Half an hour later, countless police cars blared their horns and drove towards the airport at high speed.

“Inspector,” a B-level evolutionary turned around and handed the tablet to the back seat of the car with both hands:

 “This is the information of Flight MN538 just sent by the Air Administration, and the background checks of the other three hijackers are also here.”

In the fast-moving car, Shen Zhuo took the tablet, and the screen was reflected on his cold lenses.

According to Zhang Zhao’s explanation, the other three accomplices will hijack a civil airline from M country to Shenhai Airport today, use the passengers on board as bargaining chips to negotiate with the government, and demand the release of Zhang Zhao.

The hijacked MN538 is approaching Shenhai Airport, leaving only one and a half hours before landing.

“Customs is urgently retrieving the personal data of the passengers on board, which will be sent to us as soon as they are completed.
Well, inspector…..” The B-level evolutionary swallowed his saliva, looking at the information of the three hijackers in Shen Zhuo’s hand.
His voice was slightly unsteady: “Those two C-level accomplices with abilities are nothing to be worried about, but this mastermind…”

The gloomy face of the hijacker was displayed on the tablet.

Zhang Wenyong: 35 years old, unemployed, Zhang Zhao’s cousin. 

An escaped A-level evolutionist.

Obviously, the situation was urgent, but the air in this square inch of the car seemed to have frozen.

Several fully armed B-level evolutionists carefully closed their mouths and dared not look up at Shen Zhuo’s expression.


The sudden evolution of human beings began five years ago.

It was a once-in-a-century meteor shower.
Afterwards, it was estimated that more than 4,000 meteorites were brought to the earth, and a considerable part of them were found to be a very special outer space substance- an evolutionary radiation source.

Shortly after the meteor shower, a sudden evolution of human beings began to appear all over the world.
After they came into contact with evolutionary meteorites for various reasons, their physical fitness increased sharply overnight, and even abilities of varying strengths appeared.

Since then, the radiation sources have been quickly collected by the governments of various countries, and the 100,000 evolutionaries around the world have also been registered one by one.
According to the strength of their abilities, they are divided into four levels: ABCD.

A total of more than 80,000 C and D-level evolutionaries have been counted, and the strength of their abilities is within the controllable range.
Most of them are perspective, shifting objects, and extremely strong five senses.
Their social influence is quite limited, and they are basically absorbed by the supervision offices or special forces of various countries.

There are less than 20,000 B-level evolutionists with strong physical fitness, difficult to be killed by ordinary bullets, and have strong abilities such as controlling water and fire.
They are the focus of monitoring and protection in various countries and have high research value.

At the top of the biological chain are more than 2,000 A-level supernatural beings around the world.  

That is really standing on the tip of the pyramid of human evolution.

They have extremely high individual fighting qualities, and have unique control over natural elements, current, magnetic poles, and some people can even affect the climate within a certain range, forming natural disasters such as floods and hail.
These two thousand A-level evolutionists are just like two thousand hidden time bombs in human society.

A B-level Zhang Zhao just makes the Supervision Office feel more troublesome, but a bloody and brutal A-level Zhang Wenyong can pay the price for the entire city of Shenhai.

Meanwhile, at the airport.

“You must evacuate! All non-evolved people evacuate!” A young man in the uniform of the Supervision Office and a B-level evolutionary collar roared furiously, pointing to the sky with one hand and clutching the collar of the SWAT captain with the other: “The one on the plane is an A-level mutation, very dangerous! If you stay here, you’re going to die!”

The airport had already fallen into chaos, with red and blue police lights flashing alternately.
The SWAT captain who was being dragged by his collar said angrily: “We haven’t received orders from our superiors yet! The passengers at the airport have not been evacuated yet! We-”


Car horns approached from far away, and the crowd dispersed in panic.

Four armored explosion-proof vehicles came at a fast speed and stopped at the entrance of the airport amidst the sound of sharp brakes.
Dozens of well-trained and armed evolutionists jumped out of the vehicles, wearing collars uniformly around their necks, and each of them had the words “Shenhai City Supervision Office” on their uniforms.


“Is it an evolutionary?”

The crowd panicked, and suddenly someone noticed something: “Look! That car is—”

A domestic black car with the license plate of six number 1’s  parked firmly in front of the airstrip.
The door opened and Shen Zhuo leaned over and got out of the car, holding down the black coat that was blowing up in the wind with one hand.

The young man pushed the SWAT captain away and ran: “Inspector!”

The evolutionists of the Supervision Office along the way saw this one after another: “How is the situation, Team Leader Chen?” “Team Leader Chen!”

