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Mirania remained silent.


Grecan frowned when Mirania had no answer.
He even looks around the other witches.


As if it were a habit, Grecan felt the night of obedience tightening his throat.


Mirania seemed angry and worried about giving ridiculous orders.


Away from her chaos, Mirania kept a straight face, pretending she had never been embarrassed.


You should be punished.”




“You know what you did wrong, right?”


Grecan frowned.
As he humanized, his facial expression changed more vividly.


Mirania could guess what Grecan was thinking.


“You don’t know what you did wrong.”


“When there are guests, don’t interrupt, and you shouldn’t bite people recklessly.”




Grecan’s lips were stuff as he muttered.


“It’s not a guest, I smelled something weird.”


It was a clear reason in its way.
Mirania was speechless but soon spoke out.


“…That’s just the unique body odour of the bat race.
Hating it is outdated.
The bat family is a race that shares this continent, so you have to get along well.”


The witches, the wolves, and the bats hate each other.
It’s fairly widespread racial hatred, but it needs to be changed.


Grecan frowned and looked up at Milan.


“I can’t bite?”


Mirania pondered the meaning of Grecan’s words for a moment.


Even at her words, Grecan seemed reluctant to bats.


And now there’s only one bat family member that could be found in the realm of witches.




Mirania shuddered at the back of her neck as she looked at Grecan again with his human form.


The fact that the next head of the wolf clan attacks the next head of the bat clan means the start of the Continental War.


‘It can’t be done in this generation.’


In order not to start a war, it must be after I have passed away, and it must be outside the realm of the witch family.


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Mirania had a stern look and said, “Never.”




Grecan’s face looked dissatisfied.


If there had not been a night of obedience, it would not be strange to bite Mirania and even bite Leberianz lying in a coffin.


Mirania, ignoring Grecan’s dissatisfaction, raised the branch.


The branch with a broken center was shorter than the first one.


“Maybe you can’t understand it with words.” Mirania said.




“Turn around.”


Grecan squinted at Mirania, but he could not ignore the power of the night of obedience.


Grecan turned around as commanded.


“Walk with your cloak.”


Grecan paused and rolled up his cloak, revealing his chubby, muscular calves.


Even though he was still young, he has a strong calf.


Mirania grabbed the branch and glanced at Grecan.


“As of today, you should never bite people recklessly again.
Do you get it?”


Grecan didn’t answer.
It was a clear sign of dissatisfaction.


“Tsk, tsk.”


Milania swung the branch without hesitation.




A branch hit Grecan’s calf.


One, two, three…


Grecan’s copper calves developed a solid red line.


It was a thrilling moment, Mirania thought to beat the enemy who had ripped her heart out ten times.


Mirania, who unknowingly hit him harder, suddenly stopped and looked at Grecan’s movements.


Grecan’s shoulders were moving up and down.


My heart suddenly sank when I saw him huffing and puffing because he couldn’t beat me.


“Was it too much?”


It was called breeding, but the ultimate goal was to tame Grecan and Leberianz, and not aim for my heart.


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My fingers flinched when I imagined a vindictive Grecan rushing at me telling me to give my heart.


Mirania quickly threw the branches back and coughed in vain.




The calf with the red line bothers her.
Grecan slowly lowered his cloak and covered his calves.


“Do you think this is enough for you to understand?”


Grecan slowly turned around.


As expected, he was biting his lower lip.


-‘A proper amount of carrots and sticks!’


Mirania realized that it was time to give carrots.




Grecan continued to wheeze as if he knew he couldn’t win.


No matter how clumsy he was, didn’t he have anything to do with being a wolf?


“Your pride must have been damaged.”


It was only after being hit by a witch who forcibly ordered him with the night of obedience.


I just have to end it with resentment, it’s forbidden to hold grudges.


‘Whether it’s difficult.’


Mirania pondered and reached out to Grecan.


“Come here.”


Her voice softly flowed out of her concern that Grecan might hold grudges or resentment.


Grecan looked confused as to whether this was an order or not, but he took a step closer to Mirania.


“I did this to guide you on the right path.”


As she spoke modestly, Grecan tilted his head and gently placed his chin on her shoulder.


