A visitor came to the quiet and peaceful realm of the witches.

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A guest from the two continents called the Human World was the Prime Minister of the Leanna Empire, called the Prosperous Empire.


In the reception room of the witch castle, he stood in front of Mirania with a very serious expression.


“So in our Empire, we searched for a way, and eventually we came to the Great Witch Castle.”


“So what you want is…”


“Yes, it’s the potion for immortality.”




Mirania couldn’t hide her expression.
The embarrassment on her face was so blatant that the Prime Minister coughed in vain.


‘Human stupidity was famous from the beginning, but now they are trying to overthrow the sky.’


Life was a gift from heaven.


It’s against fate for a person who shouldn’t live forever to want to live forever.


Regaining her composure, Mirania bit her tongue inwardly, the prime minister nodded his head emphatically.


“Witch’s potions have a lot of bizarre things, aren’t they? There are people who are called witches on our continent, but they are still inferior to this place, the hometown of witches.”


The witches from the two continents are also witches who crossed over from the witch castle.


They will gradually lose their magical powers, but most of them remain on two continents without making a lover or returning to the Witch Castle due to circumstances.


“We also considered the wizard’s tower, but since it’s a very difficult task, we can’t have them experiment to increase the success rate by exploring various possibilities.”


The kind words of the Prime Minister flowed in and Mirania spat out.


“I heard that now the Emperor of the Leanna Empire is not interested in immortality?”


It was so pathetic that I spoke out without thinking further.


Even in the past, the Emperor of the empire, which was the most prosperous country on the two continents, was the party to the intercontinental pact.


The Prime Minister responded calmly as if nothing had happened to Mirania.


“It was like that then, he wasn’t greedy…”


“Is that so?”


“Because he got married a few years ago.”


Mirania was puzzled.
‘What does marriage have to do with wanting immortality?’


“Are you saying that you want to live long because he’s happy?”


At the puzzled gaze of Mirania, the Prime Minister coughed in vain.


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“The queen is a little young.
It can’t be helped.”


The prime minister smiled with resignation and nodded, saying, “I understand him as being the same man.”


Compared to the Prime Minister, who used the face of a nobleman to turn his words around, Mirania was straightforward.


“So, to sleep with a young partner, you will need to find the medicine for immortality”


The Prime Minister hesitated as if concerned about the Emperor’s scandal but soon nodded his head, wanting to do something hidden in front of a non-human witch.


Mirania, who was more free from norms than ordinary people, answered easily without showing signs of boredom.


“Then you don’t have to be immortal.”


“Once upon a time, he took sedatives.
The wizards have unexpected talents in this area.
Ah, those who turn iron into gold.”


The Prime Minister shook his head as if he were surprised and soon looked embarrassed.


“But it’s just for a moment, so there are some things they lack.
The Emperor wants to find a medicine for the stamina of his youth.”


‘You are too greedy.’


For Mirania, who only knew ‘to escape the yoke of infinite regression’ of greed throughout her life, it was hard to understand an Emperor whose desires were corrected even at an old age.


“It may sound a little strange to the Great Witch, but it is.
There aren’t many fun moments when the Crown Prince grows up without needing to touch, and the Empire, another child, rolls around on his own.
You have to be serious about the fun and pleasure of the moment.”


The Emperor’s defecated chief was embarrassed by Mirania’s sour face, which seemed uninterested.


“If you will fulfill the Emperor’s will, I will spare you all the support and help in the name of the Leanna Empire.
It’s also possible to save girls who are born with magic for the prosperity of the witch family.”


Mirania squinted.


‘Listening to him, it doesn’t seem like it has to be a medicine for immortality.’


If so, there seems to be another way…


‘Because I needed help from the human continent anyway.’


When she thought of Alice, who was said to be living on the human continent, her determination stood even more.


“By the way, Great Witch.”


“What is it?”


“The dog… No, is it true?”


Mirania followed the Prime Minister’s finger and bowed her head.


Grecan, who had settled on Mirania’s lap when he had crawled in, was wagging his tail gently.


Mirania was silent for a moment and then replied.


“…It’s not a dog, but a wolf.”


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Although he wags his tail flexibly like a dog.


“When did he come all the way here again?”


Obviously, he had come to play at the training ground a while ago.


These days, it’s not a waste to say that Grecan was simply new.
She saw what was there, and when she came to her senses, he was around and was very close too.


“Oh, it’s amazing that you tamed a wolf!”


The Prime Minister, who does not know the secrets of Mirania, purely admired her.


