“What are you talking about? Why would I abandon you?”

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You’re trying to abandon me.
Mirania doesn’t care about me at all.
The only thing important to you were the witches, or the peace of the continent.”

Grecan’s dark eyes sank dangerously.

“All that matters to you was your eternal rest.”

The heavy tenor echoed softly.

“My dear Mirania.”


“I’ll give you whatever you want.
All under your feet.”,

His voice resounded in my ears.
I was listening to his voice without knowing it.

I don’t understand what in the world he was saying.

“Bear my child.”

Blah, blah blah…

Questions spread over Mirania’s golden eyes.

‘What have I just heard right now?’

The moment I saw Grecan’s dark eyes, I immediately realized it.

I realized that it was not a joke or a prank.

It’s something dangerous.

A warning sound rang in my head.

I tried to get up, but Grecan pressed my shoulder.

“Calm down, Grecan.”

It was embarrassing, but I calmly said without excitement.

He responded nonchalantly without a change in his expression.

“Humans say that a woman who gave birth to a child would not run away.”

Mirania’s lips were wide open after hearing Grecan’s words.

”Oh, so you’re serious about it, right now, for real?’

Eventually, her smooth eyes became distorted.

“If I could keep you, I would do anything.”

Mirania’s eyebrows narrowed.

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‘If I use magic to get rid of him…

I released the mana that became like a stream.
I thought I would be able to buy time even though it has no dramatic effect on him.

It was an illusion.

Grecan, who shook my shoulder, smiled at me while I stiffened in surprise,

“It’s been a long time, Mirania.”

I was shocked by the fact that my magic had no effect on Grecan at all, with a blank expression on my face, I tried to chase him when he opened the door

“It’s no use trying to escape from here.
You won’t be able to go out alone with your weak body.”

His words were extremely sweet when it came to talking bullshit.

Suddenly, Mirania, biting her lips, raised her eyes fiercely.

I loved peace, but I wasn’t that gentle.

“Ha! are you really crazy?”

Even though I spit out harsh words, Grecan only smiled at me with his eyes bent to a crescent shape.

“I missed you, the way you talk, the way you are.
I know why you’re saying that it’s because you feel comfortable with me.”

Now I was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything.

“I love you, Mirania.
I waited quietly for you.
So, don’t do anything useless.”

In a low voice, after speaking unfamiliarly, Grecan disappeared out of the door.

Mirania’s cold face was dazed after she was left alone.

This situation was so absurd, it was so excessive that I doubted if I was really out of my mind, to the point that maybe my soul had left my body.

What the hell happened.

‘How did that child end up like this?’

Grecan was not a stubborn child, but an obedient wolf.

Just in case, I walked to the door and tried to turn the doorknob, but the door knob didn’t even move.

“No, what the hell was going on?”

A long time ago, to be exact, it was about 20 years before the great witch Mirania was put to eternal rest.


A little wolf on the bed stared at Mirania, while she was reading a book.

Mirania, who glanced at the wolf with a book in one hand, reached out and patted him on the back of his head.


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With a pleasant crying voice, Grecan showed his stomach.

One after another, while petting his stomach, Mirania read a book.

The little wolf groaned satisfactorily at Mirania’s stroking.



Chera walked into the room to find Mirania, and faced the peaceful scene.

“For the last few days, soon it would end.”

The sound of her clicking tongue was bitter.

Chera of the witch family.

There was a reason why she, a member of the witch clan and was closest to Mirania, responded that way

”How could a witch and a wolf get acquainted?’

Was that even possible?

The witches, a clan of the great witches.

And the Wolves, famous for their strong nature.

On one continent, which shared one land for generations, these two clans were famous for their bad relationship.

In particular, not long ago, they were literally fighting for blood to death, between die biting or die defending each clans.

1 didn’t expect this to happen when I first brought it here.’

The story goes back a few days ago.

In a spacious hall with a cold and bleak energy, three people were staring at each other while sitting in their respective seats.

I didn’t even want to breathe near them, so I sat far away from the huge negotiation table specially prepared for today’s meeting.

The Witch Conference, where the three races meet regularly for negotiating the peace on the continent, or, officially, the ‘Witch Forest Conference.”

The Witc

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