[Night of Obedience]

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Grecan swung his sharp hand.


Mirania, dodging his claw attack by lifting one foot, snapped her finger.




A strong yellow string summoned from the air wrapped around Grecan’s body.


‘I was a little worried about his strong resistance, but I managed to bind him.’


With his limbs tied tightly, Grecan couldn’t resist the string wrapping him and twisted his body.




Mirania took a step back and waited for Grecan to run out of energy.


Half an hour after that.


Grecan went on a rampage to get out of the string binding him for half an hour.


“Crr, grrr…”


Exhausted, his tongue hangs out and seemingly closes his eyes half way.
Looking at his eyes, he looks like he’s about to give out.


While watching him, Mirania clicked her tongue.


‘Even if I didn’t feed him well, it’s so hard to subdue although he wasn’t strong enough.’


She was never in a good position for a non-physical Milanian.

It was never a good situation for Milan, not for the physical.


‘Before it grew up…’


I felt uneasy every time I thought of visiting Malandor.


Mirania looked at the exhausted Grecan before completely closing her eyes.


‘Should I just kill him?’


After thinking so, Mirania’s gold eyes turned bright yellow.


Until now, no matter how peaceful it was, even if it was pushed into a cliff or thrown into the sea, it would come back alive, but if it were to be killed and sealed, there would be a way out of this world no matter what shape it was.


Mirania has been troubled over and over again.


I have to be careful not to make the wrong decision because he would rip my heart out again and regress once more.


Eventually she shook her head.


‘No, I can’t give up already.’


The reward must be as sweet as my patience tastes bitter.


Calmly suppressing her troubled heart, Mirania sighed weakly.


At that moment, the harsh breathing of Grecan became calm.


Mirania’s eyes glistened.


‘Are you sleeping?’


This time she couldn’t overcome her greed.


A short dagger emerged in the palm of her hand, the tip tickled her finger.


Mirania carefully grabbed the handle of the dagger and focused on Grecan.


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I have to do this quickly…


Before he opened his eyes!




A dagger was thrown toward Grecan’s heart.


The moment the sharp tip of the dagger touches Grecan’s chest.




Mirania, terrified, raised the dagger to her eye level.


The tip was bent, and the dagger became a curved knife.


At that moment, Grecan opened his eyes wide.


Mirania, whose eyes were wide open, hid the bent dagger behind her back.


Their eyes met.






Grecan’s black eyes gleamed with suspicion.


Mirania smiled forcefully, wondering if she had been caught.


‘For this plan to succeed, I must have a good relationship with this little wolf, Grecan…’


It would have been a disaster if I was caught.


Mirania’s smile, which concealed her inner feelings, became sweet.


Grecan’s eyes twinkled.


His mouth opened, “Grrr!”


The teeth exposed inside the ferocious open snout sparkled sharply.


Mirania’s face crumpled seeing it.


“You son of a b-, you have a really dirty temper.”


Finally, harsh words came out of her lips.


As if she had been taking a break until now, her ears were numb at the sound of Grecan’s mad barking.


Mirania covered her ears with both her hands.


‘I can’t do this anymore.’


I guess I’ll have to find Malandor.



* * *


The dark realm or the magic world.


Some humans mistakenly believe that they go to hell as punishment, but it’s truly a real world located in the underworld.


Dark people, who live in the underworld, are a race known for their dark skin and necromantic skills that wield the dead.


The dark world that embraced the energy of death was at odds with Mirania.


Among them, Malandor, who introduced himself as the Duke of the Dark Realm, was first known when he settled in the Witch Forest hundreds of years ago.


From the thought of meeting him, Mirania was disturbed throughout.


“Put this on.”

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Chera draped a red cloak over Mirania’s shoulders.


“It’s a cloth from a fire lizard.”


“Cobwebs are weak against heat.”


There’s a cave in the witch forest where sulfur lights flow out.


The entrance to Hell as recorded in the human bible.
In reality, it was nothing more than a connecting passage to the dark world.


And it was Malandor who settled at the entrance 600 years ago.


“Do you want me to come with you?”




“You need someone to take care of you.”


“…are you serious?”


When Mirania asked again, Chera replied with a big nod.


“Only to the entrance.”


The look on Mirania’s face distorted.


“That’s enough.
I’ll go alone.”


“I have to take care of you… I’ll bring you comfortable shoes to wear in the mountains.”


It was a disappointment to say the least, but it wasn’t a look of regret at all.


When Mirania stares at her, the corners of her eyes droop.