However, this young man, Chen Miao, the second team leader of the Supervision Department, had no time to answer other colleagues at the moment and rushed all the way to Shen Zhuo to salute: “Inspector, the situation is very bad.
Zhang Wenyong, the mastermind of the hijacking, has just been confirmed.
He can control the climate in a small area.
The fishing boat hijacking case is somewhat related…”

Without saying a word, Shen Zhuo strode towards the tarmac against the strong wind.

“Senior, listen to me.” Chen Miao quickly glanced around very quickly, lowered his voice, changed his tone, and said anxiously: “Your body really can’t be injected with medicine so frequently anymore, let’s apply for foreign aid.
Brother Yue told me before returning to the central area, no matter what situation you encounter, you can ask him for help.
After all, Brother Yue is the first supernatural person in our country to be rated as A…”

Chen Miao caught a glimpse of Shen Zhuo’s face, and immediately stopped talking in horror.

“It’s just a dog left behind by Fu Chen after his death,” Shen Zhuo said coldly.


Chen Miao didn’t dare to speak, and only saw a trace of sarcasm in Shen Zhuo’s eyes: “Besides, it’s just an A-level.”

This…is this talking about Zhang Wenyong who hijacked the plane, or Brother Yue from the central area?

Chen Miao murmured and did not dare to say anything.
At this moment, Shen Zhuo stepped across the cordon.
Just as the special police captain turned his head and did not recognize the Shenhai City Superintendent officer, his eyes fell on Shen Zhuo’s neck, which had no marks, and he was shocked:

“How did the passenger get in? It’s very dangerous here, come and take him away!”

Before the words were finished, the captain felt that his hand was empty, and the miniature submachine gun was snatched away by an unimaginably huge force.

Shen Zhuo kept walking towards the tower, holding a submachine gun in one hand and facing the sky—

Bang bang bang bang!

Bullets flew and screamed everywhere, everyone was stunned, and the uncontrollable chaotic situation stopped immediately.

“I am with the Supervision Office of Shenhai City.
I am taking over this place now.
Non-combatants evacuate immediately!”

Shen Zhuo’s face was cold, he threw away the emptied micro-pistol, pulled out a special silver pistol from his back, and loaded it while walking: “Notify the tower to call MN538, I want to talk to the hijacker in person.”

Under the sky, leaden clouds were dense.

A huge civil aviation airliner roared across the sky.

When riots and screams came from the rear of the cabin, Bai Sheng was lying on the flattened seat of the first-class cabin, with his long legs crossed lazily, while listening to deafening music that could be heard faintly from his all-inclusive earphones, and he was concentrating on reading a book with a suspiciously large cover.

“Put your hands up! Don’t move!”


The stewardess ran wildly past the aisle, Bai Sheng didn’t notice it, and turned a page of the book intently.

“Everyone put your hands on your head! Lower your head! Or I’ll shoot!” A C-level mutant robber rushed in with a roar, his submachine gun raised.
After circling around, he suddenly stopped in disbelief: “Hello? What are you doing here?!”

Under the gun, seat number 1A, Bai Sheng slowly raised his head from behind the book: “?”

Robber: “…”

Everyone: “…”

“Raise your hands to me!!” The robber was simply furious.

Bai Sheng looked at the muzzle of the gun inexplicably, then leaned back to look at the shivering passenger.
Only then did he realize what had happened and he reached out and took off the all-inclusive headphones that seemed expensive at first glance.

The next moment, the scalp-numbing music poured out: “Super Idol’s smile is not as sweet as yours—” 1

“Hijacking the plane?” Bai Sheng closed the book and popped out the three words in a daze.

In an instant, the first reaction of everyone around was: This handsome guy has a problem with his brain level.

Bai Sheng was dressed a bit like a returning student, with a white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, a black smart watch on his wrist, and also a handful of silvery white highlights in his bristly black hair- it looked a little trendy.

It is not an exaggeration to describe his appearance with sword eyebrows and starry eyes handsome and compelling.
However, as good as his appearance is, there will be many pitfalls.
Just looking at his face it is completely impossible to tell how big his brain problem is.
The two are simply inversely proportional.

The robber almost blurted out cursing, and then caught a glimpse of the book in his hand.
On the cover, the charming bunny girl blew kisses.
The title read:

“On the Promotion of Innate Synthetic Judgement and Binary Opposition Thought in Male Voluntary Sterilization.”

The girdle recommendation language is full of passion: in-depth and good writing! First publication! Top Universities in the World! Doctor of Philosophy Graduation Topics!

Author: Bai Sheng.

“…” The robber thought to himself with a submachine gun in his hand, which idiot with a wrong brain wrote this.
After handing in this kind of paper, can you really graduate?

