“No, bring it to my room.”

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“To Mirania’s room? He must be cold.”


“Just leave it in my room.
My room will be the safest.”


‘If someone tries to steal him after leaving him somewhere, it will be a big deal.’


So it would be a big deal if he meets Alice.
Still it’s unlikely, but considering what I’ve been through, it’s very likely that it will happen.


Considering the rules of this world that goes around for main characters.


Mirania murmured, glaring at the coffin, which was made of luxurious ebony wood but looked gruesomely unpleasant to her eyes.


“In a world where I’m meant to die, such a damn world this is.”


“What did you say?”


“It’s nothing…”





When Chera moved the coffin of Leberianz to Mirania’s room, Mirania headed to the apothecary to solve the questions she had heard earlier.


‘Can my blood be so effective?’


The Witch’s guardian tree, the blood of the great witch born from the so-called Witch tree was a rare cure, but the effect I had just seen from Leberianz was probably too much.


When I pulled to open the door to the medicine room, a slightly dreamy and sour smell lingered on the tips of my nose.


Everything that could be found in the witch room was what the Wizard’s Towers covets.


They range from magic ingredients such as dried lizard tails that are good for energy and deep-sea coral reefs that are effective for skin whitening, and materials for personal research.


“It’s best to use dried flowers to test vitality.”


Mirania took a pot of withered flowers from the cupboard.


A droplet of blood trickled and dropped on the petals just before they were dried and twisted.




The withered petals of the flower that absorbed the blood shook slightly.


Mirania looked at the slightly thawed flower with doubt.


“It’s definitely…”


The blood has changed.
It wasn’t really a bad thing.
It’s an increase in efficacy.


The question was, ‘Why?’


“What’s going on?”


Mirania tilted her head and glanced outside the room through the window.


“Did I eat something healthy?”


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‘I don’t think so in particular…’


“If my health got worse, wouldn’t I know?”


Weren’t I simply stressed out because of Grecan and Leberianz?


No matter how much I think about it, there’s no such thing to point it out.


As she walked out of the Witch’s castle, immersed in her thoughts, she saw a group of witches at the training ground.


“What are you doing?”


“Ah, Mirania! You’re here.”


A witch was hiding from Mirania.
Then she pointed at the middle of the training ground.


Wherever the young witch pointed, Grecan was there.


“Even if we talk to him, he won’t move, so we wondered what Mirania did.”


Grecan was sitting at the training ground with a branch in his mouth.


Frustrated by the fact that Leberianz opened his eyes, Mirania recalled her command that she had completely forgotten.


Okay, nice guy.
This time, let’s find the tools we need most to punish him.


“Oh, I did.”


I forced myself to speak kindly because of the bat tribe, but my stomach was boiling.


As I watched Grecan quietly waiting for my command, the pain that had been lodged in the back of my hand seemed to worsen.


But the job was well done, and the bats left, so I was even angrier.


“But I can’t just let it go.”


I’d still get hurt in the end.
In addition, Chera said the training should be consistent.


Mirania was annoyed, but she approached Grecan to walk to the right path of discipline.


‘I expected it, but I have to pay more attention to him.’


Either to kill him, immobilize him, or move it to another continent.


Compared to such a simple method, this plan to change the hearts of male protagonist was time-consuming and required delicate work.


“The result of patience will be a sweet fruit.”


Mirania has already comforted herself as Grecan begins to get annoyed.


As she stood in front of Grecan, he raised his head.


He ate well and rested well, and his long, big tail fluttered.




Mirania alternately glanced at Grecan’s grumpy face and his active tail waving and hitting the ground.


Chera said that canines wag their tails to express pleasure or joy.

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Why was his tail making such a fuss when the expression on his face was unhappy?


Mirania was confused, ‘Is it bad or a good thing?’


Anyway, that’s not what’s important right now.


“Grecan, you shouldn’t show yourself when I have guests.”




“This is my fault for not telling you in advance, so I won’t blame you.


When I pointed and lectured him at the end of my words, Grecan’s tail, which was wagging, stopped.


“Obviously, didn’t I tell you not to stick your teeth and bite recklessly? Look at what happened?”


Mirania waved her hand, which was bitten by him in front of Grecan.


Having received her first aid, Mirania’s hand had been thoroughly healed by the witch’s healing powers, but it still looked like it had been wounded because she had not taken off her bandages.


Grecan slipped his head to the side.
Mirania spoke clearly to Grecan, who turned away from her.


