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This new girl is really a bad girl ” the teacher said.

”Im not sure ” Susan murmured.

”You don talk when Im talking, just what is wrong with you? ” The teacher yelled and hit the table hard with his palms. Susan scoffed. ”I hope you break your bones, then Ill see how you will be able to beat me ” she thought in her mind.

”Be gentle sir, your health matters sir ” Edmond said in a calm voice. He looked at Susan she grinned.

”I didn do anything so please stop looking that face ” she silently hissed.

”Learn manners Susan ” Edmond said.

”I don think this kind of student can stay get till the school vacates ” the teacher said and eyed Susan scornfully.

”Yes sir I agree with you ” Sarah chipped in.

”Keep quiet ” he said, she didn hear him.

”And I also think that if someone like her stays for a long time in this place she will wreck havoc. So I suggest that… ” Sarah trailed off as the teacher hit his desk hard.

”Shut up girl ” he roared in frustration and anger. ”Now all of you get out of my office. But the new girl should stay ” he ordered. The students trooped out of the office, Edmond first as always and the rest followed suit. Allison looked at Susan and smiled sheepishly.

”Don cry if you get whipped hard on your butt ” he said and gave her thumbs up. ”You are as strong as supergirl ” he said and went out of the office.

”Were you sent ? ” was the first thing the teacher asked when he was sure the students had left.

”No sir I wasn ” Susan replied.

”Then what do you want, why did you embarrass me In front of the students? I would have given you suspension, but Ill consider this as a mistake. But you must never be brought into my office to be flogged. Because if you are brought into my office, I won hesitate to flog your butts hard and merciless ” he strictly warned.

”I have heard all that you said sir, and Im very grateful you didn flog my butt. If you had flogged my butt, I don think Ill be able to seat properly on my seat ” she said and started laughing.

”Shut up your mouth and leave my office this instant ” he roared and she ran out of the office giggling. He shook his head in frustration when she had left. ”So weird ”.



I whistled loudly as I made my way back into my class, those girls don know anything. Infact theyve not seen anything, this is just the beginning. The battle line has been drawn. Oh!Yes Stephanie or whatever shes called. Ill need to make her my ally, so that Ill be able to deal with Charlotte and her group of jezebels quickly and easily without stressing myself.

I increased the volume of the song I was whistling as I walked into the classroom. The students looked at me in surprise, well they ought to be surprise because I didn get flogged on my butt as they had expected.

A group of girls surrounded Charlotte, I guess shes been feeding them with lies. Small witch, I cursed within myself as I walked up to her desk.

”I guess youve been feeding your little fans with lies Miss Charlotte ” I said with a mocking tone, the girls made way for me making it easier for me to get to Charlotte.

”I guess your butt hurts hard ” she mocked and the girls laughed.

”Oh! Was I flogged? ” I asked myself loudly.

”Weren you flogged by the disciplinarian? ” I heard Allisons voice. He walked up to me and held my wrist and smiled sheepishly like a kid.

”Of course she was flogged ” Charlotte replied and smirked. ”Or were you not flogged? ” she asked.

”I don remember me seeing the teacher with a stick asking me to hold his desk while he hit me hard on my butt with the stick ” I replied and smirked, Charlotte looked at me in confusion.

”What do you mean? ” she asked and frowned.

”So my baby wasn flogged ” Allison said and pinched my cheeks hard. I grabbed his wrist and twisted it backwards making him cry out in pains.

”Don you dare pinch my cheek next time ” I warned and pushed him.

”So you don want me to pinch your hard face? ” he asked and I laughed. He acts really childish.

”Its not that I don want you to pinch my face,its because….. ” I quickly grabbed his chin and pinched it hard until it was red. He screamed in pains as he ran back to his seat.

”You are heartless Susan ” Charlotte yelled. ”How could you do that to him, don you have sense? Even if you don have can you borrow sense? ” she asked, making the girls around her burst I to laughter. Some other students, pretending to be busy week also eavesdropping so they laughed when they heard what Charlotte said. I also joined in the class laughter as its supposed to be called.

”Aye aye aye…..Aissshh ” I stretched my tired body as I walked away. I stopped at a distance and looked at Charlotte then laughed.

”The dumb girl is laughing ” she said and the students burst into another round of laughter.

”Queen of dumb students ” I said and walked towards her, the students stopped laughing as I approach Charlotte.

