Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shen Zhuo’s reaction can be described as lightning, he immediately drew his gun and shot, and several hands splashed with juice; at the same time, he kicked the car door and rolled out of the car on the spot.

It was a nightmarish scene.

On the empty bridge, dozens of living corpses appeared as if they had been swollen by blisters.
Their whole bodies were covered with cracks, countless small eyeballs crowded in the cracks, and even the skin on their faces was burst with dozens of eyeballs, making facial features completely unrecognizable.

Biochemical experiment or some kind of ability?

Before he had time to think again, the living corpse had already pounced on him!

Anyone who came across this scene would have gone crazy with fright at the moment, but Shen Zhuo’s hand was extremely steady, bang! boom! With the butt of the gun in his hand, he smashed the skull of the living corpse hard.
He sideways avoided the spray of black blood, and kicked the living corpse behind him off the bridge.

More living corpses dragged their feet and rushed forward.
Shen Zhuo quickly stepped back, reached into his suit jacket with one hand, and touched a cold metal syringe in the inner pocket.

“…The human body has a limit to its ability to withstand, and there is a price to be paid for fooling the God of Evolution…” The heavy warning sounded in his ears again.

“There is no drug in this world that is completely free of side effects.
Shen Zhuo, the price is only sooner or later.”

Shen Zhuo narrowed his eyes, let go of the injection tube in his palm, and slipped out a pocket knife from his sleeve with a flick of his hand, piercing the throat of the living corpse in front of him with a pop!

Black blood spurted out, and the second living corpse followed one after another.
The third one was overturned by Shen Zhuo’s back, and lumped him into a ball and threw him off the bridge.  The fourth living corpse grabbed Shen Zhuo’s hand and was about to bite him, but he kicked him hard for several meters.
At the same time, he backhanded the lightning knife, and ripped apart the living corpse that was sneaking up behind him, and the rotting internal organs flowed all over the ground.

Cool, fast, tough and efficient.

No blow is ineffective, no action is superfluous.

At this time, there was a sound of glass shattering, and a living corpse knelt beside the overturned car, pulled out the unconscious driver Luo Zhen, lowered its head and opened its mouth wide to him—

The flying knife swirled towards him with lightning, piercing the back of the living corpse’s head.

Numerous small eyeballs exploded on the face of the living corpse, splashing half of Luo Zhen’s body.

Shen Zhuo let go of the knife, and hordes of living corpses rushed in front of him.
He stepped back a few steps, quickly found the weakest breakthrough in the chaos, flew up to the wall for a kick, turned around in the air with great speed, bent his knees and smashed the living corpse’s face head-on, causing the opponent’s brain to burst instantly.

“Ho, ho—”

Shen Zhuo landed next to the overturned car, and the corpses poured in one after another.
He stood in front of him with one hand and was bitten by another living corpse, blood soaked through his sleeve immediately but, as if he didn’t feel the pain, he used his fingerprints to open the trunk of the special car.

Immediately afterwards, he pulled out a submachine gun from the trunk with one hand, pointed it at the living corpse’s forehead, and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Da da da da da!

The head of the living corpse exploded, tongues of flame flickered wildly, and bullets flew across like a violent storm, tearing apart the encirclement.

Thousands of small eyeballs burst into the air, swollen limbs were scattered all over the ground, and groups of living corpses were wiped out in an instant!

As soon as the gunfire stopped, thick blood rushed to his face.

There were only incomplete rotting corpses left on the bridge, Shen Zhuo threw away the emptied submachine gun, turned around and walked to the car, and patted the driver’s face: “Luo Zhen?”

Luo Zhen’s head and face were covered in blood, and his skull had obviously collapsed into one piece.
If it wasn’t for the D-level evolution, he would definitely be dead at this time, and he was slapped several times before he opened his eyes lazily, and opened his mouth to call a supervisor, but only a big stream of hot blood overflowed from his mouth.

This special car has a special safety design, and there will be a first-level alarm issued at the moment of impact.
The backup from the Supervision Office must be rushing here at this moment, but the crisis has not been lifted.

