Bibi flew and cried as if sneering at Grecan.

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Grecan, while crouching down, jumped up like a locust and swung his forelimbs in the meantime.




The short bridge passed by just below Bibi sadly.


The sound of cutting through the wind was fierce, perhaps because he was firmly determined.


“Coo!… Cooㅡ!”


Bibi, who almost got ripped by Grecan’s sharp fingernails, cried sharply in surprise.


“Coo, co-coo”!


“Roar! Grrr…grrr!”


Mirania leaned against the window and watched the brawl between a bird and a wolf.


“Why are you doing that?”


‘Tsk tsk’, Mirania shook her head unknowingly.


After 30 minutes….




Mirania, who was lying down to sleep, took off her eye patch at the sound of the door opening.


A black and moist nose slipped through the crack of the door.




It’s Grecan


He grumbles roughly as if he wasn’t satisfied with the scuffle with Bibi.


For Mirania it was no surprise.


She never thought from the beginning that Grecan, whose body hasn’t completely grown, would be able to defeat Bibi, the king of the sky.


Grecan was probably only teased by Bibi.


Struggling~ Grecan was a little droopy, unlike usual.


‘You look tired.’


You must be tired because you ran back and forth all day looking for the ball.


Grecan, who sat under Mirania’s bed, stared intently at Mirania.


His gaze didn’t seem poisonous at all.


A face that realized that something bad would happen if he confronted Mirania.


Mirania was satisfied with the performance of training.


[Use carrots and sticks appropriately.]


Remembering Chera’s advice.


As she reached out to Grecan, he glanced down at her white palm.




Instead of biting her hand, Grecan calmly spat out the ball.

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Mirania slowly moved her other hand and placed it over Grecan’s head.


Grecan only flinched a little, but remained still.


Mirania made a little wind.
A gentle breeze washed over Grecan’s body.




Gree Khan, who seemed startled by the sudden wind, immediately closed his eyes as if in a good mood.


Mirania summoned the beef jerky and put it in Grecan’s mouth.


Shekept stroking his head, eating well, perhaps hungry.


Like I did with Bibi, but it felt very different.


‘Grecan has a bigger head than Bibi.’


When Mirania recalled a new fact, she continued to stroke Grecan’s head blankly.


It was a little rough and fluffy, and it was strangely addictive.




Having finished eating the jerky, Grecan looked around and sat quietly.


Mirania, who had been stroking Grecan’s head for a long time, was drowsy.


“I’m going to sleep.”


She removed her hand from Grecan and laid down on his bed, putting on her eyepatch.


Grecan thought he would return to the solitary room.


No one said anything, but Grecan had settled in a solitary room as if he didn’t want to be with her.


Mirania, who was tired, quickly fell asleep.


Grecan’s black eyes glistened as she listened to her breathing.




He looked troubled.


‘Should I bite or not?’ (Grecan)


After hesitating for a long time, he soon loses his appetite as if regretting it.




Grecan, who walked to the door, turned his head abruptly to look at Mirania sleeping.


The moonlight that came through the window gently shone on Mirania’s body.


Grecan stared at her for a moment with his black eyes, then turned his head back again.




A week later.


Mirania was training Grecan at the training ground.


When she threw the ball, Grecan ran at a high speed and caught the ball in the air.


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If I threw the ball without using magic, Grecan would snatch it and the ball wouldn’t even fall on the floor.




The young witches who had gathered around them exclaimed.


There were witches who often used dogs as their familiars, but wolves were rare, so it seemed strange.


Mirania satisfactorily accepted Grecan’s service.


Now, throwing the ball was brought even without an order.


Even if he didn’t want to, he seemed to realize that he couldn’t help it because of the night of obedience.


Mirania, like it’s natural gave a jerky in Grecan’s mouth and stroked his head.


Grecan accepted the touch with his eyes half closed.


It looked pretty cute.




The eyes of the young witches gleamed.


“Mirania, could I touch it too?”


A courageous witch came out.
Mirania hesitated a little, but then she nodded, wanting to know how Grecan would behaved.


The little witch approached Grecan excitedly.


Grecan turned his head toward the witch.


The wind prevented Mirania from seeing Grecan’s face.


The little witch had an expectant face.
The moment she reached out her hand and was about to pet Grecan.




The back of Grecan’s blunt nose, which had been calmly crumpled.


Then the cute baby wolf became the face of a wild beast.


