cise together.”

Xie Chengze was a little confused: “Exercise?”

“Yes, let’s do some exercise to keep our body healthy,” Lu Yanzhou said.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t think about exercise at first, but the situation that Xie Chengze couldn’t even open the can made him feel that Xie Chengze needed to exercise.

He didn’t expect Xie Chengze to practice anything, he only hoped that his arms and legs would be a little thicker, not as thin as they are now, as if they could be broken anytime.

Xie Chengze was reluctant: “What exercise are we going to do?”

The sterile room where Xie Chengze was staying was not very spacious, so he couldn’t do much exercise.
Lu Yanzhou said, “Just jump, let’s jump a few times.”

“I don’t want to be separated from you.” Xie Chengze held Lu Yanzhou’s hand.

“Be good, let’s do a few jumps.
How about you do ten jumps and I jump a hundred?” Lu Yanzhou coaxed him.

Xie Chengze agreed.

“Then I’ll jump first.” Lu Yanzhou jumped a hundred times first.

When he jumped, his hands also moved, either open and parallel, or clapped above his head.
After the jumps, he was a little out of breath.

The original owner rarely exercised, so his physical fitness is really poor.

Seeing him jumping, Xie Chengze obediently started jumping ten times in one breath.

After ten jumps, his pale face was already red.
His breathing was a little short.

Xie Chengze’s physique was obviously bad, however, Lu Yanzhou started to clap his hands: “Aze is awesome, he jumped ten times in one breath! We will work hard tomorrow to make twenty jumps.”

Xie Chengze stared at Lu Yanzhou’s exaggerated expression for a while, and replied dully: “Mm.”

“Aze, I’m leaving.
I’ll see you tomorrow.” Lu Yanzhou continues.

Xie Chengze leaned against the wall: “You hug me again…”

Lu Yanzhou hugged Xie Chengze then left immediately.

It won’t be long before Xie Yuan comes back.
He doesn’t want to see Xie Yuan for the time being.

And…he had other things to do.

As soon as Lu Yanzhou left, Xie Chengze went back to his bedroom again.

The computers in his bedroom were all turned on, making a humming noise, but because the operation of this sterile room requires a lot of machines, the fourth floor is always noisy, so the sound in his bedroom was covered up.

He pressed it a few times, then turned on the surveillance camera again.

He first turned on several surveillance cameras in the Xie family, then turned on the community surveillance cameras.
It was not until Lu Yanzhou left the community that he turned off all those surveillance cameras, and then looked at the other computer.

There were more characters on the computer, asking him why he didn’t speak.

Xie Chengze quickly typed an answer, then switched pages again and went looking in Xie Corporation’s office system.

His father was very unconcerned with his studies, and the tutors he found were all here to mess around.
He studied for two years and only barely recognized the words.

However, his father’s superficial care is still okay.
He installed computers for him in the name of passing him time.

No one taught him how to use the computer.
However, since he was always alone, he slowly learned.

Through the Internet, he can know things all over the world.

However, if asking him about synonyms and antonyms, ask him what the first stroke of a word is, ask him who wrote ‘Sparrow’ by a russian writer, or made him read the underlined sentence and write what the person in the text thinks, he really doesn’t know.

It is also difficult for him to write down those familiar words with a pen.

A message box suddenly popped up on the computer.
Xie Chengze’s mobile phone received a message from Lu Yanzhou.

Xie Chengze replied quickly.
After replying, he wanted to see what Lu Yanzhou was doing.

He has many ways to monitor Lu Yanzhou.

However, Xie Chengze didn’t do that.

He liked the Lu Yanzhou in front of him a lot.
He didn’t want to know the things that Lu Yanzhou did behind his back that would make him unhappy.

At noon today, he was not very happy.

Old city district.

Lu Yanzhou sent a message to Xie Chengze, then climbed onto the roof of the next building and helped the uncle who lived on the top floor to lay a tarp.

The building where the old man lives has a total of five floors.
It was built about 30 to 40 years ago.
It’s older than the original owner, there’s bound to be some problems, such as water leakage on the top floor.

Living on the top floor was a couple in their sixties, as well as an elderly woman whose husband was in his nineties.

Their house is much smaller than the Lu family’s house, only about 40 square meters.
The roof is still leaking, so the living environment is very poor.

Because the house can’t be sold at a good price, the old people have no money to change houses.

Lu Yanzhou helped lay the tarp on the top floor two or three times.

He doesn’t have the memory of his previous tasks, but he is quite skilled at this kind of work.
He probably did a lot of things like that when he was doing tasks in the past.

He has always been interested in accumulating merit.
He doesn’t know how much merit he has accumulated, but unfortunately he can’t use it in this small world.

After laying the tarp on the roof, Lu Yanzhou helped the old man on the third floor to repair the solar energy on the roof.

This solar energy is not difficult to repair, but it is very troublesome for an old man.
The old man on the third floor has not used solar energy to take a bath for half a year now.

After doing this, looking at the time, Lu Yanzhou sent a message to remind Xie Chengze to eat on time.

After chatting with Xie Chengze, Lu Yanzhou made another call and asked someone to have dinner tomorrow.

Earning merit must be put on the agenda as soon as possible.

That 30 million must be spent to bring him enough merit.

Xie Chengze was in poor health and was easily assassinated.
He wanted to look after Xie Chengze, so he was unable to leave.
He needed someone to help him.

Luckily he has money and can hire someone.

Tomorrow, he will also go to the place where the original owner worked to sort out the various investments in the original owner’s hands.

The original owner has never read the financial reports of any listed company carefully.
He has never paid attention to the operation of these listed companies, and even bought a lot of stocks for Xie Chengze with Xie Chengze’s funds, which is simply a joke.

The original owner is the kind of brokerage that still talks to people about his messy investments after the money is allocated.

Rubbing his forehead, Lu Yanzhou felt as though his head could explode.

He has no previous memory, and like Xie Chengze, he needs to learn, especially financial knowledge.

At that time…Xie Chengze can follow along to learn?

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