Lu Qiqi and Xie Chengyun got out of the car.

Back at the familiar home, Lu Qiqi gained some confidence: “Husband, who do you think did the trick this time? That person is too bad, they actually harmed Chengyun!”

“If he doesn’t talk about others behind their back, no one can hurt him even if they want to!” Xie Yuan sneered,

“That doesn’t mean the culprit is allowed to go unpunished…”

Xie Yuan is a little impatient: “Okay, I’ll let someone check.”

Lu Qiqi and Xie Chengyun were very happy to hear the words.

After what happened yesterday, they have been looking for the person behind it, but they have found nothing.

They felt that it must be Xie Chengyun’s classmates who did this, but Xie Chengyun offended too many people, the scope was too large, so they couldn’t find it.

At this time, the butler came out: “Master, madam, young master, you are back.”

Xie Yuan ignored the housekeeper.
Lu Qiqi asked, “Is dinner ready?”

“It’s ready,” the butler said, and then asked unintentionally, “Madam, the eldest young master moved out today, what should be done to the fourth floor? Should it be sealed or sorted out for other purposes?”

“What do you mean by the eldest young master moving away?” Xie Yuan frowned.

“Master, you don’t know? I thought you agreed.” The housekeeper is a little panicked.

Xie Yuan said coldly: “Explain it to me clearly!”

The housekeeper did not dare to neglect, and quickly explained it.

Lu Qiqi was dumbfounded.
She has been looking after Xie Chengze, how could Xie Chengze move away? Where else can he go?

Wait, Xie Chengze is rich, and he spends his own money for his treatment.
Now that he wants to leave, he can naturally leave.

It’s just that Xie Chengze’s move will inevitably require a new sterile room, which is all money!

Those should all belong to her son, but Xie Chengze cannot be let down!

Lu Yanzhou, this kid actually helped Xie Chengze with this kind of thing…If Xie Yuan wasn’t by her side, Lu Qiqi would have called Lu Yanzhou right away to scold him.

However, Xie Yuan is…

Lu Qiqi looked at Xie Yuan’s face.

After Xie Yuan heard it, he sneered and entered the door.
He had a cold face throughout the meal, no one knew what he was thinking.

After dinner, Xie Yuan went upstairs alone.

Lu Qiqi and Xie Chengyun waited for him to leave before they started talking.

Xie Chengyun’s thoughts were all about the fact that his chat records were seen.

In fact, if he only scolded people, if people see it then they see it he dared to scold, why wouldn’t he dare to admit it?

However, after these chat records were released, everyone said that he was incompetent and talked big.
He can do nothing besides scolding people behind their back.
Because he even scolded his parents, everyone said that he is a white-eyed wolf.

Xie Chengyun couldn’t stand being criticized, and hated the person who did it.

“Mom, why is Lu Yanzhou so courageous? By the way, I offended him yesterday.
Did he expose my chat records?” Xie Chengyun gritted his teeth.

“Probably not, how can he have the courage and he has no such ability.” Lu Qiqi disdain.

Xie Chengyun also disliked that cousin Lu Yanzhou, so he no longer doubted, and only said: “He is perfectly all right, what is he doing by taking that sick seedling out? Is he crazy?”

“Why else, it must be to get money from that sick seedling!” After Lu Qiqi finished speaking, her face changed greatly: “Wait, he can secretly take that sick seedling away…Where will he go from here? How much money did that sick seedling give him?”

At this moment, Xie Yuan came down from upstairs: “Lu Qiqi, that nephew of yours is not simple.
He even asked Chengze to send him a 300 square meters flat.”

Lu Qiqi could feel that Xie Yuan is angry.

She is also very angry.

She has always regarded Xie Chengze’s money as her own, but now Xie Chengze has given away a flat…

There is no such big residence in her name!

No wonder Lu Yanzhou came every day, so he coaxed so much money out of Xie Chengze!

Now that he has taken Xie Chengze away and completely controls Xie Chengze, is it possible that Xie Chengze’s money…will all be cheated by him?

This man is too cunning!

If she knew it would be like this, she would go to Xie Chengze every day before!

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