“Actually, there are a lot of baby witches I need to take care of.”




“There’s a family, I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I can’t just walk away.”


‘I’m sure it’s because you don’t like the smell of rotting bodies.’


“Yes, take good care of yourself.”


Better than the werewolves and bats, Chera didn’t like any other species except the witch.


The dark people were fed up, saying they hated the unique taste caused by necromancy.


When Chera snuck out of the room to bring things that would help, Mirania put a defensive spell on her clothes in case anything happened.


‘I have a strange feeling about this.’


She looked back.
It was strange that Grecan was quiet.


Calling a skilled blacksmith, the new cage was hung on the hook.


Grecan was staring intently at Mirania while clutching the sturdy bars inside.


Black and shiny eyes stared straight into Mirania’s golden eyes.




‘Why are you looking at me like that?’


Mirania, who became uncomfortable, made a distorted expression.


Grecan, who would normally bark madly at such a small reaction from Mirania, was quiet.


The hand, which changed into human form, remained intact.


His body belonged to a wolf, but his hands were dry and small, so he looked grotesque.

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Because of that, the cage was also made by changing the lock from a push-open structure to a key-opening type.


‘Ugh, it’s better not to care.’


I was about to turn my head.




“Where are you going?” He tilted his head.


“I’m not used to talking, but even if it’s inaccurate, well I got it anyway.”


Mirania stared at Grecan with disbelief.


‘…Is this your first time talking?’


Mirania felt a strange atmosphere.


This was because the first thing he said when I met him in my previous life was “Give me your heart.”


I felt a little uncomfortable, so my face crumpled.


“Be quiet.”


I can’t say ‘I’m going to get something to subdue you‘, so she spits out the proper words.


Seeing that Chera still hasn’t returned, she seems to be searching the warehouse for a long time again.
She couldn’t delay any longer and was about to go down.


It’s like this.


‘What is he talking about?’


Mirania, who turned her head, unknowingly opened her mouth as she saw the cage lock was broken.


Grecan fiddled with the broken lock with a casual face.


It was a movement to open the lock and exit the cage.




Mirania quickly flicked her fingers.


Then, at her will, the cage floated in the air.


Gracan’s hesitant eyes turned round.
The lock was on the verge of falling off.


When Mirania snapped her fingers again, a string wrapped over the lock tightly tied it.


However, this was only a temporary way to hold out the lock.


Grecan, who had already come to his senses, frowned and growled at Mirania.




‘Now, come on!’


When Mirania rushed to open the door and ran out, the cage floating followed her.




Chera, who was coming up just in time, saw the strange sight and asked, bewildered.


Mirania screamed as if she had no time to explain.


“The cell!”


“Oh, there! I unlocked it for cleaning!”


Surprised, Chera hurriedly shouted.



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She climbed the stairs leading up.
A black door appeared.


It’s practically the top floor of the castle, similar to the roof or attic of a castle.


Mirania snapped her fingers and the closed door opened.




Inside the cell, there was nothing except for a window attached to the part close to the ceiling.


When Milania snapped her fingers again, the floating cage moved into the cell.




Grecan grabbed the bars and stared at Mirania.


Mirania had goosebumps.


His eyes were similar to those days when he was constantly rushing towards her heart.


Mirania flicked her finger and the door of the cell room closed by itself.


Like a man who disposed of a bomb that was just about to explode, Mirania breathed heavily with one hand on her chest.


She endured ten years.
That was a close call.


“What’s going on? I can’t believe you’re using the cell.”


Chera, who still doesn’t understand the situation, asked.




Mirania wiped the cold sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.


“Didn’t Grecan tried to get out of the cage in front of me?”


“That- was that possible? It was a cage that didn’t even budge when I bit it!”


Mirania nodded heavily.


“I don’t think it’s because of the cage.
It’s weird.
It’s not time for his physical strength to manifest yet.”


“After all… was it possible because he’s the son of Balkan?”


“It could be, but Grekan was a little different from the average wolf.”


It was around the age of 20 that Grecan regained his latent abilities.


Right now it’s too early to complete his human form.


“I almost lost my strength before I went to Malandor.”


Mirania swept her chest.


“Hurry up and get your hands on the night of obedience.”


With a curious expression on her face, Chera gently opened the meal tray on the single door.


As soon as she opened it, a black snout popped out.




“Oh my, you scared me!”


Mirania, who was thinking of leaving immediately, turned her head to Chera’s scream.

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Chera was almost bitten by Grecan, who was pounding at her hips and fussing over her.


“What a crazy wolf!”


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