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“Raising? Like childcare?”






Mirania corrected with a graceful speech.


“It’s not parenting, it’s about raising and teaching them.”


Chera’s face was engulfed in great disbelief.


“Anyway, all the witches know that Mirania’s parenting skills are terrible.”


Pretending not to know her words, Mirania dragged the cage in front of her.


Grecan, who thought he could tear off the bars with his teeth, kept biting the cage with his lips quenched in saliva.


“…it’s dirty.”


“Originally, any creature was a little dirty when it’s young.
Would you be able to raise it though?”


Chera, who became excited at the thought of screwing the head of the wolf race, glanced at Grecan.


“By the way, what should we feed to that wolf cub?”


“…they’re meat eaters, they’re carnivorous.”


“Could I feed him regular food?”


Chera shrugged her shoulders.


Mirania no longer asked because she was not interested in such things.


“I’ll have to get some food for this child.”




When Chera left, Mirania took him to the cage and moved him to the top of the witch room.


At the end of the string that led to the ceiling, there was a steel bent in the shape of a hook.


The cage was originally hung in that hook.
Mirania hung the cage of Grecan on the hook.


“Come to think of it, it’s the first time I’ve heard anything alive since Bibi.”


Bibi was a huge hawk.


After healing the wounded hawk, the bird never left and became my companion.




Grecan let out a ferocious cry toward Mirania, who was once again immersed in her own thoughts.


He must be tired from tension since he was kidnapped, but he was still ferocious without showing any signs of it.


As time passed, Grecan’s hostility toward me seemed to grow rather than diminish.


“If you hate me, I also have to hate you, but why do you hate me so much?”


Mirania grumbled because she was displeased at Grecan.

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“You don’t even remember.”


That’s why I’m confused at first.


The tenacious Grecan and the reckless Leberians.
The memories of them are so vivid, but in the world where I returned to, they could not remember anything at all.


It was clear who my enemy was, but I don’t know why they’re my enemy.


There were several times when I hit my head on a rock in frustration.


They don’t remember, so they shouldn’t have any ill feelings.


Why does Grecan’s temper get more and more ferocious every time I return?


“Does it mean that the soul remembers even though the mind couldn’t remember?”


If so, then I could understand that hostility.


It’s a broken world anyway, so I wasn’t surprised if something strange happened.


“Grr! Creung… crr… creung!”


As Mirania spoke to herself, Grecan cried out in displeasure.


Mirania frowns.


“It’s noisy.”


“Crrr…creung, crrr!”



(N: Mirania’s spell to shut someone’s mouth.)




When I cast the witch spell, there’s no more noise that could be heard.


Only then did Mirania, who became satisfied, smiled.


I was very hungry because I couldn’t eat breakfast to kidnap Grecan.


Mirania turned her back on Grecan, and she chewed on the leaves and apples of the witch’s tree.


After she ate, she thought of making up for her lack of sleep.


And an hour later, Mirania fell into a deep sleep on the bed.


“Creung! Grrr! Grrr… grrr…!”


Mirania opened her eyes.


“Creung, crr..grrr… creung!”


The weeping sound rang in my ears.


The sound echoed in Mirania’s ears and she opened her gold eyes, which had not yet slept enough.


Grecan was crying inside the cage.


Because he was expressing his anger with his whole body, the cage shook as if it would fall off.


When I checked the time, it had not been an hour since I cast the witch’s spell.


“But the spell was already lifted?”

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Although the witch’s spell effect depends on the opponent, it could last half a day.


‘The chiefs are strong, so the spell doesn’t last as long, but he was still just a wolf cub who didn’t know how to transform into a human.’


Having grasped the situation, Mirania placed one hand on her forehead.


“What a damn world…”


The way this bastard’s world came to be, the balance was so horrendous.


I, the great witch, was destined to die as a cure for the heroine of this world.


Therefore, as one of the absolutes in the world, my power was limited only to the male protagonists.


This was one of the laws of this world that I had learned with my body, having fought them over and over again.


Mirania has become a nervous wreck.


It was because I had not slept well enough that my mood had deteriorated.


It’s because of the howling of Grecan, the enemy among all my enemies.


“Crrr! Creung…crr! Crrr!”


