrive late, the first major tragedy in the history of the Shenhai City Supervision Office will happen.
Tomorrow morning, you and I will be sliced into a Beijing roast duck, together with that surnamed Zhao!

“Team leader, team leader!” At this time, the technical team behind got up ecstatically, “We have found the location, at the gate of Baifu Jinjiang Hotel!”

“Hotel, what hotel?” Wang Ju was at a loss, “Supervisor Shen asked you to fight pornography and illegals?”


The whole car crew was choked up speechlessly, and Chen Miao smiled tearfully: “Wang Ju, to be honest, someone sneaked up on our crystal.
If we don’t raid that hotel within ten minutes, both of us will die, and tomorrow all the evolutionaries of Shenhai will be buried with us.
It depends on you.”

Wang Ju: “What—?!”

Chen Miao broke the phone and stepped on the gas pedal.

The engine roared and muffled, and several surveillance office vehicles turned around and accelerated at the same time, and drove away with the sound of angry horns.

Not far ahead, beside the urban river view.

The four characters of “Baifu Jinjiang” are shining brightly under the sky.

“This is Mr.
Bai, right? It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“In the blink of an eye, you are so old, but you’ve finally returned to China to share the heavy burden for your uncle!”

“A man of talent, a man of talent!…”

In the banquet hall on the top floor of the hotel, a grand reception was in full swing.
It was rare for Bai Sheng to be dressed in black formal attire.

Under his uncle’s guidance, he walked through the shadows of his clothes with ease.

A business rival grabbed his uncle and joked with a hidden knife in his smile: “Bai Dong has hoped that his nephew will come back, so he can finally take a breather in the future, I’m envious!”

The current chairman of Baihe Group is actually only in his early fifties.
He is short, fat, and round, and looks quite festive, but his smile is a bit bitter.

“That’s right, I’ve been thinking about retiring to live my life, but isn’t it coming true soon? Hahaha——”

“That’s not possible,” someone whispered around the corner, “It’s not that the old man has no children himself, how can he watch the country be taken by his nephew?”

Someone who knew the inside story beside him laughed softly: “What do you know, it was Bai Sheng’s parents that beat Jiangshan in the first place, the couple left it for their only son before they left.
The real absolute controlling power, and because he was underage at the time, he gave his uncle the opportunity to be the guardian……”

“The old man won’t give up his seat obediently, can he still beat his nephew?”

Not far away, Bai Sheng was tossing and turning in the reception.
He was handsome, tall and long-legged, but with a hypocritical demeanor and a perfunctory smile on his face, you could see the boredom and impatience in his heart.

“Who knows, there are still fewer rich second generations among them?” The person who spoke before curled his lips subtly, “In the future, the Bai family will be very lively…”

“—Oh, isn’t this Mr.
Zhang? We know each other!”

With one hand, Bai Sheng tightly held the business partner who came to watch the fun, and with the other hand, he patted his shoulder vigorously, as if he had seen his own uncle whom he hadn’t seen in eight hundred years: “In kindergarten, I was closer to your noble son like a brother.
We would help each other after school to catch your family’s golden dragon fish.
I taught your son to roast that 200,000 yuan golden dragon.
Do you still remember the taste, Mr.
Zhang hahahaha—”

Unlucky Mr.
Zhang’s smile has been distorted: “The dog has grown up, and now he has matured a lot, and he no longer messes around like he did back then…”

“I know, I know,” Bai Sheng interrupted enthusiastically, “I heard that your son practiced touching an electric socket with his bare hands during the summer vacation after graduating from kindergarten.
After being beaten so badly that he was hospitalized for two months, he became more sensible and mature, hahahaha—”

Goddamn, eat-a-fall-and-gain-wisdom!1 It’s you little bastard who takes the lead in playing with sockets!

Chairman Bai dragged away his big nephew, and finally rescued his business rival who was on the verge of breaking out.
He forced a smirk on his face: “Mr.
Zhang, don’t argue with him, he is not sensible, he is still a child, and I will definitely teach him a lesson later.”