Shen Zhuo turned his head to look at the military airport in the distance, helped Luo Zhen up with all his strength, and walked to the opposite side of the viaduct.

“…Put…down…don’t…” Luo Zhen struggled extremely weakly, and his voice was intermittent and unrecognizable.

“I… can’t control it… let it go…”

Luo Zhen’s struggle became violent, as if trying to express some kind of desperate warning, but the blood had already blocked his throat, and no one could hear it clearly except for himself.

Shen Zhuo took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, and was connected almost instantly.
The operator’s urgent but calm voice came from the opposite side: “Hi, supervisor, the security system has received the collision alert, and the emergency operations team is on its way quickly, 5 minutes and 20 seconds away from your location…”

“Second-level biochemical pollution.
It is suspected that there are mutation evolutionists sneaking in.
The level is at least between B and A.” Shen Zhuo frowned and interrupted, “The blockade military can use the section near the airport to prohibit civilian vehicles from entering.”

“Yes! Do you need medical resources?”

There was a sound of flesh piercing, and Shen Zhuo’s voice came to an abrupt end.

The phone fell to the ground with a thud, but he didn’t pick it up, he just lowered his head, panting, and saw blood dripping from the tip of the knife penetrating his abdomen.

“… Ho ho…” Luo Zhen’s throat muscles made strange wriggling sounds, his eyes were swelling, like a rigid puppet being controlled.
He pulled back his hand violently, and blood gushed out like an arrow.


Shen Zhuo staggered and knelt down, his abdomen had been penetrated from front to back, and a puddle of blood immediately formed under his body.

He gritted his teeth and looked up, only to see that the skin of Luo Zhen’s arm was cracked in large pieces, and there were many swellings floating up in the crack, and they were turning one by one into small eyeballs—the juice sprayed from the eyes of the living corpse onto his arm just now.

He had turned into a corpse.


Luo Zhen squeezed out these words with the last bit of self-awareness, and then the infected part of his arm expanded, taking away his last trace of his sanity.

He got up like those other living corpses, and started rushing to Shen Zhuo.

It’s too late to say it.

With one hand, Shen Zhuo tightly pressed the wound where the blood arrow sprayed, until the muscles and bones on the back of his hand protruded, and with the other hand, he quickly groped backwards and pulled out the dagger he had thrown earlier from the back of the living corpse’s head.

The next moment, Luo Zhen rushed forward.

Shen Zhuo raised the knife and cut off Luo Zhen’s infected arm in a flash!

The arm drew a parabola, the stump fell to the ground with a slap, and the black blood spurted out suddenly!

As the infected limb was severed, the thread that controlled Luo Zhen’s mind seemed to be severed with a single blow.
He froze in place, staggering half a step back and forth, and his dull vision returned to clarity.

Then he spat out a big mouthful of blood, rolled to the ground and screamed with his broken arm in his hand.

Shen Zhuo panted sharply, threw the knife on the ground with a clang, his blood-soaked face turned shockingly cold, and reached into his coat to hold the metal syringe.

——At this moment, in the air behind him.

Crack, crack, crack.
There was slow applause, and then there was a voice of exclamation: “As expected of the Shenhai City Supervisor, you are really brilliant!”

Shen Zhuo turned around.

He saw a figure of a man standing on the top of a tall street lamp, with narrow eyes, square face, gloomy eyes, and a sarcastic expression that was exactly the same as the wanted profile picture on the tablet just now.

“…” Shen Zhuo’s pupils tightened, and he recognized who it was—Liu Sanji.

But all of this is totally unreasonable, Liu Sanji is just a D-rank evolutionary of the lowest level, it is impossible to have such a powerful biochemical ability to infect and control living corpses.
What happened?

He evolved twice?

“Don’t look at me like that, Superintendent Shen.
I’m on good terms with you, but someone wants your life, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Liu Sanji scrutinized Shen Zhuo with his eyes, smiled maliciously, and said with a grin: “Come with me, Chief Inspector.”

Snap! He snapped his fingers.

A rustling sound came from behind, and Shen Zhuo suddenly turned around, only to see the mutilated living corpses all over the ground squirming spontaneously.