”I don blame you dumb head ” she said.

”I would have loved to borrow your sense as you had advised, but I don think Ill do so any longer cause you yourself don have sense. You lack brain, sense, memory and so many other things that are in the human head ” I said and walked back to my seat.

”Bitch!!!! ” Charlotte yelled but I ignored her and sat on my seat. Allison faked an angry face but I ignored him and place my head on my desk. I yawned loudly.

”I feel tired……uwahhhhhhhhh ” I yawned and slept off. I had not slept for up to ten minutes when Allison tapped me, alerting me about the next teacher but I ignored him and continued my sleep.

”The civic teacher is here ” he whispered abd tapped me continuously. But too bad I wasn listening, and the teacher caught Allison trying to wake me.

”Whos there sleeping when its time for me to teach? ” he roared and walked over to us. ”Stand up young lady ” he yelled and I jumped up from my seat.

”My mothers people are also here ” I shouted as I stood up from my seat. Sincerely, my mothers people are here, people that shout a lot are my mothers people. Must I meet one of my mothers people everywhere I go? Just what are they planning? Don they want me to rest?

”Who are you young lady? ” he asked Im a funny way. Is he trying to joke with me? Well if he wants to joke with me Ill give it to him.

”Im your queens daughter ” I said In a drowsy voice. Though Im fully awake, but Ill deal with this man for waking me up, and for also barking.

”What are you saying young lady? ” he shouted again. Damn I feel like my eardrum will soon explode because of this dog. Or wait, wait, wait is this the king of shout? The **…how could I not know it. I have to deal with him for making such Kingdom.

”You….are….the…KING!!!!!!!….. ”I screamed back. He looked at me with wide eyes.

”Shut up ” he shouted. ”Somebody give me water ” he commanded and was soon given a bottle of water, he poured it on my face, damn I didn dodge it quickly. The hell, Im soaked with water now.

”Im wet now ” I complained, he raised his hand to hit me, wooooow I looked at the height he had raised his hand. Before his hand could get to me, I dodged it and it landed on Alisons cheek, Allison cried out in both surprise and pains. Good for him, I had caught him laughing at me, so I don feel sorry about the slap he had collected in my place.

”Sir you slapped me instead of her ” he sniffed back the tears that were forcing its way out of his eyes. I laughed, and the other students also joined in the laughter.

”Shut up students ” he shouted and the class went silent. I looked at Allisons crying face and burst into another round of laughter. The man raised his hand to slap me but I pushed him and ran out of the class.

”Im sorry sir ” I yelled as I peeked from the door.

”I don want to see you in my class till it ends ” he said. ”Someone should close that door ” he ordered and Charlotte hurriedly ran to the door, she looked at me and laughed wickedly.

”Good-bye dumb head ” she said Im a sing song voice and shut the door loudly. I hissed loudly as I stared at the door. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming closer to me. I easily guessed who it was. Edmond, Edmond the cute classmate of mine.

”What are you doing outside? ” he questioned.

”Nothing much ” I replied.

”Were you sent out of the class by the teacher? ” he asked and I scoffed.

”Noooo ” I said as I gave out of a boring laugh.

”What do you mean by no? You were chased out of the class just now, so what are you trying to hide? ” he asked and frowned. The **…he really looks cute, like a cute angry cat. Hehehehe. I laughed at my thoughts.

”Well I was chased for being stupid ” I said and looked away. I don care if I was chased, after all this is not the first time Ive been chased away from class.

”Go in ” he ordered. I looked at him in amazement. Who does he think he is? The teacher sent me out and he wants me to go in back? Hes just blabbering.

”I don get. The teacher asked me to go. out and you insist I go in back? Oh no I can do that ” I said and placed my hands on my waist.

”Go in now Susan ” he said again. oh my gosh, I love the way he said my name. But I still can go inside the classroom.

”Nevermind. Just go in ” I said. He didn say anything else, but instead he grabbed my wrist and opened the door with his free hand. He pushed me inside the class.

”You!!!!….. ” the teacher screeched when he saw me. ”Get out of my class now, how dare you come in? Who asked you to come in, when I gave not asked you to come in? ”. he roared. I wanted to speak but Edmond beat me to it.

”I asked her to come in sir ” he said as he slowly walked into the class, hands in his pocket looking like an angel.

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