Goddamn twenty-seven-year-old child!!

The competitor left in a hurry, Chairman Bai was extremely tired.
Before he could find a mirror to see how few precious hairs he had left, Bai Sheng sighed and patted him on the shoulder.

“Uncle, I’ve already said hello to all these family friends, so go ahead, I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going?”

Bai Sheng drank the last sip of wine in his glass, and said casually, “Going to the ‘Unfinished Building’ to have a look.”

Hearing the words “unfinished building”, Chairman Bai’s expression changed instantly, he forgot everything else, he hurried to catch up and lowered his voice nervously: “Are you still going there? Why don’t you go home and sleep? What are you going to do with a bunch of evolutionaries all day long?”

Bai Sheng’s two sky-defying long legs, one step can take his uncle’s two steps, went straight through the glamorous reception, and still didn’t forget to see a few people off on the way.
A beautiful woman who he looked at returned a frivolous smile.

“It’s okay, Uncle, I’m just giving those evolutionaries who can’t adapt to society a place to live, and I’m not raising a bunch of pre-criminals.”


“Besides, aren’t you an evolutionary too, uncle?”

Chairman Bai felt a sense of grievance in his heart, he really is.

When his sister and brother-in-law passed away, little Bai Sheng was only eight years old—the family property was huge, and the youngest son was immature.
It is impossible to say that Chairman Bai had no calculations at all; but Bai Sheng was born to be more skilled than a ghost, more slippery than oil, and the only beneficiary of an overseas family trust.
No one can touch him.

Chairman Bai could only rest his other thoughts and be his regent honestly, and retire to the second line after his eldest nephew graduated.

Unexpectedly, five years ago, a meteorite rain fell on the earth suddenly, and Chairman Bai woke up to find that he had evolved—although he was only a D-class with low strength and no supernatural powers, his IQ level and physical fitness had been improved and completely changed.

More importantly, at that time, in order to maintain social stability, there were many policy preferences for evolutionists!

Chairman Bai suddenly became smug, feeling that a brand new life was slowly unfolding in front of his eyes, and he was preparing to stand on his own for  Wang Yi, when suddenly the bad news came.

His big nephew also evolved, and turned out to be S-rank.

There are only twenty S-classes in the world, the peak of humanity.

Squeezing him to death, this D-level, is just like playing!

Chairman Bai hid under the desk and almost fainted from crying.
The sensible Bai Sheng crouched by the desk and comforted him like this: “It’s okay uncle, why should I crush you to death? Relax and work hard, my country still counts on you to make money.”

On that sunny afternoon, the wailing of Chairman Longkodo Bai, the grievance of the prince of the Bai family, echoed on the top floor of the group, and half of the building could hear it.

“Uncle,” Bai Sheng stood in front of the elevator outside the banquet hall, with one arm on his uncle’s shoulder, as if he was hugging a short and fat potato, and said with a sigh: “I have thought about something for a long time, and I still want to tell you from the bottom of my heart.”

Chairman Bai choked speechlessly: “What?”

“You’d better stop listening to those incendiary words.”

Bai Sheng straightened his uncle’s tie and said earnestly: “After all these years, doesn’t uncle know me? I’m a clean-sleeved man, with high moral character, has no interest in money, and never thought about being a capitalist.”

Chairman Bai looked at the 180,000 custom-made suit on his nephew and the more than 4 million Jacques Droz watch on his hand, and fell into deep thought.

Bai Sheng said: “My lifelong dream and pursuit is to fight for the peaceful coexistence between human beings and evolutionaries, and to dedicate my life to protecting the earth!”


Chairman Bai didn’t know what to say for a moment, and applauded his nephew solemnly for a long while.

“So, in the future, the company’s management rights will not change in any way.
In the past, my uncle was in charge, and in the future, my uncle will still be in charge.” Bai Sheng humbly accepted the applause and said kindly: “We are close relatives, uncle, if anyone tries to  provoke you in the future, you can call me.
I will be responsible for humiliating eighteen generations of the other party’s ancestors.”

