>He took out a can of wine and also took out all the snacks Lu Yanzhou bought for him before.

When Lu Yanzhou came in, he had already decided to accompany Xie Chengze until midnight.

He didn’t allow Xie Chengze to stay up late before, even on New Year’s Eve, he make Xie Chengze go to bed early, but now that Xie Chengze’s body has recovered, it’s not a big deal to go to bed late occasionally.

He didn’t want to hug Xie Chengze, so why don’t they just eat something and drink together?

When Lu Yanzhou was on Earth, he could drink quite well, but he didn’t like drinking very much.

The wine given to Xie Chengze by Water God is a relatively rare wine with a good taste but it has higher alcohol content than ordinary wine.

Lu Yanzhou opened a can, poured about 20 milliliters for Xie Chengze, then took a big gulp from the can.

Xie Chengze was slightly taken aback when he saw Lu Yanzhou’s behavior.

He has investigated Lu Yanzhou to the bottom these few days, and according to the information he knows…Lu Yanzhou is not a very good drinker.

Although Lu Yanzhou didn’t drink enough like a glass yet, his drinking capacity was only about two cans of beer.

Now that he drinks so freely, isn’t he afraid of getting drunk?

Lu Yanzhou really didn’t think about it, he was in a very complicated mood these days.

He didn’t dare to get close to Xie Chengze because he was afraid that he would do something irreversible.
However, seeing Xie Chengze sad because of his distance, he also felt uncomfortable.

Seeing that Xie Chengze was looking at him eagerly…Lu Yanzhou didn’t dare to look at him again, so he finished the can of wine in two or three gulps.

In the past summer, there was always a lot of wine in his refrigerator.
When he gets home from work, he will open a can to relieve the heat.
Beer is actually similar to a beverage for him.

“Brother Yanzhou, do you want more?” Xie Chengze gave Lu Yanzhou another can.

If Lu Yanzhou was drunk…it would save him the trouble.

Lu Yanzhou took the can of wine, opened it, took a sip, then stopped drinking.

After drinking a can of wine, his stomach is full of liquid.
He didn’t want to drink a second can for a while.

Slowing down, Lu Yanzhou took a bag of potato chips and opened it: “AZe, these potato chips are delicious, try it.”

“Mm.” Xie Chengze took a piece of potato chips and ate them: “It’s delicious, I’ve never eaten something so delicious!”

Lu Yanzhou felt more and more uncomfortable, and suddenly said: “AZe, can you give me a bag of nutritious food that you usually eat? I want to try it.”

Xie Chengze glanced at Lu Yanzhou and smiled: “Okay!”

Xie Chengze unpacked a bag of specially prepared food that he usually ate.
He squeezed it into a bowl and sprinkled the aphrodisiac hidden in his pocket without hesitation.

He had crushed the medicine into powder before, so it is very convenient to use now.

After mixing it with a spoon, Xie Chengze handed it to Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou took a little bite with the spoon.

This food was not tasty at all, and it still had a bitter taste.
Even though he is not a picky eater, he still felt that he couldn’t eat it.

Lu Yanzhou was not in a good mood, but after tasting this thing, he felt even more uncomfortable.

What kind of life has Xie Chengze been living these years?

When those people prepare food for him, don’t they ever consider the taste?

Fortunately, Xie Chengze will be able to live a normal life in the future.

He obviously should let Xie Chengze live a life where he can get whatever he wants, but now he even refuses Xie Chengze request to get closer to him…

One bite at a time, Lu Yanzhou ate up the whole bowl of mush.

The paste tasted bad, so he drank a few sips of wine in the middle to get the paste down.

“Brother Yanzhou?” Seeing that Lu Yanzhou was silent, Xie Chengze called out.

Lu Yanzhou smiled at Xie Chengze.
He gave him another piece of chocolate: “AZe, try this.”

Xie Chengze took a bite of chocolate and observed Lu Yanzhou’s situation.

Lu Yanzhou’s face was very red, but he was not drunk yet.
The medicine didn’t seem to have worked…

Xie Chengze brought out another can of different wine: “Brother Yanzhou, I still want to taste the taste of this wine.”

If Lu Yanzhou got drunk straight away, he wouldn’t need to use the medicine.

Thinking that Xie Chengze drank a little wine just now…Lu Yanzhou opened the third can of wine and poured another 20ml for Xie Chengze.

With so little, he tastes it, but the wine is not very tasty…Xie Chengze drank it in one gulp, frowning slightly.

“How is it?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

“Not very tasty.” Xie Chengze said.

“So drink less in the future.” Lu Yanzhou stroked Xie Chengze’s hair.

Xie Chengze’s hair was very soft.
Lu Yanzhou’s heart fluttered, he felt the urge to kiss him.

Not only that, but his body also felt a little hot.
He wanted to hug Xie Chengze and rub Xie Chengze into his body.

Lu Yanzhou picked up the wine in hand and took a few more sips, trying to suppress the heat in his heart, but the more he drank, the hotter he became.

Lu Yanzhou suddenly realized something, crushing the wine can in his hand.

He seems to be drunk! He also coveted Xie Chengze because of drinking.

After recalling it carefully, the original owner’s drinking capacity…seems to be very bad?

Lu Yanzhou’s mind was already a little chaotic.
Right now he really wanted to hug Xie Chengze and kiss Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze has never been hugged before, why did he reject him before and make him sad?

Lu Yanzhou stood up and hugged Xie Chengze: “AZe…” The person he likes was in his arms, Lu Yanzhou hugged him tighter and tighter.

“Brother Yanzhou?” Xie Chengze called out.

Lu Yanzhou suddenly regained his senses.
He suddenly realized…he actually wanted to do even worse things to Xie Chengze!

It shouldn’t be!

Besides, he is simply a beast.
After drinking a little wine, he plots against Xie Chengze!

Lu Yanzhou pinched himself, pushing Xie Chengze away and said, “I’m a little uncomfortable.
AZe, I’m leaving first…”

“You said you would accompany me.” Xie Chengze took Lu Yanzhou’s hand.

Lu Yanzhou hurriedly shook Xie Chengze’s hand away: “I have something to do…” If he stayed any longer, he might hurt Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze was pushed away and froze on the spot.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Sorry…AZe, I really still have things to do…”

Lu Yanzhou came to the glass door of the sterilization pipeline and wanted to open it.

It’s just that he has never opened the door before, so he couldn’t open it the first time.

“Brother Yanzhou.” At this moment, Xie Chengze came over again.
He took a wet towel and wiped the sweat off his forehead, and then wiped his nose.

Lu Yanzhou’s legs gave way, he sat down on the ground feeling dizzy.
He just wanted to fall asleep like this.

The medicine Xie Chengze bought is colorless and tasteless, so pouring it on the towel to cover someone’s mouth and nose can make a person unconscious.

He bought the amount for one time use.
Half of the medicine was already used before for testing, so he didn’t dare to use all the remaining half.

But the effect seem to be pretty good?

Xie Chengze leaned into Lu Yanzhou’s arms and kissed Lu Yanzhou’s face.

Before he dies, he will be willful.

Xie Chengze went down to the ground and kissed Lu Yanzhou.
Suddenly, Lu Yanzhou opened his eyes.

Lu Yanzhou’s eyes were bloodshot.
He hugged Xie Chengze and called out in a low voice, “AZe.”

Xie Chengze’s heart trembled, but holding Lu Yanzhou’s head, he kissed him.

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