“He said, ‘No matter what I said last night, forget it, you and I are adults after all’.”

Bai Sheng laughed so hard that he collapsed on the sofa, his whole body trembling: “You really can’t be judged by appearances, Supervisor Shen, I didn’t expect you to be so open-minded, hahahahahaha——”

Shen Zhuo sat on the other side of the sofa, holding his forehead and not saying a word.

Chen Miao was trembling, wishing he could pounce on Shen Zhuo’s thigh and wail: “Senior, I didn’t see anything just now, senior, I beg you to spare this dog’s life, I’m your younger brother who has only been separated by seven years! A single seedling was passed on in the seventh session! Before the old dean was sick, you promised to take care of me!”

Bai Sheng asked curiously: “You two are only two years apart, can you be separated by seven years?”

Chen Miao choked with sobs: “Is it my fault that I didn’t take the college entrance examination until I was 18?”

Bai Sheng: “…”

Shen Zhuo finally raised his head and said hoarsely, “Why did you send me here?”

Bai Sheng has at least seven or eight residences in Shenhai City.
This one has a large flat hardcover floor.
Judging from the area, the entire floor should open up.
Many inspectors silently huddled outside the door, not daring to say anything, only hating themselves for being opaque.

“Senior, you forgot.” Chen Miao burst into tears, “Global Clause 8.11 of the Ombudsman’s Handbook, when the inspector of the jurisdiction confirms that he is incapacitated, the security level of the entire jurisdiction will be automatically lowered by one level; but if there is an S-level evolutionary in the jurisdiction, within 500 meters of its surroundings, the security level remains the same…”

Shen Zhuo fell into silence.

“So, the security level of Shenhai City has been lowered, we will either send you to Brother Bai, or we can only send you to the central district.” Chen Miao sniffled emotionally, “Although Director Yue usually takes care of me a lot, but you are my senior, so how can I not know which one is the real thigh? Of course it was Ma Liu who gave you to Brother Bai!”

…As expected of a good junior in the seventh single pass, my dear.

Shen Zhuo was speechless for a while, and finally asked: “How did he change from Mr.
Bai to Brother Bai overnight?”

Chen Miao got excited immediately, took out his mobile phone and clicked on the photo album.

“It’s a long story.
After that Liu Sanji was rescued by his accomplices, we conducted a laboratory analysis on the remains of the corpse on the viaduct overnight.
The current speculation is that Liu Sanji probably completed the second evolution, but how he broke through the genetic limit is still unknown.
I only know that after evolution the level may have reached A, and now he can use a supernatural virus to control the corpses…”

Chen Miao turned on his phone, and a video was playing on the screen.

“Hello, everyone,” the ambulance car was shaking in the background, and Bai Sheng waved to the camera with a spring breeze on his face.

If you ignore the shocking large blood stains all over his body, then this handsome face with its own light effect can be directly used as the cover of a fashion magazine: “We just now completed the whole body blood purification of Supervisor Shen in the hospital, but the process of cleaning the residual virus would be a little irritating, which caused Supervisor Shen to be very excited right now…”

As soon as the camera turned, Shen Zhuo suddenly stood up on the stretcher, the bandages around his waist and abdomen were stained red with blood, and he struggled unconsciously because of the severe pain.
Five or six people rushed to press him at the same time.

Bai Sheng put his strong elbow against Shen Zhuo’s throat, and easily pushed him back on the stretcher: “Speaking of which, I found that every time Supervisor Shen sees me he reacts very excitedly, although he didn’t say anything, but I could feel his jumping heart…”

Bai! Mr.
Bai! Brother Bai!!” Chen Miao squatted beside the stretcher, sweating profusely, “Aren’t we going to send the inspector back to the ICU?! Are you sure you don’t want to take two restraint belts anymore?!”

Bai Sheng said: “It’s so uncomfortable in the ICU, the bed is so crowded.
Besides, we are not outsiders, what kind of restraint belts do we need? Who needs restraint belts? When I get back, I will personally share the same bed with your Inspector…”

The camera turned again to the brightly lit bedroom.

“Be careful, be careful…” “Easy! Lighten up!” “Hey-hey!”

A group of people hurriedly placed Shen Zhuo on the big bed.
The chaos may have involved a wound that was healing rapidly, and Shen Zhuo suddenly woke up and was pressed back by everyone hastily.

“Brother Bai, you are my own brother, can’t you really let us stay at your house?”

Chen Miao turned his head and wanted to cry, “Look, you are the only one here, in case the other party kills you later…”

“That’s right,” Bai Sheng replied kindly while holding his mobile phone, “If the other party shoots back, I don’t have to protect the whole hospital.
I just need to protect you.”

