Totally unconscious, Grecan hung from Mirania’s hand, without resistance.

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Mirania looked down at Grecan, lifting him up near her face.


“It’s impossible to raise him rationally.”


After observing Grecan for a few days and struggling against his tenacity, I realized something.


The set flow of this world was that Mirania loses her heart for the fairy heroine, Alice.


This world moves for its flow even when it’s broken.


If Grecan’s outburst of hostility towards Mirania was also in the context of this world, raising him in the usual way wouldn’t help.


It wouldn’t be difficult if the goal was to raise him like livestock.


However, Mirania raised and comforted Grecan, and she wanted him to give up the act of aiming at her heart.


“After all, that’s the only way…”



* * *


Night of obedience.


Just hearing those words reminds me of a secret night, but it’s the name of an object.


An object invented by a dark lunatic to deal with his slaves, and those wearing the ‘night of obedience‘ couldn’t resist the words of the caster.


Mirania came up with just the right way to deal with Grecan, but she put it aside.


The object itself was quite attractive, but the owner of that object, Malandor, has a rather difficult personality.


‘It’s not necessary right now.’


Determined to get rid of Grecan spite as she first thought, Mirania decided to starve Grecan.


“Will that work?”


At the same time, Chera, who was about to feed the familiars under the castle, heard Mirania’s plan and tilted her head in annoyance.


Mirania, who locked Grecan in a cage and banned other witches from entering her room, had fled because she was tired of hearing Grecan’s barking.


Mirania, with wrinkled brows, crossed her arms and didn’t say anything.


She looks lost in thought.


Cherra shrugged and bent one of her knees to the ground.


“Come here.”


The calm bush began to shake as she lightly tapped the dirt floor with the back of her clenched fist.


“It may not be enough, but… Still, it would be sufficient to affect the three major needs of living things.
What would he do if he’s hungry and has no energy? He would have no other choice but to listen to me.”


“That’s right, but they’re stubborn? Well, even though it’s still a cub, would he kneel because he’s hungry?”


A small, black, damp nose popped out from the bushes.


Chera puts crushed walnuts on her palm and the nose shakes as it smells the nut.

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Soon after, there were about ten gray rats that appeared among the bushes.


Their long body, plus the tail, the rats were about the length of wrist to elbow, they raised their front paws towards Chera.




Squeak, squeak!


“Let’s eat, guys.”


Chera put walnuts on their outstretched paw in a friendly voice.


Mirania crossed her arms.


“No matter how hungry they were, what can I do? If they’re smart, they’ll understand.”


However she wasn’t confident even as she listened to herself say those words.


Balkan, the current wolf leader, was famous for his unwavering love for his late wife.


Those who admired Balkan followed him, calling him “the unshakable Balkan.”


A stubborn wolf.


It’s not just about having a single spouse for the rest of his life.


Their luxurious taste, which doesn’t eat rotten meat, no matter how hungry they are, was also one aspect of the ‘stubborn wolf’.


Of course, this was also a term given by those who view wolves favorably, and Chera called them ‘a tribe who needs to have their stomachs attached to their backs to come to their senses.’


Indeed, Chera was full of ridicule.


“The self-proclaimed valiant wolf?”




“Well, if the arrogant furries obey people because they’re hungry, I’ll be the first to cut off their bread.
Wouldn’t it be fun?”


Witches like cleanliness, so they tend to dislike wolves that give off a stinging smell, but for Chera it was particularly harsh.


Mirania clicked her tongue.


“It’s not good if the phobia was known.
The times are changing.
Now it’s an era of harmony, not confrontation.”


Chera pouted her lips with a look of disapproval.


“If the former wolf chief apologizes to me.”


“Didn’t Barcan go on a trip.
With his wife.”


“Then he should apologize when comes back.”, Chera bit her lips and said.


The little friends who had gathered around her noticed and ate the walnuts.


Some rubbed their faces against Chera’s fingers to soothe her.


Unlike Mirania, Chera, who had many familiars, took care of them with love.


Although Chera has less magical control, she has a friendly personality who takes good care of children and raises animals well.
The reason why she became a ‘Bloody Chera‘ and showed hostility toward the wolves was because of the former leader, Barcan.

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(N: 바르칸/Barcan- previous wolf leader.
발칸/Balkan- Grecan’s father the current wolf head.
These two are different.)


At the time, Chera was thirteen.


Chera was a girl with delicate nerves.


One day, while she was picking flowers in the mountains to make a bouquet, she suffered a disaster in which a poop fell over her head.