Mirania held Grecan in one arm and walked holding the hem of the cloak with her other hand.


Grecan flinched as if he was worried about getting hit by her again.


Mirania felt a little awkward, so she moved her hand slowly so Grecan would not be surprised.


The red lines on his calf, Mirania with her old rage has hurt Grecan.




She clicked her tongue and snapped her fingers.
A witch-making healing ointment was summoned on her palm.


A great witch was born from a witch tree.



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So neither Mirania nor Chera have ever taken any upbringing, nor had they ever been brought up by anyone.


But she’s never seen the scene of Chera’s training as a young witch.


“Corrective punishment should also make love be felt.”


Even if he received corrective punishment with a whip, he went into the young witch’s room at night and applied medicine.


She responded as if it was natural to Mirania that there was no need for corrective punishment.


-‘If you did something wrong, you should be punished, but the resentment shouldn’t last long.’


Chera said in the past.


That’s the perfect answer for the current situation.


‘In other words, anger can be relieved, but the other person has to take that anger for granted.’


I was mistaken.
What Chera said meant that the discipline of love should not be a resentment toward each other or mutual grudge.


Mirania carefully applied ointment to Grecan’s calves.


As the cold ointment touched his hot calves due to rising pain, Grecan continued to flinch.


Grecan held Mirania’s forearms tightly with his fingers.


“Does it hurt that much?”


The branches are a little hard, but they don’t seem to be that hard.


Thinking that her corrective punishment might have hurt him more than she expected, she clicked her tongue again and moved her fingers more delicately.


In my memory, the obsessive Grecan was a very persistent guy.


He would remember what happened today and won’t retaliate later, so I have to change his grudge towards me.


All of this was being shown in front of the witches.


Chera slipped out of the witches and left the training ground and crept up to Mirania.


“Mirania, what are you doing?”


Whispering in Mirania’s ear, she replied in a voice so small that Grecan couldn’t hear.


“This is the discipline of love.”


“I can’t believe I’m applying medicine right after the punishment… It’s a sample of a sickness medicine.”




“At least give him time to think about his mistakes.” Chera added.


Obsessed with the idea that he should be vindicated immediately, Mirania was stunned by Chera’s advice.


“Am I doing it wrong?”’


When she gently turned her head, the witches were murmuring.


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They all look like, ‘What is Mirania doing now?’


‘Oh, this is not it.’


Mirania, who had never scolded anyone or did discipline of love, later realized that her actions felt unpredictable to others.


“Hmm..”, She coughed in vain and responded in a serious tone.


“Everyone makes a little mistake.”


Chera shrugged her shoulders and stepped back.


“I’m done with the ointment.”


Mirania awkwardly held her fingers with ointment on them.


Grecan rested his forehead on her forearm.




‘Chera’s words were convincing.’


Concerned that Grecan would think he had been ‘hurt and teased,’ Mirania called him in a sweet voice that sounded sarcastic.


Grecan glanced up to look at her.


Mirania stared at Grecan’s black eyes and said softly, “You should know this one thing.”




“I didn’t scold you because I didn’t like you.
Can I expect you to be mature enough to understand that?”


A friendly and soft voice crossed Grecan’s eyes.


While sleeping well, he was kidnapped, locked up in a cage, locked in a solitary room, and thought of the past filled with an irresistible leash.


Milania quickly continued, “You must be very upset today, so go in and rest.
I’ll give you a break from training.”


‘Isn’t this enough to make me feel bad?’


As she stroked his hair, Grecan stared at Mirania.


Mirania urged him to rest, and push him back to the castle.


After taking a few steps, Grecan glanced behind him.


Mirania, who had been frowning over the sudden controversy over the punishment, forced her face to smile at his gaze.


Grecan’s head tilted slightly and sideways.
Then he held Mirania’s silver cloak tight and walked around with his hurting calves.


Mirania stares at his calf covered with dark green ointment, then Grecan looks back at her again.


‘Why do you keep looking at me?’


Mirania doubted that Grecan was trying to sort this out on his revenge list.


Her forced smile faded as soon as Grecan disappeared into the castle.


“Phew, it must be the time for me to die.
This is why I have to look into the eyes of my enemies.”

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