Chairman Bai never expected that his nephew would not force him to step down.
The surprise came so suddenly that his mind went blank, and then warm family affection rushed into his heart: “Xiao Sheng…”

With a ding, the elevator arrived, and Bai Sheng waved his hand and walked in.

Chairman Bai hurriedly followed the elevator, rubbing his fat hands, not knowing what to say.
After a while, he was moved and said: “Xiao Sheng, what do you want for your birthday this year? Do you like the 14 million 918 sports car? Can uncle buy it for you?”

Bai Cheng looked at him affectionately, and smiled slightly:

“Don’t waste money, uncle, you have worked so hard for so many years, I can buy a sports car production line with the dividends from me as the first shareholder.
Or I can send you a 918?”


Director Bai fed all his emotions to the dogs.

The transparent landscape elevator goes all the way down from the top floor, enough to overlook the magnificent interior of the entire hotel.

“I am coming back this time to stay in Shenhai and not leave.
I want to realize my pursuit and ideals.” Bai Sheng stretched his waist and said seriously: “I want to be a person who contributes to society.”

Chairman Bai woke up now, and said coldly: “Contribute to the GDP of the sports car industry?”

“No, I’m going to take the civil service exam.”

Civil servant?

Civil servants are good, stable, respected, and the most important thing is that they will not run around and cause trouble!

Chairman Bai raised a glimmer of expectation: “Then what unit do you want to take the exam? It’s best to relax, don’t be too far away from home, and there are more girls of the same age.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle, it’s right at the door.” Bai Sheng paused, and announced loudly:

“I’m going to the Shenhai City Supervision Office!”


Chairman Bai’s blood pressure soared to 180 in an instant, his heart, liver, kidneys and lungs were shaking, and he stared at his nephew dumbfounded: “What are you talking about? Do you know who is Shenhai’s current supervisor? Shen Zhuo! It’s Shen Zhuo! Have you never heard of him abroad?”

“Oh, I heard.” Bai Sheng was full of admiration: “I heard that Supervisor Shen is a very gentle and nice person, warm and friendly, and deeply loved and well-known among the global evolutionary community…”

Chairman Bai almost had a heart attack on the spot: “Nonsense! Shen Zhuo is—”

He looked around reflexively, and lowered his voice in fear: “He is Hitler! Voldemort! You know who! There are rumors that he secretly experimented with evolutionists for human experiments and killed many evolutionaries! He likes to have nothing to do with people!”

Bai Sheng laughed calmly: “That’s all rumors, seeing is believing! How can you convict if you don’t investigate it yourself.
I believe Supervisor Shen must be kind-hearted—”

He suddenly glanced at the corner of the hotel lobby, his voice and expression froze at the same time.

“?” Chairman Bai turned around in a daze.

In the corner of the hotel lobby, in front of the guest room elevator, Zhao Jun whispered to the driver: “The buyer’s room is on the 16th floor like ours, you go and tell them, I will settle down first and then go to them for the trade…”


Zhao Jun supported Shen Zhuo, who was “unconscious”, and with an unconcealable salivation on his face, he swiped the room card and walked into the elevator of the guest room that had just been opened.


In the sightseeing elevator at a high place, with an unreal expression like sleepwalking, Bai Sheng pinched Chairman Bai hard, and his uncle almost jumped up with a cry: “What’s wrong with you?”

Bai Sheng said in shock: “Someone came to our hotel to commit suicide.”


The elevator doors in the distance slowly closed, and the figures of Zhao Jun and Shen Zhuo disappeared behind the door.
Bai Sheng couldn’t wait for the sightseeing elevator to land, smashed the entire glass with a crash, and jumped down from the height of the fourth or fifth floor!

Countless shards of glass fell into the hotel fountain, and everyone in the lobby exclaimed.

Bai Sheng turned a deaf ear to it, and the moment he landed, he seemed to disappear on the spot and the next moment appeared directly at the front desk, knocking on the front desk with two knuckles: “What is the room number of the idiot just now?”