Barcan had his business on a cliff just above where Chera was.


-[Wh-what is this? This- Smell… Argh!!]


At Chera’s ripping scream, Barcan stretched his head out and checked below, and pulled his head back after seeing the little witch’s poodle.


Then he left as if nothing had happened.


Chera, who managed to see his face, trembled.
Until fellow witches who heard her scream rushed in and discovered the tragedy.


She went out to pick pretty flowers and was suddenly baptized with poop, and Chera’s bloody anger, after being ignored, was directed at Barcan of the wolf tribe.


“Anyway, you’ll have to work hard to turn that wolf cub into a pet wolf.”




At Chera’s pitiful words, Mirania sighed.


“You’re having a hard time.
Why don’t you just change your mind?”


Mirania, who had just thought about it, looked up and stared at her room because it seemed worth a try.


Suddenly, Mirania felt a strange gaze and squinted.


A black thing popped out of the window from her room.




I’m sure Grecan’s there.




Mirania, in a moment of bewilderment, a black and voluminous thing slid completely out of the window and fell at a furious speed towards Mirania.


The color of Mirania’s face changed abruptly.


“Look out!”


Chera immediately took her familiars in her arms and ducked over the bush.


Mirania levitated and backed away.


As soon as her feet touched the ground again, a black object fell on her original spot where she was standing.




A roar rang out.
It was clear that it had been smashed.


Mirania moved to the place where the unknown object fell.


Chera, who had hid her head through the bushes, crept up and looked down at the ground.

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The rats gathered at her feet followed along, squealing and watching her.


As the cloud of dust settled, the identity of the object was revealed.


“…isn’t this Bibi’s cage?”


Mirania nodded gently at the words of Chera, who broke the silence.


Mirania and Chera looked up at the same time.


At the window of Mirania’s room where the cage had fallen, Grecan was sticking his little head out and looking down below at her.


He’s blunt snout was forming into a curve as if smiling.




Although it was quite a distance, the screeching sound could be heard clearly.
Would it be a smiling face for a human being?


“It’s like an animal.”


Cherra said tiredly.


“It’s a beast…”


Mirania with a blank expression corrected her.
There’s no such thing as a difference between an animal, but Grecan was a beast.


“How the hell did he get out of the cage?”


At her absurd question, Chera pointed her finger at Grecan.


“It changed to human.”




“Only the hand.”


It was true when Mirania looked closely.
Only the hand on the window frame was in human form.
He must have opened the cage himself with that hand.


There was silence.


“…Is that possible?”


“Did you really want to escape from the cage that badly?”


Chera, who finished speaking in question, shook her head.


“I think he’s the craziest wolf cub I’ve ever seen.
He’s been so cute ever since he was a baby.
That’s a big problem.”




Unlike Mirania, who had a crumpled expression, Chera seemed to have developed an interest.


“Are you running wild because you’re still a baby?”




Mirania flatly denied it and said it seriously.


“He’ll grow more.”

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Mirania sighed gloomily, glancing at Chera, who didn’t understand what she was saying.


It’s not because he’s a baby.
If he grows more.
He’ll be such a disgusting guy.


“Just use the night of obedience.”


“You hate wolves and bats, but is he okay? He’s a kid who rolls around in brimstone.”


“At least we keep it clean here.”


“It’s easy for you to say that when it’s not your job.


Mirania, biting her tongue, raised her hand and summoned her staff.


A silver birch staff came into her right hand.


“I’ll take care of it and come back.”


“Yes, please fix it’s manners.
What a wolf cub.”


Chera had no doubt that Mirania would scold the cheeky wolf.


It’s a reaction that comes from not knowing that Mirania’s abilities don’t work well on the male lead due to the nature of this world.


Mirania climbed the stairs with the protective tassel fastened over her body.


At times like this, she thought the same.

Mirania unlocked the door with her magic.


‘He’ll be hiding behind the door!’




She calmly swung her staff towards Grecan, who, as expected, leaped out of his hiding place and rushed at her.


The Great Witch’s great magic doesn’t work well for Grecan.


Mirania grabbed her staff across and squeezed Grecan’s neck as he rushed forward.


As she ran along and hit him, she pulled her staff over Grecan, who was crouching.




Grecan struggled angrily, and she wobbly grasped her staff firmly.


It’s the method she used to catch snakes, but she didn’t expect it to work on wolves.


This could also work because Grecan was still young.

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‘It wouldn’t work if he grows bigger.
It would be difficult.’


If he grows more I’ll be really in trouble.


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