“Hello? Hello?” Bai Sheng looked at the phone in disbelief, “Hung up?”

The Koenigsegg was speeding in the night, Yue Yang in the passenger seat was holding his forehead, and his eyes were full of indescribable expressions.

Bai Sheng didn’t seem to believe that anyone in this world would have the heart to refuse the leg of lamb he roasted with his own hands.
After thinking for a while, he finally figured it out, and took the initiative to find a way for Shen Zhuo: “Supervisor Shen is good at everything, but he doesn’t want to cause trouble for others.
In fact, I can definitely go back to give him the leg of lamb after sending you off, it’s no trouble.”

Yue Yang said: “…Actually, you don’t need to send me to the airport.”

Bai Sheng was very considerate: “It’s okay, Director Yue, it’s all my fault for dragging you to chat so late, and it’s my responsibility to send you to the special plane on time!”

Yue Yang said: “…Actually, you don’t have to take this responsibility on purpose.”

Bai Sheng is really the first person in history to drive a supercar to such a high speed, Yue Yang is not an A-level evolutionary, and this terrifying body suspension already had his stomach spurting out of his throat when they flew diagonally over the first speed bump.

“I’ll send the lamb to Supervisor Shen later.” Bai Sheng turned the steering wheel with one hand and said cheerfully, “I’m his future subordinate.
It is my duty to care about the health of my boss.
How can I quit because of a rejection?”


Yue Yang said in his heart that you should retreat in spite of the difficulties, you can’t be his future subordinate, and he will expel you from Shenhai in two days…

At this time, Yue Yang’s cell phone rang, he saw that it was Chen Miao, and picked it up: “Hello?”

“Brother Yue, have you boarded the plane yet?”

The top ten permanent ombudsmen of the United Nations are above the censors of ordinary jurisdictions.
Yue Yang and Shen Zhuo occupy the only two seats in Asia and, theoretically, the two are equal.
However, the administrative level of City B is higher than that of Shenhai City, so Yue Yang is actually half a rank higher than Shen Zhuo.

Chen Miao, as Shen Zhuo’s personal deputy, can call the boss of the Central Supervision Office Brother, so there must be an old relationship in private.

But Bai Sheng was more cunning than a ghost, he only glanced with a smile on the end of his eyes, and didn’t ask anything.

Yue Yang said, “No, I’m on my way to the military airport.
What’s the matter?”

Chen Miao’s voice was urgent: “Something has happened to the Senior.”

Yue Yang’s face changed slightly.

“Senior was going to fly to the military area tonight, but the special car suddenly crashed on the viaduct.
After that, both the Senior and the driver lost contact.
It may be that there were other accidents after the crash…”

Yue Yang interrupted: “I’ll go there now, where is the exact location?”

Judging from the noise on the other side of the phone, it seems that Chen Miao should also be in the fast-moving car: “—Someone send me the latitude and longitude of the crash site! Immediately!”

With a slam on the brakes, the Koenigsegg double-flashed and stopped by the side of the road.

Bai Sheng raised his chin forward and said with a smile, “Isn’t that the viaduct?”

Yue Yang held the phone in one hand, looked up and saw a viaduct running across the night in the distance, and the warning sign on the side of the road was clearly written – military airport, five kilometers ahead.

Bai Sheng calmly unbuckled his seat belt, opened the door and got out of the car.

Yue Yang was stunned: “Where are you going?”

The car door slammed shut, Bai Sheng poked his head in from the window, and earnestly warned him: “This car landed at 26 million yuan, don’t dig a ditch for me!”

Yue Yang: “…”

Yue Yang’s feelings at this moment were simply indescribable, he just watched Bai Sheng take half a step back, and suddenly flew behind——


On the viaduct, the mutilated living corpses squirmed spontaneously to form a new humanoid monster, which was grotesquely deformed and nearly three meters high.
The ribs and fleshy membranes were flipped out from the back and unfolded, forming a pair of bloody and terrifying “wings”.

Liu Sanji smiled and said: “Be careful, you may hurt our Supervisor Shen again.”