Bai Sheng observed his expression, felt that he might have found a potential bosom friend, and sincerely handed over the book: “Buy a copy? The author is very sharp-minded.”

“Get lost!” The robber, full of anger, finally found an outlet and threw the book far away: “—Raise your hands! Get down on the ground for me!”

Ground, the control tower.

The door of the control room was slammed open, and the staff in front of the monitoring station turned their heads nervously, only to see Shen Zhuo walking in quickly, his face like frost and snow.

Behind him, a staggering figure was guarded by several superhuman guards, it was Zhang Zhao.

“Supervisor Shen!” The negotiator stepped forward quickly, with an ugly expression on his face: “We just got in touch with the robber Zhang Wenyong and the other party demanded we release his accomplice Zhang Zhao immediately.
His attitude is very tough and hard to persuade, we’ve tried various methods to no avail…”

“Has his family been found?”

The negotiator said with difficulty: “Zhang Wenyong’s mother was stabbed to death when he was 13 years old and his father is missing.”

Everyone’s expressions were indescribable.

Shen Zhuo waved his hand to signal that he understood, went to the monitoring station, took the headset, and asked the air traffic control: “How much fuel is left, is there enough for the rest of the flight?”

The old leader frowned and said: “The reserve fuel is still enough for 30 minutes.
The key now is to prevent the hijacker’s malicious forced landing into a downtown or residential area…”

Shen Zhuo nodded and put on the headset.

Several monitor screens illuminated his cold face and his voice was steady and clear: “I am Shen Zhuo from the Supervision Office of Shenhai City.
What do you want?”

“…” On the other end of the communicator, the sound of electric current rustled.
After a while, Zhang Wenyong’s cold voice sounded:

“Inspector Shen, I’ve heard of you for a long time.”

The cockpit door of the plane opened wide, and the old captain fell unconscious on the ground.
The young co-pilots hands were shaking, he gritted his teeth and forced himself to focus on the dashboard, even though the gurgling blood had covered his left eye.

Standing behind the driver’s seat, Zhang Wenyong seemingly casually pressed the top of the co-pilot’s head with one hand – he was so burly and frightening that even his hand muscles are unusual, with just a light twist, he can completely twist the human head off from the larynx.

“I have three conditions, listen carefully.” Zhang Wenyong said coldly, “First, release Zhang Zhao immediately.”

Shen Zhuo glanced back.
Zhang Zhao’s head was being pointed at with a gun by several Supervision Department supernatural beings and his limbs were paralyzed in the corner of the wall.

“Second, prepare a car and 100 million old banknotes, and I will randomly take away a few female passengers.” Zhang Wenyong’s tone in the headset was extremely fierce: “Don’t try to tamper with the car or banknotes, otherwise you will receive the heads of all the hostages tomorrow, understand?”

Shen Zhuo remained calm: “What about the third one?”

Zhang Wenyong sneered.

“Thirdly, I want you to release all the evolutionists of the Shenhai Supervision Office, take off their collars, destroy their records, and release all the evolutionaries back into society.”

“I want you to completely set them free.”

There was a moment of silence all around.

Even the inspectors in uniform changed their expressions slightly, then their eyes were complicated, and they couldn’t help looking at Shen Zhuo in front of the monitoring platform.

However, under the watchful eyes of everyone, the tall and straight figure remained motionless, and even his tone of voice was devoid of any emotion:

“I surrender, I refuse all three conditions.”

Everyone around changed color.

In fact, at this time, whoever comes here can only refuse because, as long as Zhang Wenyong is released to the ground, there is absolutely no possibility of arresting him at the airport.
At that time, he can only watch him take hostages and escape— The various crimes committed by people with supernatural powers in the past five years have left many painful lessons for police all over the world.

But no one expected that Shen Zhuo would be so unhesitating, he made a decision without even showing weakness or asking someone to discuss it.

“Do you know what you’re talking about, Supervisor Shen?” Zhang Wenyong squeezed out a sentence through his teeth.

“Do you know who you are dealing with, Zhang Wenyong?”


Shen Zhuo said: “I am the Supervisor of Shenhai City, and I am the only one with the authority to keep the entire city safe at the expense of a few lives.”

In the cockpit, Zhang Wenyong stared at the walkie-talkie, his lips trembling slightly.

“If you surrender now, I can guarantee that you will all serve life sentences without risking your life, but if you start killing, I will ensure that you will personally hear the whole process of Zhang Zhao being tortured to death.”

“I will not give you an opportunity to drive a passenger plane into the city, the jammer has already taken off, and there is a targeted missile ready to launch, ready to blow you and the entire passenger plane at any time.”