With black and shiny eyes.


‘How dare you do that to me?’


‘Hmph.’ The expression of the young witch, hardened like a stone, changed to crying.


Mirania looked curiously at the witch who carefully lowered her hand.




Chera flew on a broomstick and arrived in front of Mirania.


There was a slight twist when getting off the broom, but she came off safely.


Mirania raised her eyebrows.
Chera, who lacked magical control, didn’t use a broom well in any way.


When using a broom, it’s when there’s an emergency.


“What’s going on?”


“Wow, I’m here!”


Cherah pointed to the entrance of the Witch Castle with her eyes wide open.


“Who’s coming?”

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“Ba-bat people!”




Scarlett, who had found the realm of the witches, was wearing black from head to toe.


As she hates sunlight, the wide-brimmed black hat completely covered her face, and the black dress draped over her body, reaching close to her ankles.


From a distance, it looked like a shadow was approaching.




Because of the dirt floor, the sound of her shoes was a little duller.




The little witches were separated, and Mirania, who went out with Chera to the castle entrance, greeted them on a broomstick.


Mirania still couldn’t hear the babbling of the young witches making a fuss about whether another fight was taking place at the news of the arrival of bats.


She pressed her ear with one hand and then released it.


Lowering the height to the eye level of Scarlett.


You came out.”


Scarlett’s way of speaking was unique.


Even though it seems that hee words were sharp, she has a bubbly tone.


It was said that the first women of human society often talk like that, but the bat people often interact with humans, so the way they speak has become similar.




“After receiving your letter, I thought about it for a week… but I had no choice but to come.”


Scarlett was expressionless, but a shadow different from the shadow of the hat fell.


It’s a keen face.
Such a face was beautiful like a seducing bat.


“Did the whole family come?”


Mirania glanced behind Scarlett.


The current head of the bat clan was from Scarlett’s bloodline.
It was characterized by light blonde hair, pale skin, and red eyes.




Scarlett’s party was a total of three.
There was one woman and two men.


Everyone knows that Scarlett’s direct descendants and her attendants play an important role in the bat clan.


They are similar in appearance, only their features are different.


‘It reminds me of the Leberianz.’


Blondes that sparkle as gracefully as gold and red eyes that are dyed like blood are similar.


Since Leberianz was known to be exceptional even among the seductive bats, Mirania was unwittingly looking for a place that resembled Leberianz in them.



The three bats were as expressionless as Scarlett, but their eyes shone fiercely as if they were wary of Mirania.


In the past, Mirania, who had been bordered by the bat and wolf tribes and mediated countless fights, didn’t mind their hostile gaze.

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Mirania looked at the black coffin the male bat was holding, with expectations in her eyes.




My heart fluttered to think that there would be a baby bat in it.


“Follow me.”


Mirania, who got off the broom, turned around after glancing at Scarlett.


The place she walked towards was the lower floor of the witch’s castle.


A bitter but fresh scent of flowers.
A place that exudes the fragrant smell of herbs brought by Chera.


This was the witch’s guest room for accommodating visitors.


The room, which was finished with stone, was always cold and that it would not be damaged even if a fight broke out.


Mirania frowned as they went deep inside.


‘It’s like an ice cave.’


Mirania thought as she sat on the marble chair.
The wolves degrade bats for smelling like corpses, but Mirania smelled winter from them.


Like cold ice and snow that was beautiful to look at.


Bat people also settled away from Mirania.
The faces of the young bat people showed signs of discomfort.


Meetings like this were rare, unfamiliar and tense.


For a moment, silence engulfed them.
Chera glanced at them warily and took out the tea set.


It was then.




There was a strange sound with feet walking on the ground.
Everyone’s eyes shifted towards the sound.




A four-legged beast enters through the open door.
Except for the shiny eyes, the overall matte black fur.


It was Grecan.


Mirania flinched.


‘Why’s that guy here!’


Although it was neglected, Grecan was the youngest son of Balkan, the head of the wolves.


No one knew that Balkan’s child was still here.


No matter how Balkan treated Grecan rudely, he knew that he had a son in the hands of the Great Witch, but it was not something to condone.


Even because of his pride, he wouldn’t stand still.


Mirania’s beautiful eyebrows twitched.


‘It’s a mistake.’


I should have ordered him to stay still there or to play in the witch forest.


She completely forgot about Grecan at the sudden visit of the bat tribe.

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