A painful noise continued.


‘Even if I cast a witch spell, if it would be lifted soon, it’ll be noisy again.’




As Mirania approached, Grecan’s barking grew more intense.


Mirania took the cage out of the hook.




I opened the door and threw the cage.




The cage fell to the floor.




Grecan’s eyes widened.


“Go out and bark.”


A voice that was colder than usual came out due to lack of sleep.


The eyes were as cold as ice.


Grecan thrust his sharp teeth into the cage as if to chew it.


“Creung, crr…!”




When I closed the door, the sound was cut off.


Mirania crawled back into bed with a satisfied look on her face.


I pulled a thin but warm blanket woven from leaves down my neck, covering me, and closed my eyes again.


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It was after I had completely erased my thoughts about Grecan.





Four hours later, Mirania, who had made up for her lack of sleep, opened her eyes.


The golden eyes overflowed with gentle light.


“That was a good sleep.”


I sipped the water I had left at my bedside and tilted my head.


“Wait, I think I forgot something.”


It didn’t occur to me until I was lost in thought.


“Oh, right! Grecan.”


I lifted myself up and opened the door.


‘It’s going to be noisy again.’


But it was quieter than I thought.




I pushed the door open a little more.


The cage remained in the same position where it was thrown earlier.


Mirania squatted on her knees in front of the cage.


An even breath sounded from the wolf cub’s curled up body.


I wondered why you were quiet, so you just fell asleep.


“I should…”


Mirania, habitually trying to talk to herself, shut up for fear that Grecan would wake up again and make a noise.


‘It’s nice to be quiet.’


I was thinking about moving the cage, but I quit because I was afraid Grecan would wake up.
Instead, I watched Gregan closely.


It was a black, feisty, young wolf.
A small, nasty wolf who couldn’t eat properly.


The face protruding from the side of the tail was as smooth as the snout.


Mirania stared at Grecan with fresh eyes.


Most of my previous lives, I met Grecan and Leberians as adults, so I was more familiar with their human form.


‘This beast would eventually…’


I thought of the young Grecan, a young man who looked good enough to stare at.


Although he was of little value to Mirania, who had lived for a thousand years.


Even compared to the eighth emperor, who was considered the most handsome man in history, he had a face that did not boil over Mirania’s interest, so it might be better as something worth looking at.


Mirania liked the appearance of the wolf cub more than the young human Grecan.


Although he was quite arrogant for a baby, I didn’t treat him as an intelligent child, and in terms of the ecology of a witch, he was not even a child.


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He was a young and weak beast for now.


‘Yes, Grecan’s still a cub anyway.’


No matter how much I try to fight, I won’t be able to escape, and I won’t get 20 years older in a day unless this broken world goes completely crazy.


In other words, the present Grecan was not a threat to me right now.


‘Then, shouldn’t I do it like I did with Bibi?’


No need to think too hard about it.


‘What did I do when Bibi was young…?’


It was easy without a method or anything.
Most animals used to behave in front of her.


‘Bibi wasn’t this unusual when he was young.’


I just fed him, played with him, and put him to sleep.


‘What else would Grecan need?’


Mirania with her arms closed was in agony, thinking what else does the little wolf cub need.


First of all, food, bed, clothes… what else do you need?


Second, was it fun? When playing with Bibi, I used treasure hunting a lot.


It was a game where Bibi came after hiding my favorite things.
So should I play with him and train him at the same time?


Third, well…


‘Do we need a third one?’


Gradually, it became a nuisance to use my head and think, but I decided to keep thinking a little more because I felt like I had to fill the third one.


Bibi was smart but could not speak.


Grecan was a wolf, but he would be able to speak human language.


‘Shall I teach you how to speak?’


Conversations were essential to brainwashing.


‘Yes, it might be nice to teach him how to speak.’


Did he even notice that I was watching him?


Grecan, who was sleeping well, opened his eyes wide.


Mirania, who was proud of her plans, grinned while looking at Grecan.


“You can’t spit on a smiling witch.”


“Grr! Creung! Creung! Crrr, grr!”


Grecan started barking like crazy.

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Mirania, whose smile broke, shrugged her shoulders and said, “What do you think?”


‘Well, there’s gonna be exceptions.’


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