red obediently.

The two chatted until Lu Yanzhou went out.

Lu Yanzhou first went to the company.

Xie Chengze has a lot of property in his name, and his grandfather specially left a team to help him manage it.
The so-called company is a place for the people of his team to stay.

Lu Yanzhou arrived at the place and found that no one cared about him at all.

The original owner had no relevant work experience, did not understand financial knowledge, and just learned how to buy stocks after he came to the company.

If it weren’t for the high salary, less work, and less pressure in the company, most would likely quit already.

Lu Yanzhou ignored the strange eyes of others, found the information, and began to check Xie Chengze’s assets status.

Xie Chengze really has a lot of assets.
There are hundreds of real estate properties alone.
The office building where their company is located is also under his name.

He also holds more than 5 percent shares of more than 20 large companies.
He has tens of millions of liquidity, and various other investments.

One could say he was very rich.

Though it was said that his assets were managed by him.
In fact, it isn’t well managed at all.
The original owner has used his money to make a lot of messy investments in the past year.

When Lu Yanzhou was on earth, he wasn’t born well off.
His family is poor, his parents died young, and he grew up in the countryside with his grandparents.

He had no money to study at that time, so he simply joined the army when he was an adult.

He was an uneducated soldier who had no future.
Basically, he should have returned to look for a job in a few years, but he was lucky and his physical fitness was very good, so he was selected into the special force.

After joining the special forces, he went to study several times, and even went to a military academy.
After being discharged from the army due to an injury, he became a policeman.

He has never done business, but he likes to read political and economic news.
He has also dealt with some economic cases, combined with the memory of the original owner…

Let’s not talk about the investments made by other people in the team for the time being.
It is better to sell the stock funds that the original owners bought indiscriminately.

Lu Yanzhou stayed in the company all morning, then went downstairs to buy something to eat and went straight to Xie’s house.

He didn’t see Xie Chengze all morning, he missed him.

When Lu Yanzhou arrived at Xie’s house this time, Lu Qiqi was not there, and others said that she went out.

The housekeeper, who was very enthusiastic before, this time when Lu Qiqi was away, turned cold again.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t care about the butler’s attitude.
He went upstairs and saw Xie Chengze sitting by the wall, looking at the door.

Seeing him, Xie Chengze immediately jumped up and waved at him: “Brother Yanzhou, you are finally here!”

“Mm, I’m here.” Lu Yanzhou laughed and sat beside Xie Chengze.

“Did you bring me anything today?” Xie Chengze asked, leaning on the plastic film.

Lu Yanzhou took something from his bag: “I brought you some snacks and a copybook.”

Xie Chengze: “…”

Lu Yanzhou put the copybook into the disinfection pipe, then sat next to the plastic film, next to Xie Chengze, and continued to give Xie Chengze some lecture.

Xie Chengze was absent-minded.
He is not familiar with those basic knowledge, but he is not completely ignorant.
The point is…he can’t use them.

His body has no immunity at all.
It’s a miracle that he can survive until now, he doesn’t know how long he will live.

Why is he still taking lessons?

Xie Chengze stared at Lu Yanzhou for a long time, then stretched his hand into the plastic glove to pull Lu Yanzhou’s hand, and said, “Brother Yanzhou, let me give you a house.
I have a flat in Zixin Yuan which is very good.”

When Lu Yanzhou chatted with Lu Qiqi before, he said that he wanted a house.

Lu Yanzhou has already taken 30 million from his name, he has no shortage of money to buy a house.

He would simply give Lu Yanzhou a flat.

Would Lu Yanzhou treat him better this way?

Xie Chengze rested his chin on Lu Yanzhou’s shoulder.
If they didn’t have the thick plastic film between them, he could kiss him at any time.

Lu Yanzhou pushed Xie Chengze.
Moving away from Xie Chengze, he looked at Xie Chengze disapprovingly: “Aze, how can you just give someone a flat?”

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou blankly.

Lu Yanzhou said earnestly: “Do you know how much a house is worth and how much you can buy with it? In this country, many people can only earn two or three thousand a month.
What about your flat in Zixin Yuan? That’s a big flat, worth about 2 or 3 million!”

Xie Chengze was a little aggrieved: “I just want to give it to you…”

Lu Yanzhou originally wanted to educate him, but when he saw Xie Chengze’s aggrieved expression, he was reluctant to lecture him.

Xie Chengze continued, “Brother Yanzhou, do you want it?”

Before the change, Lu Yanzhou would definitely not accept it, but now he wants to earn merit as soon as possible so that Xie Chengze can recover…

Lu Yanzhou sighed and said, “I want it.”

After speaking, Lu Yanzhou looked at Xie Chengze and felt distressed again.

This kid really doesn’t understand anything and has no concept of money.

In the future, he must take more care of him.

Thinking of this, Lu Yanzhou was not in a hurry to teach Xie Chengze basic knowledge.
Instead, he chatted with Xie Chengze and talked a lot about the world.
He even took out his mobile phone and found a shopping app to show him the prices of various products.

Lu Yanzhou’s pleasant voice kept ringing in his ears.
Xie Chengze was hugged by him, thinking it was more interesting than practicing writing or learning elementary school literature and language.

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