with a mustache on his upper lips came out of the house and said with a smile: “Young master2, you are early today!”

“Hello, Uncle Wang.” Lu Yanzhou greeted the housekeeper.

Housekeeper Wang opened the door and let Lu Yanzhou enter the house.
As soon as Lu Yanzhou entered, he felt a wave of heat.

The air conditioner in the villa is very warm.
Lu Yanzhou took off his coat and hung it at the door, then asked the housekeeper: “What about my aunt and the others?”

“Master went to the company.
Madam took young master to participate in the holiday activities organized by young master’s school.” Said the housekeeper.

Lu Yanzhou nodded: “I’ll go see my elder cousin.”

“Young master, walk slowly.” Housekeeper Wang watched as Lu Yanzhou walked upstairs.

Lu Yanzhou went up the stairs of the villa to the fourth floor.

When Lu Yanzhou opened the stairs door, he saw a huge glass box placed on the fourth floor that was completely empty.

Actually, it shouldn’t be called a glass box but a sterile ward.

The box covers an area of about 40 square feet.
It was divided into three spaces, namely the bedroom, bathroom, and the largest is the living room.
Around the box are other things, such as the disinfection room connected to the box, air purifiers, and others.

In the glass box was a pale young man with shoulder length hair.

He was sitting on the sofa in the living room.
He was very thin with delicate and cold facial features with a pair of almond eyes and long hair that was left uncare and disheveled…

When he looked at people, he gave people an indescribable one of a kind innocence that made people pity.

Seeing Lu Yanzhou, his eyes suddenly shine brightly.
He ran towards Lu Yanzhou and stopped by the glass wall.
With a big smile, he said: “Yanzhou, you come to see me!”

I came to see you.” Seeing him, Lu Yanzhou’s heart finally calmed down.

This is Xie Chengze.

After Xie Chengze blew himself up, his soul fragment was thrown into the small world by Black Tortoise.

Black Tortoise did this to devour Xie Chengze’s soul force.

Because his soul is incomplete, Xie Chengze was destined to be born with a defect.
He would also suffer many hardships afterward.

That’s not all, he will repeat his miserable life time and time again in these unstable small worlds until his soul force is completely exhausted.

The day his soul can’t bear it anymore, it will dissipate.
Black Tortoise, who he did not know where he was hiding now, will get that pure soul energy easily.

Naturally, with Xie Chengze’s firm heart, even if it’s only a soul fragment, he won’t be easily knocked down.
Lu Yanzhou believed that he would never dissipate without going through thousands upon thousands of reincarnation.

However, thinking that Xie Chengze would live a miserable life over and over again, Lu Yanzhou still couldn’t help feeling distressed.

The original owner’s memories he accepted included the original owner’s life, so he also knows what will happen to Xie Chengze reincarnation in this world.

It’s very difficult for him to accept.

Xie Chengze’s parents in this world are rich second-generation, and they’re married because of business.

The two gave birth to Xie Chengze shortly after their marriage.
After Xie Chengze was born, he was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency, also known as SCID.

People with this disorder are born with almost to no immune system.
It’s very easy for them to die from various infections.
Most don’t even survive to the age of two.

Xie Chengze’s family is rich so he received the best treatment and didn’t die, but he still failed to develop his immune system.

Virus, bacteria, and even fungus could kill him.
He had to live in a sterile environment.

From the sterile warehouse in the hospital to the sterile room specially built for him by the Xie family later…22 year old Xie Chengze has been living in a ‘cage’.
He never had freedom.

The original owner of Lu Yanzhou’s body is Xie Chengze’s stepmother’s nephew.
He almost can’t be regarded as Xie Chengze’s cousin.

Xie Chengze’s biological mother died of cancer when he was 5 years old.
Xie Chengze’s father married the original owner’s aunt Lu Qiqi a year later.

Lu Qiqi had just graduated from university at that time.
The Lu family is an ordinary family.
She has nothing but her face so she was very flattering to Xie Chengze, the stepson.
She also specially found the original owner, her nephew, to accompany Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze had no chance to contact outsiders so he treated the original owner as his best friend.
However, the original owner accompanied him just to get pocket money from Lu Qiqi.

Later when Lu Qiqi gave birth to a son, she thought she gained a firm foothold in the Xie family so she didn’t take Xie Chengze seriously anymore.
She doesn’t want to spend money to ask the original owner to accompany Xie Chengze, so the original owner also no longer cares about Xie Chengze.

When he was in junior high school, he used the excuse of being busy with his studies, so he only saw Xie Chengze once when he came to visit the Lu family during the new year and festivals.
His 4 year college was in another place so he hadn’t seen Xie Chengze for 4 years.

However, after graduating from college, he entered Xie’s company through Lu Qiqi, he started to run to Xie’s house everyday like the past to deepen his feelings with Xie Chengze.

The original owner accidentally learned that Xie Chengze’s grandfather has only one child, Xie Chengze’s mother.

Xie Chengze’s mother and grandmother have long since passed away.
A few years ago, Xie Chengze’s grandfather also passed away…The old man left all his property to Xie Chengze after he died.

Don’t look at how Xie Chengze can only live in a sterile room, his worth is no less than his father’s.

He was young but already the largest shareholder of a listed company.
He also owns shares in other companies, plus real estate funds, and others.
Looking at these assets alone, he is a real domineering president.

The original owner tried to please Xie Chengze.
In the end, he ‘changed jobs’ and became Xie Chengze’s assistant.
He was responsible for managing the many assets under Xie Chengze’s name.

Things continue from here.
Although the original owner is not a good person, he has not done anything very wrong.

However, with more and more money in hand, the original owner was not satisfied with just the million yuan annual salary Xie Chengze gave to him.

Not long ago, the original owner misappropriated 30 million from Xie Chengze.

Bai Hu —> White Tiger
Qing Long —> Azure Dragon
Zhu Que —> Vermillion Bird
Xuan Wu —> Black Tortoise


muder for money


The young master here is like talking about the wife family member young master.
Can’t think of a word for it.

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