“Wow, this wolf is cute and he’s kind of…”


Whether he wanted to express familiarity or was just curious, the Prime Minister reached out calmly.


It was before Mirania gave a warning.




The Prime Minister’s hand stood tall in front of Grecan’s span.
Grecan’s rough runny nose tickled the Prime Minister’s fingers.


The momentum of Grecan was so fierce that the Prime Minister, who had been smiling confidently, was terrified.




Mirania called his name in a stern voice, fearing that Grecan would bite the Prime Minister’s hand.


The skin of a human, which was also old, was fragile and soft and would have been damaged just by the touch of Grecan’s sharp teeth.




Grecan opened his eyes wide and wagged his tail again.


Knowing that he was fine now, the Prime Minister stretched out his hand again, then suddenly turned his head, and their eyes met and Grecan squinted.




As if he hadn’t wagged his tail, the fierce spirit leaked explosively.
The Prime Minister faltered and withdrew his hand.


“Well, you’re a man of great character.


To replace the dirty term with a bossy personality.


It was truly a person who would survive with his tongue next to the capricious Emperor.
Mirania truly admired his skillful expressive transformation.


“You’d better not touch him.
He’s quite a… dangerous individual.”


“It must not be easy to tame.
I’m sure you’ll be interested in something unusual.”


The Prime Minister smacked his lips and glanced at Grecan.
His eyes were full of greed, and Mirania thought of a question in her head.


‘You said you wanted a potion of immortality, and you didn’t want to live longer?’


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Coveting Grecan = death.
That’s what Mirania thought.


For her, who knows Grecan’s temperament, it was only amazing that the Prime Minister’s mind saw Grecan as a ‘rare collection.‘


Although he’s weak right now, Grecan would be the head of the wolf, which all considered to be the strongest ever.


No one would be able to tame him.


‘It’s the same for me too.’


She only wanted to buy time before her death by maintaining a friendly relationship with Grecan.


“Then, Great Witch, will you be able to do what I asked for?”


“…There’s something more suitable.” Mirania nodded her head slowly.



‘Yes that’s right!’. 



Mirania lowered her gaze proudly to the Prime Minister, who’s eyes were twinkling with anticipation


“When it’s done, I’ll send it to the palace.”


“I can’t help but admire the power of the Great Witch.
I’ll just trust you for now.”




“His Majesty is a little worn out.
Since he’s a newlywed.”


The Prime Minister smiled brightly and gave praise, but the depth of his eyes flashed sharply


“What do you mean you’re only trusting me? I’m sure you’re half-believing.”


What was human sugar coating again?


Knowing the duality of the human race, Mirania finds it funny rather than being offended.


“Then what do you want?”




“I’d like to give you a small gift.”


“You know what I want and you say I’m weak?”


When Mirania raised the corners of her lips gracefully and asked, she paused for a moment and then smiled beautifully.


“Nothing is impossible in the great Leanna Empire.”




“Oh, the Emperor’s energy…No, except eternal life.”

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The Prime Minister immediately looked at Mirania with a calm smile.


“So, shall we listen?”




“What do you want, Mirania?”


He says he could do everything, but his attitude seems to be decided after hearing it.


The Prime Minister, who would have made his name known as a master negotiator when he was young, was already calling Mirania differently.


“Are you looking for someone?”




“I want you to find her.”


“Well, if it’s a person.
It’s not that difficult.”


The Prime Minister stroked his beard.


“You’re making me a medicine for the Emperor, but would finding a person pay for it? Would that be all right? As far as I know, witches have a family language that sounds like their hands and feet.”




“Why didn’t you look for it yourself?”


“Are there any circumstances? Do I even have to tell you what’s going on?”


“Of course not.
It’s on our continent, so it’s easier for us to move.”


The Prime Minister quickly lowered himself and burst into laughter.


“So that’s it.
Is there anything else you want in particular?”


“I see.
If so, what kind of person do you want to find? The more detailed the information, the more likely it is to be found.”


Mirania explained her impression of the outfit that popped into her mind.


“She’s probably not 10 years old now.”


“Are you looking for a child?”


“Yes, she’s a girl, and her face is…”


Mirania thought about the heroine in a hazy memory compared to the male protagonists.


She once struggled to find out who the hell these men are going crazy about when she’s overpowered by evil.


“I was surprised to learn that she was a fairy.”


Although she couldn’t be compared to the Great Witch, the one and only being born from a tree once in a thousand years, the Fairy was also a very rare minority.


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