The monster opened its mouth, and the sound of countless small eyeballs squeezing and rubbing came out of its throat.
Suddenly, it flew over like lightning, with a handful of rotten fingers and claws.
Grabbing Shen Zhuo’s left wrist, he fluttered his wings and dragged Shen Zhuo to fly out of the viaduct!

The night wind howled suddenly.
Shen Zhuo was completely suspended in the air, blood gurgling from his abdomen spilled onto the ground, and the rapid blood loss caused his body to lose temperature rapidly, but it was difficult to struggle with the left hand that was caught, and the humanoid monster was still flapping its terrifying wings.

Where the hell is this going?

Under the current situation, it is obviously impossible to play the game of going deep into the army alone.
Shen Zhuo took a hoarse breath, and finally took out the metal injection tube from the inside of his coat.
A small letter A was stamped on the metal cover.

He clenched his teeth to open the metal cover, exposing the injection needle, aimed his backhand at the inside of his left wrist, and saw that he was about to pierce down——

at this moment.

A figure leaped from a distance, because the speed was so fast, it seemed as if it had flashed out of thin air at the top of the viaduct.
It was tall and condescending, with its back to the huge crescent moon above its head.

It’s Bai Sheng.

Liu Sanji blurted out: “Who?!”

Bai Sheng put his hands in his trouser pockets, looked down from top to bottom, and happened to meet Shen Zhuo, who was covered in blood, in mid-air and, suddenly raising his eyebrows in surprise, he immediately broke into a smile:

“Who hurt you so badly, Inspector?”

This person’s tone was obviously frivolous and unserious but, for some reason, the moment he appeared, a terrifyingly powerful air pressure rushed towards his face, making Liu Sanji’s pupils constrict in an instant, and instinctive fear rushed directly from the bone marrow to the top of his head.

Before he had time to think about it, Liu Sanji desperately wanted to strike first, but he saw Bai Sheng’s foot slipping on the railing and flying into the air.

And down—


Large swaths of the highway collapsed.

The gravel soared into the sky, and the shock lasted for a long time.

Shen Zhuo panted and opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Bai Sheng’s sharp jawline.


He turned his head and glanced back over his shoulder.

He saw his whole body being held horizontally in Bai Sheng’s arms, and the humanoid monster was trampled under Bai Sheng’s feet.
The terrifying impact completely embedded it into the asphalt pavement; the circular crack radiated to the distance of the road, and large pieces of rubble were turned up, extending to more than 20 meters away.

Dust and smoke filled the air and curled up endlessly.

Police sirens in all directions approached from far away, and a dozen vehicles from the Supervision Office braked quickly.
Chen Miao was fully armed and rushed out of the car: “Senior!”

Bai Sheng lowered his head and looked at Shen Zhuo, his eyes seemed to flash a hint of teasing, but his voice was unexpectedly calm and gentle: “Go to sleep, it’s okay.”

—Those words carried a certain irresistible force.

Shen Zhuo opened his mouth, wanting to tell him something last, but then the darkness overwhelmed the sky, and his consciousness slowly sank into the abyss.

The air under the viaduct became quiet, and the curling smoke and dust seemed to be fixed.
Bai Sheng gazed down and pondered for a moment, then raised his head to look at Liu Sanji on the viaduct, and asked with a smile:

“Don’t you know who I am?”

Liu Sanji tensed up and took half a step back: “You—”

All the street lights went out without warning, and the world suddenly fell into darkness, only the overhead wires on both sides of the road exploded and flashed with electricity.
The electric current quickly gathered around Bai Sheng from all directions, getting bigger and brighter, and finally formed a mass of terrifyingly large high-voltage thunderballs, reflecting Bai Sheng’s eyes with a cold smile.

“An evolutionary who murdered the Shenhai City inspector on Shenhai’s territory?”

“I was the one who was stepped into the minefield by you, idiot.”

The next moment.

In Liu Sanji’s horrified sight, a violent electric current rushed towards his face like a mountain roaring and a tsunami, instantly illuminating his pale face——

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