Chen Miao was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t speak a word.

“Let’s go, let’s go,” Bai Sheng filmed Shen Zhuo from various angles with great interest, while waving away the inspectors, “Go back to the crime scene to block the road section, disinfect the virus, and try to find clues about Liu Sanji’s accomplices.
I want to know three things when you come over tomorrow morning.
First, why did Liu Sanji kidnap your Supervisor Shen? Second, how did he achieve the second evolution? Third–”

Everyone hurriedly jotted it down on paper, and Chen Miao asked attentively, “Where’s the third brother, Brother Bai?”

Bai Sheng rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Third, why does Supervisor Shen have such a thin body with a waist? It’s unscientific…”

The video stopped abruptly because Shen Zhuo snapped the phone off.

The surroundings were quiet, and everyone’s eyes wandered.

“Keep watching.” Bai Sheng couldn’t help laughing, “The next thing is how you sit up and toss me every ten minutes, how I worked so hard to serve you for three days, and how Chen Miao came downstairs to my house every day, looking up at my window with tears in his eyes like a little white flower in distress…”

Chen Miao corrected in a low voice: “There were no tears…” Shen Zhuo glanced at him and immediately silenced him.

After a long silence, Shen Zhuo finally breathed out silently and waved his hand.

Chen Miao immediately ran away with everyone as if he had been pardoned.

“If it wasn’t for your help that night, the final situation might have been unpredictable, and my driver might have died.” Shen Zhuo was silent for a moment, and finally said, “Thank you very much, Mr.

Bai Sheng leaned on the other end of the sofa with his long legs crossed on the coffee table, and said with a smile, “It’s really not easy, this seems to be the third time I’ve heard Thank You.
Although only this time it sounded a little more sincere…”

Shen Zhuo said: “But I still hope you can leave Shenhai City.”


Bai Sheng raised his eyebrows high and asked after a while, “Why?”

Shen Zhuo’s face was extremely pale due to excessive blood loss, and the profile of his face looked solemn and elegant, but everyone knew that this Wenxiu1 appearance was like a heart as hard as stone.
He crossed his slender fingers wearing black gloves, pondered for a moment before saying: “You know Fu Chen, right?”

Bai Sheng’s surprise didn’t seem fake at all: “Who?”

Then he seemed to come to his senses: “Oh, Fu Chen, I heard about him when I was abroad.
It is said that he passed away unexpectedly?”

Shen Zhuo glanced at Bai Sheng, but didn’t expose him: “Fu Chen was my friend before his death.”

Before he finished speaking, Bai Sheng laughed.


“It’s nothing.” Bai Sheng couldn’t hold back even though he endured it, and teased: “I just didn’t expect that someone like Supervisor Shen would have friends…”

Shen Zhuo said lightly: “As long as I want, most people in this world will scramble to become my friend.
Is it strange?”

Bai Sheng was stunned for a moment, then he was convinced and had nothing to say, and after a while he laughed and said, “It’s not surprising, if the person is you Shen Zhuo, it’s really not surprising at all… so why do you want me to leave Shenhai so much?”

Shen Zhuo sat on the other side of the sofa, only a short distance away from Bai Sheng, looking at him steadily: “Because I understand you.”

“There are no more than 20 S-class mutants in the world, and the number is too rare.
Even among the evolutionary groups, they are quite mysterious, so I may be the only ordinary person who understands you best in this world.
I know that you S-class possess some extremely special and unexplained abilities, one of which still puzzles me.”

“Biological pheromone.”

The smile in Bai Sheng’s eyes disappeared.

“For the first time, I analyzed this unique S-level pheromone from Fu Chen.
It conveys a biological message of ‘come and obey me,’ which can strongly affect all evolutionaries in the entire area.
Even A-level is difficult to escape, so all evolutionaries in the central area were fanatically loyal to Fu Chen.
Every S-level mutant is surrounded by many low-level mutants.
The strong provide protection, and the weak offer loyalty, forming a new social order similar to wolves.”

“Because of the existence of this pheromone, there are almost no two S-classes in the world who can live in the same city, unless a husband and wife relationship is reached.
Otherwise, they are doomed to lose their minds and kill each other, just like how two kings cannot exist in a jungle at the same time.”

Shen Zhuo paused for a moment, and slowly said: “What’s more serious, I found that this pheromone can even affect the self-will of ordinary people… through a certain behavior.”

Bai Sheng raised his eyes to look at him, and didn’t speak or move for a few seconds, then suddenly laughed frivolously: “Why, have you been affected?”