“You bit my hand again.”




“You should get punished, right?”


While hesitating, Grecan dropped a twig at the foot of Mirania.


Mirania, who was about to move even if he showed signs of remorse, couldn’t help but panic.


“…I’m a bit lacking in tools for punishment, but it’s not bad.”


‘What am I supposed to do with this?’


Grecan seemed to have guessed that Mirania’s command was to punish him.


Mirania was troubled, but she was calm.
‘Did Chera tell him?’


The trainees should always have a relaxed attitude.


Mirania glanced coldly at Grecan and the branch he brought in front of her.


“Are you asking me to hit you?”


When she reached out her hand, the branch moved and landed on Mirania’s hand.
Mirania stared at Grecan while holding the branch.


Grecan stared at Mirania’s clear dark eyes and wagged his tail.


“I’ve never hit you before.”


Far from her violent tendencies, Mirania was reluctant to hit him with a twig.


Mirania hesitated and coughed heavily.


“What I ordered was the most appropriate tool to punish you.
Will this branch give pain to your hairy body? Because you can’t be punished with effective tools, it’s only for human beings.”


Mirania was troubled and bit her tongue with a heavy heart. ‘I don’t like hitting him.’

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Instead of hitting him with branches, I’m going to make him tired from the training ground with a ball for physical punishment in the guise of training.


“So from now on…”


It was the moment when I was about to speak out.




Grecan’s change began.


“Oh my!”


The witches screamed and turned their heads vigorously.


“So, from now on, don’t tease you with my mouth and listen to you.”


Grecan, a wolf that was a little over Mirania’s knee.


The black hair that had covered his small body was sucked into his skin.


In the place of the hair, a copper-coloured skin appeared, and although the four legs were still short, they became limbs packed with muscles.


Grecan, who slowly lifted his crouched body, looked at Mirania.


Smooth brown skin.
The shiny black eyes did not change.


Mirania was speechless.




Grecan, who became a boy and in the form of a human, tilted his head when he saw Mirania spaced out.


Only then did distrust in Mirania’s eyes, who came to her senses.




“No way.”


Grecan blinked his eyes repeatedly.


His dark but clear eyes revealed that he wasn’t like the small wolf that had been here until just now.


The witches, whose eyes widened like rabbits in surprise at the same Mirania, belatedly confirmed Grecan’s appearance and screamed.


“Oh my oh!!”


“Oh my gosh! Am I delusional?”


“Oh no! This is what you’re saying, right?”


“That’s right! It’s so crazy!”


“But isn’t it a little cute?”


These young witches who have never been out to the continent of humans.
Covered their eyes with their hands, with their cheeks flushed red.


Some witches glanced at Grecan with curious eyes.

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Needless to say, the young Grecan, who had completely changed into his human form, was naked.


Mirania, who recovered her senses, also realized the problem.


“I didn’t know who it was.
Huh? Still? Why don’t you look away?”


Eventually, when he yelled, the witches pretended not to peek and looked elsewhere.


Mirania snapped her fingers and summoned her favourite cloak.


As she wrapped her cloak around Grecan’s body, her sighs flowed out.


Although he has transformed into a human being, his human form also looked like a child because he was still young.


When it comes to humans, I think he was about 8 years old?


Little Grecan was covered in Mirania’s silver cloak.
He looked like a child who borrowed his mother’s clothes.


Mirania tightly tied the cloak to Grecan’s body and bowed her head.


A storm raged in her head, not losing her serenity as she grew older.


From Leberianz to Grecan…


“Why is it so fast?”


‘Is my memory wrong?’


The other day, Grecan succeeded in partial transformation.
But I thought it was only possible for a moment because I didn’t punish him.


‘There will still be more than a year left before his complete transformation is possible.’


But this now… how could it be? If he grows this fast, would Leberianz also wake up before becoming an adult?


Mirania frowned, ‘Things are getting difficult.’


It’s still possible for me to control Grecan with the power of the Great Witch.


However, if Grecan awakened to regain his power as an adult, the control I have might become useless.


Mirania unknowingly swept over her chest, as if holding her heart.


Her precious heart beating smoothly.




Grecan opened his mouth, gulping.


A low, threatening voice passed through Mirania’s head, which swallowed saliva without realizing it.


-‘Give me your heart.’


A more mature and husky, but clear voice of Grecan.


Mirania glared at Grecan’s lips piercingly.


“I should be punished.”


Grecan spoke out awkwardly.

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