“Zhang Wenyong,” the extremely calm voice echoed in the tower control room, “You are a bloodthirsty A-level mutant, if we let you escape from Shenhai today, then countless people will die because of you tomorrow.”

“I’m going to deal with you in Shenhai.”

On both ends of the radio, there was no sound other than the noise of electricity, as if even the sound of the wind had frozen.

“Fuck—” Panic and rage rushed to the top of his head at the same time and Zhang Wenyong went almost crazy.
He dropped the walkie-talkie with a bang, turned around in panic, and then rushed out of the cockpit.

Immediately outside the cabin door was the first-class cabin.
On the first row of seats, a handsome guy with streaked silver-white hair had a submachine gun to his head, slowly raising his hands.

Zhang Wenyong cursed, without thinking, he grabbed the handsome guy by his collar and dragged him into the cockpit alive.

Bai Sheng, who flew into trouble: “…”

Zhang Wenyong picked up the submachine gun in one hand and the wireless walkie-talkie in the other, spitting everywhere and yelling: “Shen, don’t think I’m scared by you! I have a hostage in my hand right now! If you don’t obediently obey those three conditions, I’ll kill him right away! Look at me, I dare you!”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the walkie-talkie, and then Shen Zhuo’s indifferent answer came: “I never compromise with criminals.”

Bang bang bang bang!

The submachine gun spat out flames, and a shuttle of bullets instantly smashed the hostage into a sieve.


Bai Sheng, covered in blood, slowly fell back and fell on the ground of the cockpit.


Passengers’ screams of extreme fear erupted outside the cabin door, and two C-level hijacking accomplices rushed over when they heard the sound.

They were stunned: “Big, big brother?”

Zhang Wenyong was panting heavily, clutching the walkie-talkie tightly: “Did you hear that, surnamed Shen, I can kill a few more, I can still-”

On the other side of the communicator, bang!

Shen Zhuo turned his head, pointed his gun at Zhang Zhao, and fired a clean burst.
The heart-piercing screams clearly entered Zhang Wenyong’s eardrums.

“Your cousin still has one leg left, and the directional missile will launch at any time.” Shen Zhuo said calmly.

The cockpit seemed to be frozen in ice, and the walkie-talkie fell from Zhang Wenyong’s stiff hand and slammed onto the console.

“What, what should we do…” An accomplice was trembling, almost unable to hold his gun steadily, “That Shen Zhuo is a lunatic, he- he will do what he says…”

The essence of kidnapping and extortion is actually a game, but A-level supernatural criminals are not on the same level as ordinary humans, so Zhang Wenyong has an absolute psychological advantage.

Until Shen Zhuo overturned the chessboard.

“There’s still time, there’s still time.” Another accomplice muttered nervously, “Let’s listen to his emergency landing at the airport first.
He wouldn’t dare to bombard us with missiles at the airport, right? There are so many people in this cabin who can be hijacked, just grab a few at that time…”

His voice stopped abruptly.

In the pool of blood on the ground, the handsome guy’s corpse suddenly opened his eyes, stretched out his hands to support himself, slowly sat up, and took off the white T-shirt soaked in blood.

Not only the three robbers, but even the poor co-pilot thought he was too frightened and hallucinated.

“I want to teach you something…” Bai Sheng said in a low voice.

His upper body muscles are strong and distinct, his shoulders are broad and strong, his six-pack abs are as clear and perfect as a knife, and the mermaid line is tucked into his jeans.

The submachine gun bullets fell out of his body one by one, clanging and falling to the ground, and the bloody wound healed quickly.

“Even for supernatural beings of the same level, there may be a huge gap in individual combat effectiveness, not to mention…”

The last bullet exited from the heart, the skin and muscles recovered as before, finally showing the blood-red grade mark under the left collarbone.
The level logo was clearly reflected in the trembling eyes of the robber—


Bai Sheng stood up, brushing back his hair with blood-stained five fingers, and then stretched out his hand to shake the nearest robber.

The latter didn’t even have time to scream, and was twisted amidst the cracking of limbs and bones, then flew out, hitting the cabin wall, and the huge passenger plane shook heavily in exclamation!

“Not to mention landing on the moon and touching porcelain”2Bai Sheng said coldly.


1Yes, that Super Idol.

2Mermaid line: the V-shaped muscles on both sides of the abdomen close to the upper part of the pelvis.

 3Landing on the moon and touching porcelain: to scam sb by setting up an “accident” in which one appears to have sustained damage or injury caused by the scam victim, then demanding compensation (variations include putting “expensive” porcelain in a place where it is likely to be knocked over by passers-by, and stepping into the path of a slow-moving car).

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