Chapter 7: 3 Days Before School Starts (1)

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Hearing the cicadas chirping among the grass was nice.

The moonlight reflected on the water at night creates a relaxing atmosphere. 

I was cleaning the fish I caught in front of the crackling campfire.

I worked a lot the past three days just to survive.

My once shabby living space had become quite decent.

First was my shelter, which was made with wood, clothes, and leaves.
I had now reinforced it with clay from the river, filling the gaps connecting the support beams and making them sturdier.
The gaps on the roof were also neatly covered.
Even if it rained, there probably won't be any leakage.

However, the support didn't look like it could withstand the added weight of the clay.
I had to reinforce it with more wood, adding volume to my shelter.

And as for food, I found rock salt downstream of the river leading up to the coast.
I then ground some fragments into smaller pieces and used it to season my food.
I also found a large flat stone by the river and used it as a grill.

“I’m slowly getting the hang of it.”

I couldn't catch bigger fish with just a low-grade fishing rod.
Usually, I would only catch small fish like Japanese rice fish, but sometimes I would reel in a Bluegill fish that I could actually eat. 

I had also become quite good at preparing fish.

Using the ceremonial dagger that had now become my trusty companion, I cut through the fish belly and removed its guts.
After that, I dragged the blade across the skin to descale it, and then scored through the flesh to let the seasoning seep well into the meat.
I then sprinkled salt all over it and grilled it on the stone plate.



[Newly Made Dish]

Grilled Bluegill with Salt

Bluegill caught in the river that was cleaned and then grilled with salt. 

It’s simple but the tastes of the ingredients are incorporated well together.

Production Difficulty Level: ●●○○○




《 Cooking skills have increased.



Oh, I obtained something new.

There weren't any messages like this when I only caught and roughly grilled my fish. 

But ever since I started cleaning and preparing the ingredients, seasoning and cooking them properly, my cooking skill began to improve.

This meant the increase in my daily life production skills reflected on my level as well.
I took my mirror out and looked at my reflection to check my information window.

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[Name: Ed Rothstaylor]

Gender: Male

Age: 17

School Year: 2nd

Species: Human

Achievements: None


Vitality: 3

Intelligence: 4

Dexterity: 8

Willpower: 7

Luck: 6


Combat Skills Details ≫

Magic Skills Details ≫

Life Skills Details ≫

Alchemy Skills Details ≫


My Dexterity increased by a point from 7 to 8.

Proficiency in various daily life production skills was extremely important in ‘Silvenia’s Failed Swordmaster.’

This was because skills in cooking, construction, woodworking, pharmaceutical, and other production areas could create a variety of useful items, but were also useful when combined with practical combat abilities. 

As an example, Dexterity was closely connected with a person's sensitivity.
It had something to do with being able to detect the subtle flow of energies or movements around you. 

It had little relation to magic, but it brought a significant differences in swordsmanship, archery, and alchemy.

I didn't know when my Dexterity increased but a point was already a great feat.

The higher your stats were, the harder it became to raise them. 

Although it may not take long to raise low stats like 3 or 4 to a 7 or 8, you would need to complete a legendary quest just to earn a point once you reach the 20s.

Most of the daily life production skills were closely linked to Dexterity.

Combat Skills were affected by Vitality, Dexterity, and Willpower.

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Magic Skills were influenced by Intelligence, Willpower, and Luck.

Life Skills were from Dexterity and Willpower.

While Alchemy Skills needed Intelligence and Luck.

It may seem unnecessarily complicated, but the key thing to remember was that each skill was affected by different stats.

I tasted a piece of fish.
As it was seasoned well, it was really delicious, 

I drank a few gulps of water from the stream and sat down on a large rock I've been using as a substitute for a chair.

“I still have a lot of work to do…”

The wooden shelter was uncomfortable at first, but it somehow became cozy as the days went by.

I still had a lot of extra clothes left.

When it came to food, I had somehow survived by catching fish and foraging nuts and berries from the forest.

I wouldn't say my standard of living is high, but it sure could improve little by little. 

“I need a drying rack to wash my clothes, but how do I make something like that… If I go to the library in the academic district, wouldn't I find some related books about it? And I don’t want to only rely on fishing and gathering, I want to hunt too.”

While walking around in the forest yesterday, I chanced upon a wild boar roaming around.
Apart from it, there were also plenty of wild animals such as rabbits and squirrels.

Since the academy had to be built on Acken Island, a large-scale monster subjugation took place first.
It would be hard to find monsters that could count as a threat to human life now, but there were quite a few wild animals that lived in the forests, naturally belonging in nature.

Hunting wouldn't be a choice, but a necessity.
Meat was about supply and demand, but if I were to collect oil from the animal I caught, the quality of my cooking would greatly increase.

“Come to think of it, I need some cooking utensils…”

The tools I had were all ceremonial items used at academic events–a ceremonial dagger, an iron bowl, and a mirror.
These things were usually kept neatly, but at this point, I didn’t have the leisure to pay attention to such empty formalities. 

The ceremonial dagger had already gone through all sorts of hardships, and there was no reason to keep the bowl and mirror neat.
It was something that couldn’t be helped. 

“It’d be so convenient if I just had something like a pot, a proper kitchen knife, a ladle, or at least a plate for the food.”

Using a twig, I wrote down the necessary items I could think of on the ground.
I didn't have money and couldn't leave the island right away, but if I were somehow able to obtain the funds, these were the things I really wanted to buy.

