station, but the police told him some things, such as…Because there are too many surveillance cameras on the third floor of Zhang’s villa, although the person who did it was disguised, they still found his identity.

An Chenyuan: “…” Lu Yanzhou is definitely sick.
He installed so many surveillance cameras at home!

Then the police continued: “By the way, Xie Chengze’s illness has been cured.
After Lu Yanzhou took him out of Xie’s house, he found someone to cure his illness.
He had recovered, but others don’t know about it so subjectively they’ll try to murder him…”

An Chenyuan: “!!!”


The police did not disclose a lot of news, but the Internet is still very lively.

“This is the first time I saw someone alive who donated so much money!”

“Young master Xie is really a capitalist with a conscience!”

“Although this matter has been clarified, didn’t they say that young master Xie was admitted to the hospital? Is this true or not? Is he okay?”

“Hope he’s okay!”


For a while, more people started to pray for Xie Chengze online.

Jiang Tianshuo was also praying.
He felt that Xie Chengze was a bit pitiful.

What a man! He was born with such an illness!

At this moment, Jiang Tianshuo’s chat software received a message from Water God, telling him to hand over the evidence of Xie’s tax evasion to the police.

Xie Chengze understood his father well.
His father controlled Xie Corporate, just like some emperors in ancient times controlled power and did not allow anyone to get involved.

In his father’s eyes, Xie Corporate is the most important, and none of them can compare to Xie Corporate.

It’s okay if he has never given him any fatherly love, but his father still wants him dead, wants his money, so there’s always a price to pay.

It’s just, he misses Lu Yanzhou a little bit.

Lu Yanzhou also missed Xie Chengze very much.

Although Xie Chengze’s health is recovering, without him watching, he doesn’t know if he will eat indiscriminately…

After coming to this world, Lu Yanzhou’s heart was anxious until now, he was finally relieved.

He and Xie Chengze should not encounter any troublesome things in the future.

Knowing that he could leave the police station, Lu Yanzhou went to the hospital immediately.

The medical miracle Xie Chengze stayed in a separate ward.
The doctor who looked after him for many years, is doubting his life.

It is true that new treatment methods have come out recently, but Xie Chengze’s recovery is too fast!

“Young master Xie, how did you recover?” The doctor is struggling with Xie Chengze’s complete physical examination report.
According to the physical examination report, Xie Chengze is very healthy.

Xie Chengze looked at him innocently: “I donated a lot of money to pray for blessings, and my health recovered.”

Doctor: “Young master Xie, stop joking.”

Xie Chengze: “…” He thought it was a joke at first too, but it is the truth…

The two were talking when Lu Yanzhou came.

“AZe, how do you feel?” Lu Yanzhou asked as soon as he came in, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“Um…Brother Yanzhou, I miss you, I feel uncomfortable all over.” Xie Chengze jumped and hugged Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou blushed because of this straightforward confession, but Xie Chengze said so, he must also respond: “I miss you too…”

Doctor: “…” Someone on the Internet guessed that the two had an affair, and it seems to be true…

If he had known about this before, he might have felt that Lu Yanzhou was not easy and bad, but now it is different!

What else can he do now besides wishing them a happy marriage for a hundred years?

Oh, and he should leave here quietly, so as not to be stuffed with dog food.

The doctor left in a hurry.

Xie Chengze grabbed Lu Yanzhou’s hand and kept touching it.

Lu Yanzhou sighed: “AZe, this is outside…”

“There is no one else here!” Xie Chengze said.

Well…Lu Yanzhou actually missed him a lot too, so he couldn’t help but kiss him.

After the kiss, Lu Yanzhou sighed again.

When Xie Chengze regains his memory in the future, remembering these, he wonders if he will be beaten up.

Xie Chengze is fine, so Lu Yanzhou took him home.

Father Lu, mother Lu, and old lady Wang have already returned.
Old lady Wang is very embarrassed when she learns that she has wronged Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t bother with her.
What he did before was really easy to doubt too.

In fact, he had already discovered that old lady Wang didn’t like him, but he was busy taking care of Xie Chengze so he didn’t have time to have a good talk with old lady Wang.

As for father Lu and mother Lu, they still don’t know about their son’s relationship with Xie Chengze, so now they feel…their son’s boss is really kind, he has donated so much money!

Of course, their son is also very kind!

After a busy day, everyone had no time to talk and just went to sleep.

In the next few days, both Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze stayed in Zhang’s villa and did not go out.

After that, they no longer need to intervene.

Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze were affectionate at home, but there was a lot of trouble outside.

In the original historical trajectory, after Xie Chengze died, a hacker exposed Xie Corporate problems, and also brought forward Xie Yuan and An Chenyuan.

This time the trend is similar.
Someone also exposed the relationship between Xie Yuan and An Chenyuan on the Internet, and handed over the evidence of Xie’s tax evasion to the police.

The police followed up with the investigation and found that the person who destroyed Xie Chengze’s sterile room was instigated by An Chenyuan.

An Chenyuan thought that Xie Chengze was in poor health and he did this to kill Xie Chengze, so he had to bear legal responsibility.

In contrast, the man he paid for only thought he was destroying something expensive.
He had no idea that he almost killed someone.

Faced with this situation, An Chenyuan confessed about Xie Yuan without hesitation.
Like Lu Yanzhou, he recorded as evidence.

So the people who eat melons on the Internet are all confused.

“This development is really unexpected…”

“It’s worse than the assistant murdering the boss.
This is the father who wants to murder his son!”

“No wonder Lu Yanzhou wanted to take Xie Chengze away from Xie’s house!”


There’s procedures for handling cases.
It will definitely take several months to find out about this matter, but it is certain that Xie Corporate is finished.

Lu Yanzhou was in a good mood, but after seeing the whole thing, he was also a little entangled.
He couldn’t help asking Xie Chengze: “AZe, Water God has such a good relationship with you?”

In this incident, an unknown hacker was also involved.
In the past few days, he has been with Xie Chengze day and night, he also sees Xie Chengze chatting with someone from time to time.

That person is Water God, right? Xie Chengze have such a good relationship with them?

Thinking about how Xie Chengze had been praising Water God before, Lu Yanzhou suddenly felt sour.

Xie Chengze: “…”

T/N: Next is the extra of ‘Water God’ (¬‿¬)

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