Shen Zhuo said coldly: “No one in this world can influence my will.”

Bai Sheng subtly raised his brows, he understood clearly, it turns out that Fu Chen is a herbivore.

Bai.” Shen Zhuo leaned over and stared into Bai Sheng’s eyes, “There are 21,000 evolutionaries living in Shenhai City, and it is the largest concentration of evolutionaries in the world.
My duty is to ensure its peace and stability.
You look like a helpful and enthusiastic citizen now, but I can’t bet on your self-discipline.
If one day you wake up on a whim and suddenly want to be the uncrowned king of Shenhai, then between you and me there is bound to be a bloody battle.”

He stretched out his hand and pressed Bai Sheng’s arm.

It was a very soft, irresistible gesture, and almost no one could resist the gaze of such eyes: “I don’t want you to have to become my enemy, Mr.

“Leave Shenhai, at least we can still be friends.”

Bai Cheng stared at Shen Zhuo motionlessly, narrowing his sharp eyes slightly.

The two of them didn’t speak or move, and there was no sound in the huge space except their breathing.

After a while, Bai Sheng smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to hold the back of Shen Zhuo’s hand, his eyes shone like a girl’s shyness:

“But supervisor, if I stay in Shenhai, maybe I will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with you that surpasses that of friends.
How could I be willing to leave?”


The two looked at each other for five seconds, Shen Zhuo was expressionless, and withdrew his hand forcefully.

Knock knock knock.

The moment the two sat back on both ends of the sofa, the door was knocked several times immediately, and then Chen Miao poked his head in cautiously: “Senior, Brother Bai.”

The timing was too accurate.
This man obviously learned his lesson just now, and put his ear to the door to listen for a long time.
It’s hard for him to pretend to be innocent and he forced himself to be calm, “The newsletter just came from the International Supervision Administration.
The application for assistance in the investigation you sent earlier has been answered.
Do you want to see it?”

“Yoo hoo!” Bai Sheng immediately became interested, as if he wasn’t the one possessed by the Oscar queen just now: “What is the assistant investigation? Any clues about the attack?”

The irresistible effect of S-class pheromone is obviously confirmed by Chen Miao’s attentive attitude: “Yes, it is mainly about Liu Sanji’s two accomplices, that is, the space power user and that green-haired vine girl…”

Shen Zhuo held his forehead and said, “Bring it to me.”

Unexpectedly, Chen Miao took out the tablet computer from the briefcase, “Uh, senior, what the director-general sent wasn’t a fax, it was a virtual meeting communication key.”

Such a small matter still needs a meeting?

Shen Zhuo frowned, but didn’t say anything, and only told Bai Sheng: “Don’t go.”

Then he took the tablet and clicked on the new email, the iris was unlocked silently, and the screen suddenly projected countless gleams of light, criss-crossing in mid-air, forming a clear three-dimensional projection.

Chen Miao quickly exited the living room.

The next moment, Bai Sheng realized that he was no longer on the sofa at home, and what appeared in front of him was the corridor of a classical European building.

This should be the building of an office abroad.
It is very spacious and magnificent.
The top of the tall glass windows are decorated with stained glass with religious patterns.
At the end of the corridor was a closed office door.

The whole scene is as realistic as dynamic modeling.
Except for the two of them as entities, the surrounding walls, floor tiles, ceiling, and all the objects are covered with the faint fluorescent light projected by the virtual reality sensor technology.

Bai Sheng looked around: “This is…”

Shen Zhuo signaled him to keep silent, “International Inspectorate, Basel, Switzerland.”

He stepped forward and knocked on the door twice, and a German voice came from inside, with a very calm tone: “Please come in.”

The heavy brass door opened silently.

Behind the door is an extremely spacious office.
A tall figure in a suit and leather shoes is standing in front of the shutters.

Looking back, a silver-haired Nordic man in his thirties, with a very stiff silhouette, and a smile in his icy blue eyes:

“Supervisor Shen.”

Shen Zhuo stopped and introduced briefly: “Director General Nielson.”

——The Director General of the International Inspectorate, the world’s number one inspector, “Odin’s Wolf” Fritsch Nielson.

“No need to introduce.” Nielson stepped forward quickly, with a personable and very polite smile, and switched to fluent English: “The customs records of S-level evolutionists around the world will be filed with me.
It must be Mr.

The two clasped their hands tightly, and they were extremely friendly to each other.

Bai Sheng glanced down from the corner of his eye, and saw the power level clearly branded on the back of this Nordic man’s left hand——

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