“I still have so many things left to do… But there are only three days left before school starts… ughh…”

I let out a deep sigh and stretched.

At least I had enough tools to live with.

This past week, I worked hard to build a place I could call my own.
It could now be considered something like a ‘camp.’

The wooden shelter that I put my most effort into.

A campfire surrounded by small rocks to manage it efficiently.

On top of that, a large stone plate that I used in place of a cooking grill.

Along with these things was the neatly arranged luggage I brought from Ophelis Hall.

There were also quite a few other items I made by myself that I had organized separately. 

“Then for today… let’s try making a bow using some silk threads.”

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The silk I found in my luggage had been a huge help.
It looked like a luxury product that I almost shed tears as I unraveled the fabric.
The fishing line was made with that silk, and I also used it to tie and close the fabric on my roof.

The silk was of high quality and was quite durable.
If I twist it well, it would be usable in a bow.
I also found an appropriately sized piece of wood in the forest for the bow itself.

Making and learning how to use a bow would be a huge help.

Most importantly, archery had good compatibility with both magic and Dexterity. 

That was because various magical modifications could be applied to the arrows, greatly increasing their power.

If I could increase my proficiency with a bow and arrow, I would see a direct growth in my abilities.

Based on my experience, hastily learning a skill resulted in inferior proficiency.
It was easy to fall out of balance.

Prevention was better than cure.
No matter how busy I may be, I needed to make sure I did all the necessary preparations first.

“I think it’s going to be another long night.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I got myself ready to go back into production mode.
I guessed I would be sleeping late today once again.


* * *

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Dean McDowell smiled contentedly as he swept his mustache.
It had been a while since he laughed like this.

The position as Dean of the Magic Department at Silvenia Academy was hard and difficult to endure for a gentle soul like him.

There were many eccentric students that dominated the academy, but even the professors had big egos.
Trying to mediate in the middle of it all, getting swept here and there, had made his once-shiny black hair start turning white.

The deans of the Combat Department and Alchemy Department didn't seem to suffer nearly as much.
It looked to be that the Magic Department was just particularly difficult. 

But there were times when he felt like he was being rewarded.

He smiled as he looked through the results of the freshmen class assignment.

The lineup this year was truly a gold mine. 

Even though he had become old, the brilliant glow of these talented gemstones made his heart flutter. 

First of all, it was a good sign that Professor Glast assigned three students to Class A.

Professor Glast, who shakes his head, not only at students but even at high-ranking professors, recognized as many as three students.

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‘Spear from Nature Ziggs’ whose talents had blossomed even in the harsh northern grasslands.

The greatest merchant in the continent that led the Elte Company, ‘The Golden King’ Elte Kehelland’s only child, ‘The Golden Daughter Lortel.’

And the one whose origins and past was unknown… The girl who made Professor Glast applaud with just her overwhelming talent – ‘Lazy Lucy.’

Dean McDowell couldn’t help but be surprised at Professor Glast’s praise for Lucy Mayreel.


“She was born with the qualities of an archmage who will make a new mark in the history of magic.
I am honored to be her teacher.”


Taking into consideration how Professor Glast had looked at many magicians who had been called prodigies before with cold and distant eyes, and looking at his words and actions now, Dean McDowell couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of talent Lucy Mayreel had.

Compared to last year, this year’s freshmen were a great harvest.

There were barely any students who stood out from last year's freshmen.
Only Yeneka, who succeeded in signing a contract with a high-ranking spirit, caught his attention. 

Rather, their average scores were on the decline.
They even had a student who was excommunicated for interfering with this year's freshmen entrance exam.
It was a batch of students that could be considered the worst generation.

“Last year must have been really grim for the sake of this year.”

McDowell was about to sign the report, hoping that Silvenia’s great name could be raised once again.

Please wait a moment… A guest has arrived.”

His secretary knocked on his office door.
He had told her not to let anyone in unless they had scheduled a meeting in advance, but it seemed as if she had already forgotten. 

McDowell sighed and was about to reprimand her when the door swung open without his approval.

It was Claire, the royal knight, and Head Escort under the direct control of Princess Penia.
With the door open, the princess herself came in, dressed in a dark blue dress.

Dean McDowell was scared out of his wits.
He bowed his head and tried to honor the royal family, only to quickly stop himself.

This was the academic district in Silvenia.

It was a place where the virtue of learning took precedence over the status of nobles.

Outside of the academic district, there would be people bowing their heads in front of the authority of the royal family.
But here, Dean McDowell was considered Princess Penia’s professor.

He couldn't treat the princess carelessly, but he had to at least act as a teacher and treat her as a student.
This was the policy of the emperor who founded Silvenia Academy. 

Dean McDowell ended his courtesy by carefully bowing his head.

“I can’t believe the Princess has traveled all the way to the academic district at this hour.
And for what reason did you come, princess?”

“I am sorry I didn’t contact you in advance, Professor McDowell.”

Despite her petite frame, Princess Penia faced him with an intimidating aura.
She modestly sat down on the sofa meant for guests while the Head Escort Claire and the two other royal knights stood firm.

“There’s something I wanted to discuss.
Will that be okay?”

The Benevolent Princess Penia was not one to use her authority to pressure others.
McDowell knew about that fact quite well.

So what could her reason be for recklessly coming into his office to ask him for a discussion?

Either way, Dean McDowell had no choice but to listen to what she had to say.

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