The manager of the lobby looked horrified at the young master: “What?”


In the elevator of the guest room, the mobile phone in Shen Zhuos pocket vibrated silently twice.
It was a signal from Chen Miao, which meant that the backup had surrounded the target and was ready to respond or attack at any time.

Zhao Jun didn’t know anything and was still humming a song, smugly prepared to welcome a wonderful night, when the elevator door opened with a ding.

The elated Zhao Jun was about to go out when someone stretched out his hand and slammed the door of the elevator.
The person blocking the door was a handsome young man, tall and straight, with sharp eyebrows, and black hair streaked with silvery white highlights.
It was Bai Sheng who rushed from the fire escape all the way to the sixteenth floor in just ten seconds.

Bai Cheng showed a sinister smile: “Brother, what are you doing, picking up corpses?”

A thunderbolt struck instantly.

Shen Zhuo: “…”

Zhao Jun was puzzled: “You, what are you doing? Who are you? This is my friend!”

“Friend.” Bai Sheng snorted, grabbed Shen Zhuo’s arm, and snatched him to protect him behind him.
Zhao Jun was stunned: “What are you doing?”

Bai Sheng blocked Zhao Jun, who couldn’t hide his guilt and panic, with one hand, while quickly checking Shen Zhuo’s body up and down, only to feel that the smell of alcohol was unbearably strong.
He couldn’t tell whether he had been drugged or not, but he couldn’t help but have doubts arise in his heart.

“Inspector?” He reached out and patted Shen Zhuo’s cheek, asking in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Shen Zhuo didn’t respond at all.

The supervisor of Shenhai City has always been in a suit and shirt, cold and rigorous, but, at this moment, his skin seems to be soaked in the fragrance of strong wine, his thick ink-like eyelashes cast shadows, the top two buttons of his shirt were undone, and his collarbone could even be seen vaguely.

The thin fabric was soaked in wine, and the curve of his waist under the palm was clear and palpable.

Bai Sheng’s Adam’s apple rolled, he couldn’t help feeling distracted, coughed and looked away, and asked softly, “Did someone pick you up, inspector?”

Shen Zhuo: “…”

Shen Zhuo, who was motionless, hadn’t figured out how to deal with the scene of lightning being struck in the sky, but Zhao Jun was furious: “Who the hell are you? It’s none of your business?! I said this is my friend!”

Bai Sheng taunted him casually: “Your friend? I also said this is my boyfriend.
If you don’t get out on the count of three, my buddy will hang you outside of this hotel building and light a sky lantern as a logo, wanna try?”


Another elevator door opened behind him, revealing Chairman Bai’s stunned face.

“You, what did you say?” Chairman Bai hurriedly led people to save the scene, but, unexpectedly, he was struck by lightning and almost suffered a stroke on the spot.

Tremblingly, he asked, “Who is your boyfriend?”

The hotel security guards crowded the elevator: “…”

In front of everyone, the air froze, and Mr.
Bai, who was caught off guard from coming out of the closet, looked helpless and clarified: “That’s not the case, uncle, don’t meddle in it, wait for me to deal with this corpse picker first…”

At this time, Chairman Bai recognized the face of the “boyfriend” at a glance.

After evolution, his eyesight is comparable to that of a fighter pilot, but, at this moment, Chairman Bai would rather be blind than faint from a cerebral hemorrhage on the spot, and blurted out: “Shen, Shen, Shen…”

Bai Sheng immediately wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

“—Shen Shen Shen Shen inspector!”

The power of this name is almost the same as that of a nuclear explosion.

The scene was completely silent, and everyone was out of their wits.
They all looked at Shen Zhuo, who had his eyes closed and put his hand on his forehead.

– end of chapter five –


1Eat-a-fall-and-gain-wisdom: this phrase is similar to a story in the bible we believe it means, when you fall or mess up you learn from the mistake and gain wisdom. 

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